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How to Choose And Use Upholstery Cleaners


Carpet cleaners, also known as carpet extractors or carpet shampooers, are also used as upholstery cleaners. But, use of carpet cleaning machines as they are for cleaning upholstery may not bring about desired results. This post deals with tips to use carpet cleaners as upholstery cleaning machines.

Buying Carpet Cleaners

The most important difference between carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning is the use of wands. When one buys a carpet extractor, one gets a long wand and wider head for attachment to the machine. This wand is a real carpet cleaning wand. It is not used to clean seat upholstery.

But, a better bet would be to use a specialized upholstery wand for cleaning upholstery. Daimer® 4 inch single jet upholstery wands are appropriate for this application versus normal carpet wands. These are designed to clean fabric or cloth surfaces in cars, offices, and homes. The use of upholstery wands makes the upholstery cleaning machines work faster and more efficiently.

Not all suppliers offer specialized upholstery wands along with carpet cleaning machines. But, some reputable suppliers like Daimer® do offer upholstery wands as optional components for those machines not including the tool. If the job involves upholstery cleaning, then it is worth the additional amount to buy an optional upholstery wand.


For getting optimum performance from upholstery cleaners, one should choose machines equipped with low flow technology. Low flow machines restrict the flow of the output to the upholstery surface without limiting the cleaning efficiency of the machine.

These machines have many advantages. They reduce the wastage of water and are ideal for use in places with high traffic that cannot afford to quarantine areas for long periods of time while carpets dry. If a surface remains wet for a long time, it tends to attract further dirt rather quickly and mold or mildew can likely develop. Getting the surface dry immediately is a prime consideration for ensuring cleanliness and hygiene.

In addition, wet surfaces are unusable. Consider a hotel or a restaurant. People cannot sit on seats with wet seat upholstery. Therefore, in every aspect, quick drying of the surface is very important. Carpet cleaners equipped with low flow technology ensure that the cleaned surfaces do not remain wet for a extended periods of time.

Using Cleaning Agents

Cleaning agents play very important roles in the efficiency of the machine. Consider the case of auto detailing. A car detailing machine injects water into the mats and fabric upholstery of the vehicle. The cleaning agent should be pre-spayed for more effective cleaning. The chemical breaks or weakens the bonds between the stains and the surface. The action of the cleaning agent helps car detailing machines to remove more dirt and many other impurities from the fabric.

When buying a cleaning agent, it would be better to buy green chemicals. Green cleaning agents are derived completely from plants and vegetables and do not contain any synthetic chemicals. Synthetic cleaning agents tend to leave toxic residues on carpets and upholstery that may cause harm to people and the environment.

Green chemicals do not leave any toxic substances on the mats and upholstery. Modern, green cleaning products can be highly effective when used in conjunction with carpet cleaners to clean cloth auto seat upholstery and carpets.

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