The Best Steam Cleaner Hoses Can Make Cleaning More Convenient

Steam cleaner hoses are an important part of steam cleaning systems, as it allows operators to attach a host of attachments and accessories to improve the quality of cleaning. It assists in proper and safe transfer of super heated steam for cleaning various types of surfaces and equipment.

Choose Quality Hoses that Match Your Cleaning Needs

It is important to choose high pressure steam cleaning hoses, if you are handling challenging steam cleaning applications in a commercial or industrial facility. It must be able to withstand high steam pressure and temperature while ensuring safety of the user. There are various types of steam cleaning hoses available. Choosing one that meets your specific cleaning demands and specifications is important to get the best results.

There are different types of steam cleaner hoses provided with steam cleaners for various types of cleaning applications. For instance, industrial steam cleaning hoses provided with top industrial dry steam cleaners are made of high grade materials and enable operators to clean larger areas without the inconvenience of having to move the base unit frequently.

Not Only Eases Cleaning Tasks but Also Improves User Convenience

Commercial steam cleaner hoses and vacuum hoses are part of accessories supplied with the best quality steam cleaning systems to enhance cleaning power of these machines and improve user-convenience and safety.

Daimer®, the global leaders in supplying of advanced steam cleaning machines, also leads the market when it comes to supply of steam cleaning hoses. The superior quality of these hoses contributes significantly to the enhanced performance of their steam cleaners. Steam hoses and steam vac hoses of varying lengths are provided with Daimer® steam cleaners to match various types of commercial and industrial cleaning applications. Steam vacuum hoses supplied with specific steam cleaners are the longest available in the industry.


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Steam Vac Hose/51020T
Retail Price: $397.00
Special Price: $265.00

The Steam/Vac Hose with Handgrip allows the user to connect the machine to accessories including brushes, extension rods, and other parts. The handgrip helps to keep control over the hose.(All KleenJet® 5000 steam cleaners)

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Steam Hose/1302I3
Retail Price: $194.00
Special Price: $129.00

The Steam Hose is an important accessory when using a steam cleaner. The hose allows the user to connect several different attachments such as extension rods, brushes, and nozzles for various cleaning applications.(All KleenJet® 1000 and 3000 steam cleaners)

Steam Hose/13C2I1
Retail Price: $199.20
Special Price: $133.00

The steam hose with handgrip allows for brushes and other attachments such as squeegees and extension rods to be connected to the machine. The handgrip provides a comfortable control over the hose. (For KleenJet® 200, 300, and 500 models)

Steam Hose/1502I3
Retail Price: $199.20
Special Price: $133.00

The steam hose permits the operator to attach accessories, including brushes, extension rods, scrapers, and other accessories to the steam cleaner machine. A comfortable hand grip generates maximum control over the hose. (All KleenJet® 5000 steam cleaners)

24' Steam/Vac Hose/51080T
Retail Price: $437.00
Special Price: $289.00

The 24' Steam/Vac Hose is ideal for KleenJet® machines with vacuum features. This model is 24' long and attaches accessories such as brushes, scrapers, and squeegees to the machine. (All KleenJet® 5000CV and 1000CV steam cleaners)

Steam Vac Hose/5104C1V1
Retail Price: $397.00
Special Price: $265.00

The 10' Steam/Vac Hose provides the user the ability to attach accessories, including brushes, scrapers, and extension rods to the machine. This hose is ideal for users with vacuum capabilities included with their KleenJet® machines. (All KleenJet® 500V models)

Steam Vac Hose/51020B
Retail Price: $397.00
Special Price: $265.00

This 10' Steam/Vac Hose enables users to connect steam cleaner accessories, such as brushes, extension rods, and cloths, to the machine. The 10' Steam/Vac hose should be used with steam cleaner machines with vacuum features. (All KleenJet™ 1000 and 3000 series steam cleaners)

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