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Commercial Floor Cleaning Equipment and Machines 

Daimer Industries® prides itself on its array of the highest quality, most powerful, and most eco-friendly cleaning machines in the industry for a number of different applications. Steam cleaner systems, pressure washers, tile cleaning equipment, carpet cleaners, and other types of machines all fall within Daimer's extensive line-up of robust cleaning machines. Included in these machines are Daimer's advanced, efficient, and popular floor cleaning machines the KleenJet® line of steam cleaners.

Why Choose Steam Floor Cleaning Machine?

Currently there are many different types of floor cleaning equipment on the market. From steam cleaners to rotary hard surface spinning machines, it can be difficult to select the right machines for the applications you face. Daimer® strives to overcome any confusion and identify which floor cleaning machine is best for you. In addition to the complete information on our website, Daimer® product specialists are available to guide customers to the right machines for their specific applications.

Let's take a look at the various floor cleaning machines available.

Pressure washers: Such as those in Daimer®'s Super Max™ line, are very popular machines for use in floor cleaning in industrial facilities where the machine is required for other pressure washing applications, such as grease removal from machinery. This allows industrial customers to purchase a single, dual-purpose machine. As top floor cleaning equipment, pressure washers boast high pressure levels, high flow rates, and high temperature levels to forcefully remove the most stubborn residues.

Hard surface rotary spinning/cleaning machines: Yet another form of floor cleaning equipment. These machines eject highly pressurized water onto surfaces, ejected through a rotary head at 1500 RPM to quickly break down stubborn stains and deposits on a variety of floor surfaces. Daimer®'s XTreme Power® line-up of these machines includes hard surface cleaners with pressure levels up to 1500 psi and heated hard surface spinning tile cleaning equipment with maximum pressure levels of 3000 psi and the addition of heat. Both types of floor cleaning machine feature Daimer's exclusive 9" or 19" spinner heads which use a specialized system to contain the water below the spinner head for maximum cleaning power.

While the aforementioned system can clean up to 30 times faster than vapor steam cleaners, this industrial power is not needed for every commercial applications. For this reason, Daimer® promotes it's floor steam cleaners as highly capable, efficient floor cleaning equipment.

KleenJet® floor cleaning equipment offers many benefits. First and foremost, the use of dry vapor steam, up to 386°F, rapidly breaks down buildup while leaving surfaces relatively dry. Particularly in the case of Daimer®'s KleenJet® systems with attached vacuums, which work to simultaneously extract water and dissolved residues while cleaning, surfaces are left clean, dry, and ready-to-use.

Daimer® also offers a floor cleaning machine proprietary technology in all of its CVP and CVGP models - ATIS® anti-bacterial technology. This unique ATIS® system kills more than 99.9% of harmful bacteria, pathogens, and other microorganisms found on floors, making this the most complete system for killing and disinfecting floors for the health of customers, their employees, their customers, and even their families.

Benefits of Floor Cleaning Machine with Vapor Steam

A floor cleaning machine takes all of the back breaking work out of scrubbing floors. It has never been easier to effectively cleanse most surfaces, including floors, than through the use of our products. We encourage everyone to look through our complete collection of steam cleaners. By utilizing these appliances you can achieve a clean unlike any other.

A floor machine that uses steam and vapor as its cleansing agent is capable of eliminating stains that many other appliances leave behind. Feel free to take a few minutes to browse through our website and see all of the superior products that we have to offer you.

Instructions for Steam Floor Cleaning Machines

Directions for using floor cleaning machines can vary by the type of equipment. Typically, you need to fill the tank with only water if you use a steam vapor cleaner with no chemical option, or add chemical to a separate chamber if you purchased a system with the chemical injection feature.

Moreover, most machines are electric so in order for them to work properly they need to be connected to their power source. For our steam cleaners, you must give the machine a few minutes to warm up and heat the water. This will ensure proper performance. You can now run the appliance over the desired surface and begin the clean-up job.

The appliance may require several refills depending on the size of the area you are going over. Lastly, clean up for many of these machines may vary, but in general is pretty easy to accomplish. Once this is finished, simply return the equipment back to storage.

Read our buying guide focuses on patented floor wash system technologies to get the job done quickly and effectively.

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