110-120V, 60Hz$3,935.00

The XTreme Power ® 11500SE Sludge Extractor is a powerful water/sludge extractor capable of handling debris up to 1/2" in diameter. Two three stage vacuum motors allows for an extraction rate of 30 gallons/minute. This unique water extraction machine comes with a 12" squeegee wand for smaller jobs and cleanup. The wand can be removed, allowing the vacuum hose to be submerged in the waste to be removed for larger jobs. The 11500SE Sludge Extractor is ideal for flood damage restoration, construction sites, sewage extraction, and a host of other applications.

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The XTreme Power ® 11500SE Sludge Extractor is a compact yet powerful water extraction / water damage restoration machine capable of handling sludge, water, and debris up to 1/2" in diameter. The XTreme Power ® 11500SE is powered by two three stage vacuum motors and is capable of removing water/sludge at a rate of 30 gallons/minute. A 10 gallon recovery chamber allows for the collection of waste, and a 50" dump hose allows for the continuous removal of water/sludge into a legal drain. The included 12" squeegee wand in this water damage restoration equipment and sludge extraction machine allows for the easy collection/clean up of smaller quantities. For larger quantities, the wand can be removed and the vacuum hose submerged in the water/sludge to be removed.

This water extraction machine is ideal for construction sites requiring debris laden sludge removal, sewage extraction, water restoration, flood damage cleanup, among many other applications. Whether debris laden sludge needs to be be collected at a construction site or an entire pool needs to be drained quickly, the XTreme Power ® 11500SE Sludge Extractor is the best water damage restoration, water extraction, and sludge removal equipment in the industry to handle the job.

Product Specifications

Warranty 1 year on parts / 90 days labor
Dumping Capacity30 gallons/minute
Air Flow212 cfm (cubic feet/minute)
Water Lift147"
MotorTwo - 3 stage vacuum motors
Powerelectric: 120V
Power CordTwo 25' cords
Vacuum Hose50' hose included
Dump Hose50' hose included
Recovery Tank10 gallons
Housing Materialheavy duty fiber composite
Wand12" double squeegee wand
Colorblue or red
Dimensions16"w x 32"h x 21"l
Weight90 lbs

Parts List


12" Double Squeegee Wand 1
50' Vacuum Hose (not shown) 1
50' Dump Hose (not shown) 1

Advanced Machines to Manage Flood Damage Restoration

When natural calamities, such as floods or hurricanes, hit a region, the homes and other buildings in the area get seriously water damaged. Extracting all that flooded water, cleaning off the thick sludge and restoring buildings to its former self is a long and tedious process. Fortunately, high grade hard surface cleaners and water damage restoration equipment available from top suppliers greatly simplify this job by offering the easiest and fastest sludge extraction functions.

Daimer® brings you the XTreme Power ® 11500SE Sludge Extractor, which is a powerful water damage restoration machine designed to handle water containing debris and sludge up to half an inch in diameter. Powered by two 3-stage vacuum motors, this sludge extraction machine helps remove water and sludge at an incredible rate of 30 gallons per minute.

Hard surface cleaners or steam vacuum cleaners configured the XTreme Power ® 11500SE, offer the option of either collecting or draining away the water. Using this water damage restoration machine, you can collect the water and waste into its 10 gallon recovery tank. You may also use the 50 inch long dump hose of the hard surface cleaner to extract and direct the water into a legal drain.

To collect or clean up small quantities of water, it is best to use the 12 inch squeegee wand available with steam vacuum cleaners. However, when the amount of water or sludge to be cleaned is huge, remove the wand and simply submerge the vacuum hose of the hard surface cleaner in the sludge. This water damage restoration equipment is highly recommended for applications, such as sludge removal in construction sites, flood damage restoration, and sewage extraction.

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