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Vapor Steam Cleaner Products

3 Vapor Steam Cleaner Products
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KleenJet Mega 1000CV
(product #125829169)
Commercial Grade
KleenJet Mega 1000CV
Price: $3,182.00
Sale Price: 2997.00

Limited Time Only
KleenJet Mega 1000CV
(product #125829169)
Commercial Grade
Sale Price: $2997.00

New Upgraded Model - Powerful
Commercial Steam Vacuum Machine.
Includes Patent-Pending, EPA-Compliant,
Certified Anti-Bacterial Technology



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FREE Accessories Valued at $435.00.

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  • This technologically advanced machine absolutely offers more features than other steam vacs selling for almost $4200!
  • Daimer®'s flagship HEPA steam vacuum cleaner model, the highest-powered steam vacuum cleaner in the industry with a single 110-120 volt power cord
  • Temperatures up to 356°F and pressure levels up to 105 psi
  • 10 liter total capacity: 3 liter water chamber, 4 liter heavy-gauge stainless steel boiler, and 3 liter detergent chamber
  • Polished stainless steel boiler housing
  • Lifetime boiler warranty

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  • Special notable features: Totally Sealed Water Capture™ (TSWC™) to retain allergens; Advanced Self-Regulating Continuous Refill Technology™: water can be added at any time without shutting down the machine; Boiler Scale Reduction™ (BSR™): a special vibrating mechanism prevents mineral and scale buildup; Replaceable Heating Elements
  • Combined HEPA steam cleaner, HEPA steam vacuum cleaner, or HEPA wet/dry vacuum in one machine

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KleenJet Pro Plus 300CS
(product #125829134)
Commercial Grade
KleenJet Pro Plus 300CS
Price: $1,094.00
Sale Price: 994.00

Limited Time Only
KleenJet Pro Plus 300CS
(product #125829134)
Commercial Grade
Sale Price: $994.00
  • Flagship model with pressure levels up to 75 psi and temperatures up to 310ºF, and a 7 minute heating time.
  • ***100% EPA-Compliant like our other models! Other brands are not!
  • Advanced Continuous Refill Technology - water can be added at any time without shutting down the machine.
  • Heavy-gauge 4 liter stainless steel boiler; 2 liter boiler and 2 liter water chamber capacities.
  • Polished stainless steel housing.
  • Ideal for commercial and residential use.

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  • Notable features: exclusive technologies, including patented, replaceable heating elements; self-cleaning boiler; automatic boiler scale reduction.
  • Lifetime boiler warranty.


KleenJet Ultra 5000CV
(product #125829138)
Commercial / Industrial Grade
KleenJet Ultra 5000CV
Price: $4,589.00
Sale Price: 4359.00

Limited Time Only
KleenJet Ultra 5000CV
(product #125829138)
Commercial / Industrial Grade
Sale Price: $4359.00

New Upgraded Model - Now with Non-Stop Steam
.... Most Powerful Industrial Steam Vacuum Machine.
Now Including Patent-Pending, EPA-Compliant,
Certified Anti-Microbial Technology


FREE Special Technologies During Our Promotion.

FREE Accessories Valued at $435.00.
► 50 FREE Detail Brushes!

  • The world's most powerful 110-120 volt commercial steam cleaning vacuum machine
  • Temperatures up to 369°F and pressure levels up to 125 psi
  • 25 liter total capacity: 5 liter water chamber, 10 liter heavy-gauge stainless steel boiler, and 10 liter detergent chamber
  • Advanced, Automatic/Self-Regulating Continuous Refill Technology™
  • Special notable features: Same as Supreme 3000CV
  • Stainless steel boiler housing
  • Lifetime boiler warranty

Ideal for the Following Applications:

  • The same applications as are appropriate for the Supreme 3000CV model

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Vapor Steam Cleaner Equipment:

Versatile Machines That Can Tackle Almost Every Challenging Cleaning Task

Nothing works better than a vapor steam cleaner, when you are beset by random cleaning tasks such as the removal of grease, clearing away soap scum from sinks, or removing mold and bedbugs from mattresses and carpets. Daimer®'s steam cleaning systems are designed for use in commercial areas. These machines are used in many different industries, right from hospitality to manufacturing and food processing.

Daimer®'s vapor steam cleaner machines are counted among the best low flow steam cleaners. These machines use dry vapor, with just about 5% water, to clean surfaces as varied as tile, metal, sealed stone, ceramic, and sealed hardwood. These machines are particularly useful in indoor areas and are capable of efficiently removing grease, sugars, starch, fats, moored, soap scum, and similar substances.

One of the most prolific uses of steam cleaning machines is in the area of tile and grout cleaning. Commercial bath rooms and kitchens are often in the need of thorough cleaning. Not just visible dirt, even bacteria and mold are eliminated when you use tile and grout cleaning machines. Daimer®'s bacteria eliminating machines are fitted with Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization® (ATIS®) bacteria eliminating technology. These machines are, therefore, suitable when you require not just the surface level cleaning but complete sanitization.

Keeping in mind the needs of commercial users, Daimer® offers reliable steam cleaner systems that can also remove allergens to create a healthier, fresher indoor environment. These machines feature HEPA filters, in addition to dry and wet vacuum extraction. The HEPA filters are able to entrap particles as small as 3 microns and are, therefore, very effective in removing allergens like pollen, dander, pet hair, and other particles that cannot be removed through ordinary vacuum cleaning. The wet and dry vacuuming features are also very useful, as they allow conventional vacuum cleaning as well as extraction of moisture and dirt during steam cleaning.

These machines offer most of the advantages found in a portable steam cleaner, along with bonus features, such as allergen removal, bacteria elimination, and removal of all kinds of dirt and grime. Dry vapor machines may be used for spot cleaning mattresses and upholstery as well. These multiple applications have added a dimension of versatility to commercial steam cleaning systems sold by Daimer®.

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