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October 06, 2008

Always compare vapor steam cleaners to make sure you are getting the highest pressure and temperature levels possible for your money. Contrary to what some companies might say offering weaker steam cleaners, you can never have too much pressure and temperature when it comes to vapor steam cleaners.

Consider the vapor is dry and will never create so much impact, even when reaching 150 psi, as to create any damage whatsoever. Also look for vapor steam cleaners with replaceable heating elements, lifetime boiler warranties, and other advanced or patented features to help ensure maximum cleaning power and vapor steam cleaner longevity.

The best vapor steam cleaners are more rugged and portable steam cleaners with wheels that roll along with floor surface. The machines are designed to clean a wider area and range of surfaces, usually with a variety of attachments. You can attach a towel to two different brushes if you use more professional vapor steam cleaners, and then clean and wipe surfaces simultaneously.

Vapor steam cleaners with vacuums are another type of steam cleaner technology the absolute ultimate in productivity and versatility. These machines offer the ability to steam and clean most floors and then vacuum the residue. These multi-purpose machines offer the best productivity since the user does not need to wipe the residue off the floor surface as is the case with vapor steam cleaners lacking vacuum cleaner functionality. Only certain makers offer steam cleaners with vacuums that can also be used as traditional vapor steam cleaners without vacuuming for surfaces that would be best cleaned with be finishing the task with towel wiping.

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