January 22, 2016

Three Unexpected Uses for a Commercial Industrial Steam Cleaner

Industrial Steam CleanersThere are infinite ways to use an industrial steam cleaner. Let us outline three unexpected uses for a commercial steam cleaner.

1.     Revitalize Engines—Strip the Grease With Heavy Duty Steam Cleaners

Make engines look like new with our Super Max line of industrial steam cleaners. Over time grease builds up in an engine. Strip the engine of the grease to make it easier to do maintenance and repair. Or, simply remove the built up grease to ease environmental concerns. We aren’t talking just automobile engines here. Clean the engine in your airplane, tank, personnel carrier, boat, generators, and/or other industrial motors, with steam for a pristine, like-new, finish.

2.     Industrial Steam Cleaners Dominate Commercial Kitchens and Washrooms

Use a steam cleaner to keep your business or living quarters in pristine condition. Everyone knows that a steam cleaner can revitalize tile and grout superbly. Did you know that you can also refresh your sinks and faucets? How about your appliances? With a steam cleaner, you’ll enjoy a pristine stovetop in your kitchens. Steam cleaners will be able to help you keep your countertops free from germs and bacteria. If anything were to go wrong in your walk-in refrigerators or freezers, a steam cleaner will be able to help you rectify the problem quickly. Our industrial steam cleaners will shortly become your kitchen staff’s favorite way to clean up because it is easy and it is sanitary.

Similarly, steam cleaners are invaluable in commercial or industrial washrooms because they sanitize like nothing else due to the high heat from the steam. As we mentioned above the steam cleaner is great for cleaning tile and grout—especially because the high powered steam kills mold and mildew on contact. This is true for floor tiles and wall tiles alike. You may not know that toilets, stall walls, mirrors, and even hand dryers can be sanitized in moments with an industrial steam cleaner. Hotels, motels, hospitals, and even gym or pool locker room maintenance staff all appreciate a heavy duty steam cleaner because it helps to kill all of the bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, that are regular concerns for those industries.

3.     Sanitize Your Seating and Upholstered Furniture with Daimer’s Steam Cleaner Industrial Strength

If your business has chairs and/or couches for people to sit on, or even beds for them to sleep in, you’re going to want to seriously consider getting an industrial steam cleaner. Why? Because while we have mentioned that our steam cleaners industrial strength kill bacteria and viruses our heavy duty steam cleaners can take care of so much more. This is a good thing for chairs, couches, and mattresses because the intense steam heat cleans and kills dust mites, bed bugs, flees, ticks, lice, scabies, and more, on contact. Steam cleaners are also a great way to get rid of odors that can burrow into upholstery fabrics. Considering most businesses have some kind of chair—this applies to essentially every profession and industry.

Daimer Industries’ Best Industrial Steam Cleaners

Now that you are aware of how necessary industrial steam cleaners are, let us tell you a little bit more about our best industrial steam cleaners here at Daimer Industries.

Our industrial steam cleaners are incredibly powerful cleaning machines that have several advantages over ordinary steam cleaners. Our steam cleaners have a higher level of pressure that is extremely useful in eliminating tough grease and oil deposits that can be found in industrial facilities. Our affordable industrial steam cleaner machines from Daimer are known for their outstanding performance on the job. We even provide steam cleaning machines with industry-specific features.

Steam pressure washers have become more and more popular over the years for their cleansing applications due to several various reasons. Our customers gravitate to our heavy duty steam cleaners due to their high pressure levels and high steam temperatures that make up powerful cleaning machines that can handle the demanding cleaning applications in commercial and industrial facilities.

While our industrial steam cleaning machines can provide lower pressure vapor steam cleaning machines, Daimer’s best industrial steam cleaners are known for their high pressure levels of 3500 psi and temperatures up to 350*F. In fact, our high pressure and high temperatures do not just clean efficiently—they tackle cleaning jobs faster as well. The heated steam blasts away the most stubborn dirt and build-up from hard surfaces.

Our advanced industrial steam cleaner systems here at Daimer use less water than our competitors. This makes us ideal for locations where water is scarce and run-off facilities are poor. Using our wet steam option, operators can deliver exemplary cleaning results.

Investing in our sophisticated cleaning technology will give you the best value for your money. Our customers have raved about our affordable steam cleaners because of how durable they are. Check out our Industrial Steam Cleaners on our website. We look forward to doing business with you.


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