Price: $166.00

The Gum Removal Steam Vac Squeegee Tool with Brush Attachment is the accessory that attaches to the Steam/Vac Hose during chewing gum removal. This tool helps make chewing gum removal easier and quicker. (Alll KleenJet® Gum Removal steam cleaners)


The Gum Removal Steam Vac Squeegee Tool is an important accessory for chewing gum removal. It features a squeegee and brush attachment to help remove old chewing gum residue from sidewalks, walls, parking lots, and other places. In addition, the vacuum function removes the left over residue when the cleaning job is finished. The Gum Removal Steam Vac Squeegee Tool can be used with all KleenJet® Gum Removal steam cleaners.

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