How to Wash Supermarket Grocery Carts

How to Pressure Wash Supermarket Grocery Carts?

Cleaning supermarket grocery carts can be quite a cumbersome job because it has to be done frequently and effectively as well. It involves getting rid of dirty fingerprints, bacteria, grime, unhygienic deposits and other types of buildups caused by sweaty hands and polluted environs. The best way to clean these grocery carts is to use portable steam pressure washing systems.

Why Pressure Washers?

Pressure washers are powerful cleaning systems that have the capability to remove stubborn dirt deposits and greasy buildup from a variety of hard surfaces. Portable steam pressure washers are recommended for supermarket grocery carts cleaning, as these can deliver heated steam at exceptionally high temperature to remove dirt and grime from grocery carts and leave them completely clean, hygienic, and sanitized.

Cleaning Supermarket Grocery Carts With Steam Pressure Washer

Comprehensive cleaning of grocery carts can be achieved by following the procedures given below:

  • Understand how to set up a pressure washer: This can be done by going through the instruction and user manual carefully. You just have to make sure the machine is setup as per the company’s specifications to get the best result while cleaning grocery carts. The manual will familiarize you with the key parts and components and show you how to use them effectively for best results.
  • Setting up the pressure washer for action: The first step is to connect the extension wand to the spray gun. The pressure hose must be connected to the spray gun and the other end to the outlet of the pressure washer. All the connections must be double-checked to ensure there are no loose joints. Read the manual again, if necessary, to check whether all pre-cleaning procedures are complied with.
  • Cleaning solution: If you are using a steam pressure washer to clean grocery carts, you won’t need any chemical, detergent, or cleaning solution. Cleaning with cold pressure washer may require addition of special cleaning solutions to enhance cleaning results, as pressurized cold water may not be able to dislodge tough dirt spots. If at all you need them, it is better to buy eco-friendly cleaning solution as they are free of soap and chemicals.
  • Cleaning supermarket grocery carts: Test the spray pressure and the temperature of steam on another surface before you turn it on the grocery carts. Portable pressure washers offer the convenience of moving from one series of carts to another easily. They also make it easy to reach the bottom side and other hard to reach areas of the grocery cart easily. By using the right accessories, you can do a comprehensive cleaning job without stressing yourself.


  • Choose a steam pressure washer that can clean with very little amount of water. These machines use the power of super-heated steam to dislodge and remove muck, dirt, and grime from grocery carts.
  • Buy steam pressure washer of a reputable brand for best cleaning results, consistently high performance, and durability.
  • Advanced pressure cleaners can be connected directly to the water supply source, which allows you to work non-stop without having to stop for refilling water.

Supermarket grocery carts can be cleaned comprehensively, quickly, and conveniently by using pressure washers with the right features and specifications.

How to Wash Supermarket Grocery Carts