July 09, 2015

XTreme Power HSC 13000

XTreme Power HSC 13000Maintaining clean floors whether carpeted or tiled can be gruesome with the wrong equipment. The marketplace is full of vacuum cleaners that come with one distinct function. Daimer offers the Xtreme power HSC with Xtreme-impact technology, combined with powerful motorized spinner head and the HSC 11500 extractor for effective and versatile cleaning. It has an exclusive motorized spinner with 60% faster cleaning power and 70% better cleaner results. The power enhanced machine cleans 30 times faster than vapor steams and 10 times faster than conventional technologies. Here is why it is one of the best in the market:-

1. It has a powerful multi-surface portable hard surface spinner cleaning machine. It’s fully adjustable and comes with an additional but optional 19” spinner for cleaning larger areas. It comes with 12” 4-jet and an 18” 6-jet squeegee wand for smaller jobs and in tight spaces.

2.  Comes with an optional carpet cleaner but fully adjustable from 0-500 PSI for effective cleaning.

3.  Commercial upholstery wand with fully adjustable 0-500 PSI to clean your seats effectively. It removes dirt and restores your seats without damaging the material.

4. Commercial Pressure washer wand fully adjustable with up to 1500 PSI, and up to 1.2 GPM. Enough pressure to clean out the grout and grime stuck on the edges of the wall.

5. Keeping it dry after washing with this commercial wall cleaning system. It includes a squeegee wand or 9” hand spinner.

Conventional technology machines use lots of pressure which is lost in the rotation of the head. The HSC 13000 comes with a powerful motorized spinner head giving you twice the cleaning power. Compared to the non-motorized version the functions of HSC 13000 are limitless giving you cleaner floors. As a commercial floor vacuum cleaner it is a versatile and floor cleaner. It can work in different applications like tile and grout cleaning, marble cleaning, stone cleaning. It also removes and strips off was build up, clean rubber floors and other uneven and hard surfaces.

The motorized spinner head rotates at 1000rpm firing water onto the surface at 1500 psi, this increases the cleaning power. It continually extracts and eliminates dirt, grim and grease which is collected in the extraction chamber for disposal. Spinning systems are highly powered and with the average spinning head it may not achieve such cleanliness. With our motorized spinner the work to remove grime and dirt works much faster than normal. This cleaning system comes with a detachable spinner and hose for smaller and hard to reach areas.

Hard to reach cleaning areas with built up grime or grease can be infuriating. The HSC 13000, 9” spinning head can be removed from the wand and applied to the walls for cleaning. It can be adjusted and pulled down towards the floor, under tables, counters. Best for food service facilities with this machine you can easily clean the impossible to clean and degrease areas. Other than that the hose can help remove residue and build up created by nuisance insects and rodents. This machine makes it possible for hotel owners to have cleaner kitchens and eating areas devoid of grime and dirt.

Floor steam cleaners HSC 13000

As far as cleaning machines go the floor steam cleaners have revolutionized how we clean hard surfaces. Conventional floor cleaning systems do not offer the same cleaning results. The steam cleaners simplify cleaning tasks offering even better cleaning results on hard surfaces. Our professional vacuum cleaners are set from the rest with our impact technology and high PSI. Daimer offers you the Xtreme power HSC 13000 which is a powerful and advanced floor steam cleaner.

While using the HSC 13000 to clean hard surfaces, use 1500 psi and reduce it to 500 psi for maintaining carpets and upholstery. The portable steam cleaner has continuous extraction capabilities removes dirt and grime which is contained in the extraction chamber. With various diverse applications the steam cleaners are the best. It takes care of your business while making your work easier. The vacuum steam cleaners are powerful cleaning tools that maintain the quality of your carpet and improve on the air quality.

How to clean walls with HSC 13000

The complete machine comes with detachable hose. It can be detached from the spinner head and used on other surfaces. Steam from this machine goes at 500-1500 psi depending on the amount surface. For walls you can get the optional squeegee which is best suited to remove dirt from the wall. It can be unsightly to see dirt in places where cleanliness is held in high standards. Using the hose attach a cotton cloth and clean out the grime while the steam cleaner is on. Grime is diffused by the steam, giving you more control of the surface. Cleaning out these areas cannot be easy but it takes a good machine to make it easy.

The HSC 13000 is one of a kind floor cleaner. With a motorized spin head to give you the best cleaning experience. The PSI helps water to be absorbed into the carpet reaching grime underneath. Using our Xtreme impact technologies carpets dry up faster, in the past it could go to 24 hours but with this it takes 2 hours. As a business you save on time and also you save your clients time if you are a professional cleaner. Our machines use eco-friendly detergent to clean out carpets which results to clean air within the premise. 


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