July 17, 2015

XTreme Power HSC 17200

XTreme Power HSC 17200The XTreme Power HSC 17200 offers a powerful cleaning solution for your commercial needs. The multi-surface cleaner is an excellent option for any industrial surface including metal and brick. With water temperatures up to 210 degrees Fahrenheit, you can tackle nearly any cleaning problem with ease.

This sturdy machine functions as four machines in one including the heated hard surface cleaning, commercial steam pressure washing, commercial wall cleaning and commercial sludge extraction. You can save hours of time with this multi-purpose solution.

The Daimer XTreme Power HSC features a motorized spinner that provides 60 percent faster cleaning and 70 percent better results than non-motorized systems. With water pressure of up to 2000 PSI, this powerful cleaning machine will remove stubborn debris quickly and effectively.

The versatility of this machine allows for maximum cleaning efficiency and effectiveness. The XTreme Power is ideal for companies in the industrial field that need multiple machines to tackle different cleaning issues on site.

The surface cleaning aspect of the machine provides an effective cleaning tool for industrial floors. The pressure washer will remove grease, oil and food debris quickly, safely and effectively. Clients can use cold-water pressure to removed stubborn dirt and non-oil based stains. Clean machinery, backsplashes and walls with the wall cleaning system. You can purchase an optional squeegee or spinner head to maximize this feature.

Restore clean water with the commercial extractor tool. At up to 30-galloms per minute, this extractor will make quick work of removing sludge from commercial water sources.  

About the XTreme Power HSC 17200

The unique industrial surface cleaner merges high steam temperatures of up to 330 degrees Fahrenheit with water pressure of 2000 psi for an intense cleaning solution. Daimer’s low flow technology allows this machine to operate at 4 gallons per minute, which is lower than most traditional steam cleaners on the market are.

The pressure washing feature on the XTreme Power HSC 17200 offer three modes. You can utilize the cold-water pressure cleaning, a hot water pressure washer and hot steam pressure washer. This allows for maximum flexibility and the best cleaning power possible.

Alternatively, you can use the machine as a commercial sludge extractor. Remove debris from water at up to 30 gallons per minute.

The XTreme Power HSC utilizes propane to heat water and includes a 50-pound propane tank and heavy- duty schedule 80 heating coil. You should consider the electronic direct spark ignition system when determining were you would use the machine. The chemical injection infusion allows for maximum cleaning on multiple surfaces and works with most cleaning solutions including our eco-friendly cleaner.

The continuous machine provides 2000-psi water pressure as long as you have a hose connected from a water source to the pressure washer. A heavy-duty 5.0 HP motor allows the pressure washer spinner to rotate at 1000 rpms for maximum friction. This allows you to remove more dirt faster and better.

The machine features a shaft drive pump. The extractor utilizes two 30stage motors and an electric 120V power source. The use of propane allows the water to heat from cold to hot in about 30 seconds. For some projects, you may opt to use the automatic dump feature, which you can turn off when you do not need it. With an airflow of 212 cubic feet per minute and water lift of 147 inches, you can extract water faster and better.

This sturdy machine weighs in at 900 pounds. The steel, powder-coated chip resistant housing is available in red and white (pressure washer) or blue or red for the extractor. We chose the coating to withstand chemicals, water and chipping. This allows your commercial cleaning machine to look professional and last longer.

The pressure was is four feet wide, just under four feet deep and about 4.5 feet tall. The extractor weighs 90 pounds and is just under 1.5 feet wide, 3-feet tall and just under 2-feet long.

Daimer ships cleaning machines to countries all over the world. We know that power needs are unique to different areas and configure our machines to allow for various needs. While the pressure washer traditionally utilizes and electric 220-V-240-V single phase, 60 hertz power source, we can accommodate other power needs including: 220V-240V three phase, 50 or 50 hertz and a 440 V, three phase 50 or 60 hertz power source.

Parts and Upgrades

When you purchase your multi-purpose XTreme Power HSC 17200, you will receive a 50-foot vaccum hose as well as a 50-foot dump hose and 50-foot high-pressure steam hose. Additionally, your machine also includes several pressure nozzles in 0-degree (blast), 15 degrees, 25 degrees and 40 degrees as well as steam nozzles. You can also utilize the included durable 3-foot trigger wand to maximize your pressure washing needs. The quick disconnect allows for easy, fast switching of tools. The Xtreme Power 17200 also includes a 14.5-inch extraction squeegee wand.

The spinner included with the cleaning machine is 19 inches around and almost 2-feet long. It rotates at 1000 RPMs. The machine includes a 10-gallon recovery tank as well as a 50-pound fuel tank.

You may wish to purchase additional wands and hoses to maximize the effectiveness of your machine. Daimer offers different hose lengths including custom options. You can also purchase a 12-inch squeegee wand with four jets, an 18-inch squeegee wand with six jets or a 9-foot motorized spinner for more cleaning options.

Call Daimer today to learn more about purchasing this machine.  


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