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Do you offer steam cleaners or vapor steam cleaners? What is the difference between the two?

All of Daimer's steam cleaners are truly vapor steam cleaners. We use the terms interchangeably on the website, but the technological differences between vapor steam cleaners and steam cleaners on the market make a huge difference when it comes to cleaning power and effectiveness.

Conventional steam cleaners in the industry tend to be less expensive and lack the pressure, temperature, and cleaning power offered with Daimer vapor steam cleaners, which generate vapor with about 5% water in the vapor. More powerful vapor steam cleaners emit vapor steam flow pressure of at least 75 pounds per square inch (psi) while the boilers should generate at least 310°F.

Unfortunately, weaker steam cleaners or vapor steam cleaners, which come in a variety of form factors from small hand held units up to mobile floor steam cleaners, lack the force and temperature necessary to remove substances effectively from surfaces. In addition, cheap steam cleaners tend to require more frequent water refilling and heating as they contain small boiler sizes.

I notice Daimer offers a variety of continuous-refill models. Why would I ever consider this technology?

Daimer offers both traditional vapor steam cleaners with only boilers and other vapor steam cleaners containing both a separate boiler and water chamber. Typically, buyers select continuous-refill steam cleaners when they wish to maximize their productivity and clean on a more continual basis without the need to stop, depressurize, and reheat.

Homeowners who simply prefer the continuous-refill ease of use as well as those whose homes contain large hard surface areas (tile and grout, etc.) purchase our more advanced steam cleaners. In addition, commercial cleaning contractors, hospitals, businesses, food service facilities, etc. also enjoy the benefits of continuous-refill steam cleaners.

When would I ever want to consider steam vacuum cleaners versus vapor steam cleaners with no extraction?

Steam vacuum cleaners are very useful and maximize user productivity, especially for tile and grout cleaning. The steam vacuum cleaner allows you to steam clean the surface, then extract the moisture and residue into a separate chamber for easy disposal. Commercial cleaning contractors, businesses, industrial and homeowners can all benefit form steam vacuum cleaners, which can save considerable time versus the need to manipulate towels to wipe the floor surface during the cleaning process using a vapor steam cleaner without a vacuum.

Our unique Mega 500V steam vacuum cleaner offers a wet and dry vacuum and even comes with an exclusive HEPA filter for those concerned about removing dust mites and other allergens. This model is especially popular among our customers who suffer from allergies, asthma, chemical sensitivities, COPD, immune deficiencies, cancer, and more.

Can I actually clean using absolutely no cleaning chemicals? I notice some vapor steam cleaner vendors mention chemical-free cleaning.

Unfortunately, some steam cleaner vendors on the Internet mention "chemical-free cleaning" when discussing steam cleaners, carpet cleaners, pressure washers, or vapor steam cleaners when the reality is carpet cleaning chemicals, pressure washing chemicals, steam cleaning chemicals, and others are often necessary. We believe either these steam cleaner vendors are either misleading the public, or else don't understand the cleaning process for home cleaning, commercial cleaning, or industrial cleaning. We often suggest using green cleaning chemicals as a pre-spray prior to using a steam cleaner, carpet cleaner, and even pressure washer to increase cleaning power and productivity substantially over using the cleaning equipment by itself.

Al tough vapor steam cleaners can work wonderfully without any chemicals for most applications, many substances require using degreasers and other cleaning chemicals as an example as necessary components of the cleaning process. We urge our customers to consider only green cleaning chemicals and never, ever steam cleaning, carpet cleaning, or pressure washing chemicals containing anything but environmentally-safe, biodegradable ingredients. Always make sure the safety placard on the chemicals MSDS sheet contains all zeros to ensure you consider only the safest green cleaning chemicals in the industry.

Some vapor steam cleaner or steam cleaner vendors offer steam cleaning machines without continuous-refill technology with small boilers while I notice Daimer offers vapor steam cleaners larger boiler sizes. Does it really matter? Why should I care ?

Importantly, the larger the boiler size for a faster-heating, non-continuous steam cleaner, the faster you can heat the system with cold water, and the longer you can clean without having to stop and reheat. Fortunately, Daimer offers larger boiler sizes than other companies' vapor steam cleaners offered for up to $1800 or even higher prices than Daimer's steam cleaners!

The good news is Daimer's systems heat much faster than other systems and contain patented, replaceable heating element technology that is unavailable elsewhere in the industry. In addition, Daimer offers continuous-refill steam cleaner models that allow you to work non-stop without the need to power down the vapor steam cleaner, refill, and reheat. Boiler size doesn't matter with a continuous-refill steam cleaner as the system features a pump that draws water from the non-pressurized chamber (into which you refill the system with no pressure cap) whenever the water reaches a certain lever within the boiler.

The bottom line is you can run for hours while only needing to add water when the system signals you to do so even while the unit is running! Who wants to start steam cleaning using a boiler well under 2 liters, then be interrupted every 1/2 hour to depressurize the boiler, refill, and then reheat? It makes absolutely no sense to us or our customers for that matter!

Unfortunately, the low-priced steam cleaners you may have viewed on television, the Internet, and elsewhere lack the temperature, pressure, and boiler size necessary to do the job properly and productively. Many of our customers to their dismay had purchased these weak steam cleaners with low pressure and temperature prior to switching to Daimer, and they love the results! Why struggle on a tricycle when you can drive a Porsche ... at low pricing?

While Daimer offers over eighty models of one vapor steam cleaner brand from one manufacturer other steam cleaner vendors offer a number of steam cleaner brands from various manufacturers. Should I really care?

Steam cleaner buyers should care about the continuity of product offerings, and that a vendor offers a consistent and stable product line. Unfortunately, most vendors who offer brands from multiple manufacturers do not actually service the cleaning equipment they sell to the public. Typically, the buyer must send the steam cleaner back to the vendor's supplier for repair.

Even worse, some vendors offer a brand one day and then decide another day for whatever reason to remove the steam cleaner brand from their line. This leaves the customer in need of service to now work with a third party vendor that doesn't place the buyer at the top of the priority list; they had never sold the product, and feel more obliged to take care of their own customers first. We have heard of such buyers waiting for literally four months or longer for product turnaround. We at Daimer consider this completely appalling and an outrageously long time.

Daimer's personnel includes college-degreed service support personnel, who can turnaround a unit in need of repair (in the rare case a system requires service) in as little as a day. We pride ourselves in offering steam cleaners that are truly technologically superior to others on the market. The factory has been producing and selling systems worldwide for over twenty years. Our hundreds of thousands of customers very much appreciate Daimer's high-quality cleaning machines and fast, prompt customer service.

Can steam cleaners work just like carpet cleaners or carpet steam cleaners?

Unfortunately, steam cleaners are not carpet cleaners or carpet steam cleaners. The reality is steam cleaners emit low-moisture vapor steam that is incapable of cleaning carpeting as effectively as carpet cleaners or carpet steam cleaners. Vapor steam cleaners are ideally targeted towards hard surface cleaning applications, but can be used for carpet and upholstery (velour/cloth) cleaning of spots or smaller areas, but not for full and/or deep carpet cleaning.

Steam cleaners don't even come bundled with the same tools as carpet cleaner or carpet steam cleaners. In addition, real carpet cleaners come bundled with at least 10 feet of hoses and can be configured up to and over 100 feet, depending upon the carpet cleaning application. Typically, anything less than 10 feet won't even reach well enough for effective cleaning of stairs.

Some vendors attempt to persuade potential buyers their steam cleaners will clean carpeting as professionally as real carpet cleaners, but the fact remains they absolutely can't. We offer and sell thousands of carpet cleaners for home cleaning, commercial cleaning, and industrial cleaning applications. Our line cleaning machine line includes the most powerful steam cleaning machines in the world and we would never, ever attempt to promote steam cleaners as carpet cleaner replacements.

Since our customers' satisfaction is absolutely crucial to us, we pride ourselves in suggesting only the correct cleaning equipment for the application. Daimer believes in providing honest information and letting the customer make the ultimate decision. In fact, we have saved customers hundreds of dollars by suggesting lower-priced Daimer systems versus the cleaning machines they thought they needed. Applications discussions are very important to us before we suggest a particular model if a customer has any questions before they purchase.

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