June 15, 2015

XTreme Power XPH-9600

XTreme Power XPH-9600There are many times when a basic carpet or upholstery cleaner simply will not do. High traffic areas, apartments with a relatively high turnover rate, industrial areas, and many other types of locations contain carpet and upholstery that often endure much abuse. Because of this, the traditional low power cleaner simply cannot provide the deep cleaning action required to remove dirt and buildup that has accumulated deep with the fibers of the material. A more powerful unit, one that is able to sufficiently heat the water, is required in order to get the sort of action and traction necessary to accomplish the task with ease.

Such a machine not only heats the water to a sufficient temperature just shy of boiling, but it is able to spray a mist directly unto the target carpet or upholstery and simultaneously extract the water back up. The deep cleaning action provide by the XTreme Power XPH-9600 really cannot be matched, as carpets and upholstery alike are sufficiently cleaned with relative ease. It is important to note, however, that the additional use of hot water with this process does necessitate more drying time than one might be used to, so this should be factored into your plans.

This particular unit uses a heating element that doubles as both a high and low pile carpet cleaner. It is recommended for use both in a residential or commercial setting, and its 17-gallon storage capacity makes it highly mobile and able to clean larger areas due to its portability. The system itself heats water up to 210 degrees F, and it provides users with a variable pump pressure of anywhere between 0 and 500 PSI. Given this, the drying time is approximately 2 hours, after which the room or upholstery can be used once again.

The vacuum motor itself has 3 powerful motors, each of which is of the 2-stage variety. Daimer also makes an ecologically friendly cleaning solution for use with the XTreme Power XPH-9600, so the hassle of determining where to buy your supplies is eliminated with this product. The unit itself includes hoses up to 100 feet in length, allowing users to effectively clean up to 31,000 square feet of area without ever having to move the machine. This enables wide swaths of space to be effectively clean within the least amount of time, which further decreases labor associated costs as well.

The tool that comes with the XPH-9600 is designed for the cleaning professional who requires only the best. It is made of heavy-gauge stainless tool. The tool itself is able to effectively deep clean furniture made of fabric, carpeted stairs, the interior of a car, and through the proper mix of water and cleaning solution, the tool is able to get at and remove spots that have accumulated on carpets. In considering the value associated with cleaning vehicle interiors, dealerships can quickly and efficiently clean an entire fleet of cars without ever needing to actually reposition the machine. The hose is of sufficient length to clean multiple vehicles, and to get at those hard to reach locations, all with relative ease and simplicity.

If cleaning low pile commercial carpets is in the cards for you, then the functionality of having a CFM and water column lift feature that is optimized for just this type of carpeting will prove beneficial to you. This is a standard feature on the XPH-9650, so make sure you order accordingly. The length of the hose, as mentioned, is a total of 100 feet. To make this more manageable, Daimer has developed this to come in four different sections of 25 feet each, so you can easily adjust hose length as needed. It is rather easy to either connect or disconnect the pieces of the hose, as your particular cleaning area requires.

This Daimer product is available for worldwide delivery, so make sure to clearly state your exact needs during the ordering process. The XTreme Power XPH-9600 is rated as the top industrial carpet and upholstery cleaning within this particular product line, and it provides an affordable option for those who simply cannot budget for a larger truck mounted carpet cleaner. For those that desire the ultimate in power, but want to have portability at the same time, the number and quality of the features included with this particular model really cannot be matched.

The pressure level can be set up to 500 psi. It is also has a selectable and fully automatic auto-fill system, in addition to an auto-dump feature that enables productivity to be further enhanced. For those that need to clean a lot of upholstery, or will encounter stairs on a frequent basis, there is also a 4-inch wide tool available as an option to clean these specific areas with ease. In so doing, you will simply lower the pressure to around 150 to 200 psi to compensate.  

You will also be more than pleased with the suction power available with this machine, as it is on the par of 3 fully functioning vacuum motors and uses a patented suction system via the carpet wand. In essence, this machine can to optimized to the users exact specifications, and modified in the future as needed. The target user, however, is directed at those individuals who need to clean both push high pile carpets in a residential area, in addition to the low pile carpets commonly found in commercial buildings.  


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