Upholstery Hard Surface Cleaning For Pool And Patio Chairs


Vinyl and leather upholstery requires an upholstery hard surface cleaning machine that will clean even the most difficult-to-clean hard surfaces. Chairs and furniture in patios and poolside, in homes and commercial or public areas, are dirtier than you realize. To clean them, you need high-quality upholstery hard surface cleaning equipment. This type of equipment has the following requirements:

Hot, Dry Steam

Some upholstery cleaning machines generate temperatures up to 356°F. Heat is key to eliminating grime and removing grease, but that is not the only reason to invest in a high temperature portable steam cleaner. This type of steam cleaner uses dry vapor, which reduces the amount of water required to clean furniture, primarily hard surfaces, in commercial areas and homes. A steam cleaner also has additional features. The one designed for use as an upholstery steam cleaner in commercial areas leaves the upholstery sparking clean in no time.

Squeegees and Brushes

For upholstery hard surface cleaning, you require accessories and tools that are specifically designed for vinyl and similar hard surfaces. There are different gradations of the tools, from hard to soft. Since vinyl and leather are soft surfaces, you will need to use accessories of the upholstery cleaning machines that are meant for use on softer surfaces. An upholstery steam cleaner also includes various brushes and a steel wool pad, but these are meant to remove grime from hard surfaces only. The diverse brushes and attachments will help you tame the grime monster lurking in corners and crevices on furniture, shelves, floors, and other surfaces.

Large Boiler and Continuous Refill

High-quality boilers, made of stainless steel, have many advantages. They are durable and resistant to the bad effects of corrosive chemicals and high pressure. Daimer®'s upholstery steam cleaner machines feature capacious boilers, up to four liters, that afford longer duration of operation. Continuous refill reduces downtime by making it easier to refill the boiler, even while the machine is in operation.

Upholstery hard surface cleaning using a portable steam cleaner is also advantageous from the viewpoint of time required for cleaning. Instead of spending hours on manually cleaning row upon row of chairs in commercial locations, you can zip through the task using these high-quality dry vapor machines.

Upholstery Cleaning (Hard Surface)

3 Upholstery Cleaning (Hard Surface)
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Kleenjet Pro Plus 200S Commercial Floor Steam Cleaner
Retail Price: $1,329.00
Special Price: $897.00
Sale Price: 797.00

Limited Time Only
Sale Price: $797.00

The KleenJet® Pro Plus 200S is a canister based, power-optimized commercial steam cleaner with steam temperature levels that can reach as high as 310°F.

  • LATEST TECHNOLOGY! The industry's only EPA-Compliant steam cleaner system, including a solid stainless steel construction.
  • The steam cleaning equipment is ideal for commercial as well as home cleaning needs, and comes equipped with a 4 liter, heavy gauge, stainless steel boiler with a lifetime warranty.
  • The pressure level of the system reaches 75 PSI.
  • It is a rugged, commercial and residential tile and grout cleaning machine.


  • Daimer®'s heavy-dutycommercial-grade detail brushes are 1/2 up to 8 times lower in price than other brands' brushes.
  • The quality is as good, if not better than any others on the market. We are supplying you with enough brushes to last for a long, long time.
  • Buying a steam cleaner without knowing the pricing of detail brushes in advance can cost you hundreds of dollars later.
  • Some people are often in shock to discover brushes can cost a fortune (up to $20 each!) from other brands, but unfortunately they find out when it is too late.
  • Click on the image below and view a truly revealing video.

Steam Cleaner Brushes

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KleenJet Pro Plus 300CS Commercial Vapor Tile Cleaning Equipment
Retail Price: $1,669.00
Special Price: $1,094.00
Sale Price: 994.00

Limited Time Only
Sale Price: $994.00

The KleenJet® Pro Plus 300CS is a commercial vapor steam cleaning equipment that offers high vapor steam temperature of up to 310°F.

  • Pressure: up to 75 psi
  • Temperature: up to 310ºF
  • Boiler: Heavy-gauge 4 liter stainless steel
  • Lifetime boiler warranty
  • Continuous Refill: Yes  

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Kleenjet Mega 1000CVP Steam Vacuum Cleaning Machine
Retail Price: $4,772.00
Special Price: $3,182.00
Sale Price: 2997.00

Limited Time Only
Sale Price: $2997.00

The KleenJet® Mega 1000CVP - ATIS® is a powerful commercial steam vacuum cleaning machine that is the most popular in the industry. It offers high temperatures reaching 356°F. The machine heats cold water in approximately 15 minutes.

  • The robust steam cleaner machine has a 4 liter, stainless steel boiler and a 3 liter capacity water chamber. The boiler comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • The Mega 1000CVP offers pressure levels as high as 105 PSI.
  • The versatile system comes equipped with the company’s patented Advanced Self-Regulating Continuous Refill Technology™ and Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization™ (ATIS®) technology.


Nylon Brushes Video



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