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The XTreme Power® HSC 13500 heated hard surface cleaner utilizes an exclusive motorized spinner technology that contains water beneath the spinner and does not deplete water pressure, like similar machines on the market. This machine brings together the powerful force of three systems: a 9" motorized spinner, pressure washer, and sludge extractor. The Super Max™ 9000 pressure washer can be used independently for tri-temperature functionality: cold water, hot water, and steam, while the XTreme Power® sludge extractor can be used separately for water damage restoration with an extraction rate of 30 GPM. With the XTreme Power® HSC 13500, commercial and industrial operators can leave their tile and grout, marble, vinyl flooring, VCT, and other indoor hard surfaces looking like new.

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Daimer's exclusive motorized spinner features 60% faster cleaning power and
70% better cleaner results than non-motorized spinner systems on the market!

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This robust, versatile machine system is actually several machines in one :

1. Powerful Commercial Multi-Surface Portable 1500 PSI Heated Hard Surface Spinner Cleaning Machine. Exceptional spinner cleaning temperatures up to 210º F. Add an Optional 19" Spinner/Wand for Larger Area Cleaning.

2. Commercial Steam Pressure Washer. 1500 PSI, up to 2.8 GPM. Pressure Washer Wand Included.

3. Commercial Wall Cleaning System. Using the removable 9" Spinner for Placement or Squeegee Wand in Hands

4. Commercial Sludge Extractor. Powerful 30 GPM for Water Damage Restoration.

The XTreme Power® HSC 13500 is a powerful, distinctive heated hard surface spinner cleaner. Combining Daimer's Super Max™ 9000 pressure washer, XTreme Power® 11500SE sludge extractor, and motorized 9" spinner, this machine can remove grease, dirt, oil, and residues from a wide variety of even and uneven floors and hard surfaces. A few of the many surfaces that can be cleaned by this versatile system include tile and grout, marble, stone, vinyl flooring, VCT, rubber flooring, and other uneven and even surfaces and floors.

The unique 9" motorized spinner is designed for cleaning smaller areas that a 19" spinner head is inappropriate for. By utilizing a motor to turn the spinner head, the full water pressure reaches the surface to be clean, unlike other machines on the market that lose up to 500 psi of pressure by suing water pressure to turn the spinner head. This 9" spinner tool can be used by hand as a commercial wall cleaning system, as well.

The Super Max™ 9000 enables this system to reach pressure levels of 1500 psi and a flow rate of 2.8 GPM. With ability to be used independently as a tri-mode pressure washer, the Super Max™ 9000 offers users the option to operate it as a cold water, hot water, or steam pressure washer depending on the application at hand. Alternatively, the XTreme Power® 11500 SE can also be used independently. This sludge extractor is ideal for water and flood damage restoration, boasting an extraction rate of 30 GPM.

Add an optional 19" spinner head configuration to quickly swap out the 9" spinner tool if you wish to clean larger surfaces for virtually any outdoor application.

Product Specifications

Extractor System Warranty1 yearSpinner Housing Warranty3 years (limited)Heating Unit (Pressure Washer) Warranty1 yearSpinner System Warranty1 Year Parts & Labor
Pressure1500 psi
Flow Rate2.8 GPM
Temperature Optionscold, hot & wet steam (steam cannot be used with spinner head)
Temperature (Hot)up to 210ºF
Temperature (Steam)250ºF (not for use with spinner head)
Heating MethodPropane
Propane Tank40 lb. empty tank included
Heater Exchange Coilhigh-pressure stainless steel
Spinner Diameter19 inches
Spinner Length46 inches
Spinner RPM1000 rpm
Standard Power Method (pressure washer)electric: 220V-240V, single phase, 60 Hz
Optional Power Methods (pressure washer)(call for pricing) 220V-240V, single phase, 50 Hz; 230V, three phase, 50 or 60 Hz; 440V, three phase, 50 or 60 Hz
Motor Size (pressure washer)heavy-duty 3 HP - NEMA
Ignition SystemN/A
Operating Timecontinuous use
Pump Drive Methoddirect drive
Continuous Water FeedYes. Connect hose from water line directly to pressure washer.
Recovery Tank Size10 gallons
Automatic DumpYes
Dumping Capacity30 gallons/minute
Air Flow212 cfm (cubic feet/minute)
Water Lift147"
Motor (extractor)Two - 3 stage vacuum motors
Power (extractor)electric: 120V
Heater Response Timeconverts cold water to hot water in approximately 30 seconds
Chemical Infusionsiphon infusion (when used as a pressure washer)
Vacuum Hose50' hose included
Dump Hose50' hose included
Steam Hose25' high pressure steam hose
Pressure Nozzles0º (blast), 15º, 25º, 40º, steam nozzles
Pressure Wanddurable 3' trigger wand with quick disconnect
Squeegee Wand14.5" double squeegee wand
Optional Wands12" squeegee wand with 4 internal jets & 19" motorized spinner
Housing (pressure washer)steel - powder-coated, high gloss, chip/chemical resistant
Housing (extractor)heavy duty fiber composite
Color (pressure washer)white
Color (extractor)blue or red
Dimensions (pressure washer)23"w. x 30"d. x 45"h.
Dimensions (extractor)17"w. x 26"h. x 22"l.
Weight (pressure washer)250 lbs
Weight (extractor)90 lbs


New-Age Applications Require Multi-Purpose Hard Surface Cleaning Machines

Planning to purchase a heated hard surface cleaner? If yes, then you must definitely take a look at the latest versions of heated hard surface cleaners available from top suppliers. In addition to advanced cleaning functions and solid build, these commercial steam cleaners also offer the best in versatility.

Check out the heated hard surface cleaners, such as the XTreme Power® HSC 13500, from Daimer®. In addition to functioning as a powerful, heated hard surface cleaner, HSC 13500 also works as a wall cleaning machine, a sludge extractor and as steam pressure washers. The tri-mode, commercial steam cleaner features a patented, motorized 9" spinner, and generates a flow rate of 2.8 gpm, temperature of up to 210ºF, and pressure level of 1500 psi.

Unlike conventional steam pressure washers, the electric-powered and propane-heated XTreme Power® HSC 13500 features high gloss, chip-resistant and powder-coated stainless steel housing, making it highly durable. The high pressure, stainless steel heater exchange coil makes this commercial steam cleaner capable of converting cold water to hot water in around 30 seconds. Such hot water pressure washers, powered by 3 HP NEMA engine, guarantee consistent performance even under challenging conditions.

To enable excellent sludge extraction functions, these commercial steam cleaners come equipped with automatic dumping of 30 gpm. It also features a dump hose of 50 feet in length. The powerful sludge extraction features make these hot water pressure washers ideal for water damage restoration. To ensure the most superior cleaning results, the XTreme Power® HSC 13500 features pressure nozzles, a pressure wand, a squeegee wand, and an optional 19" spinner.

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