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Industrial Heavy Equipment Cleaning
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Powerful Pressure Cleaners for Keeping Heavy Duty Machines in Perfect Condition

Heavy equipment used in commercial and industrial facilities is deployed to carry out tough and challenging tasks. To keep them in peak performing condition, it is extremely important to maintain the equipment on a regular basis. Heavy equipment can attract dirt, grease, and debris pretty quickly, as it is used in an environment where it can easily accumulate grime and waste materials. If not cleaned thoroughly and regularly, it can affect the performance of these tools. You need the best heavy equipment cleaning machines to keep them in perfect shape at all times.

Advantages of Industrial Heavy Equipment Cleaning

Heavy machinery purchase involves significant investment. Their performance and durability is crucial to ensure you get the best returns on your investment. Industrial heavy equipment cleaning cannot be done using ordinary methods and techniques. Apart from regular inspection, service and maintenance, you must also make sure that superior heavy tools cleaning machines are used to keep them fit and ready for any type of commercial and industrial cleaning challenges.

Regular maintenance and cleaning of heavy equipment machines like air track, scraper, track-type tractors, bulldozer, skip loader, wheel loader, snow cat, and landfill compactor is essential for extending their life. Heavy equipment cleaning systems with the right specifications can help you extend the working life and reduce downtime of these important machines, contributing significantly to the success of your projects.

Prevents Breakdown and Optimizes Performance

Heavy equipment pressure cleaners are highly recommended to ensure that your investment is better protected and to prevent unwanted breakdowns. Technologically superior heavy tools pressure cleaners can easily meet the challenges of keeping these machines in perfect shape, as these can remove almost all types of dirt, debris, and grime accumulations quickly and effortlessly with their enhanced cleaning power.

Examples of heavy equipment that present the greatest challenges for maintenance professionals include:

  • Excavators: To enable this huge equipment to function impeccably, it must be cleaned thoroughly with high pressure washers. Before unleashing the power of the commercial pressure washer, make sure you remove all exterior panels of the excavator and extend its arm as much forward as possible. This will help clean the entire arm and the complete hydraulic fittings of the excavator as well.
  • Scrapers: Such heavy equipment is exceptionally hard to clean. Given their huge size and all the dirt that scrapers move, their engine compartments can get extremely dirty. Even a small oil leak can lead to dust accumulating on the oil deposits. This can soon clog radiator flanges and cause cooling problems. Avoid all these issues simply by maintaining your scrapers with electric pressure washers.
  • Bulldozers: Since bulldozers are used for the toughest jobs such as road construction, land cleaning, and flood control, they can accumulate huge amounts of dirt and mud. It is impossible to maintain bulldozers without the aid of powerful industrial pressure washers.
  • Track-type Tractors: Among various types of heavy equipment, track-type tractors are probably one of the biggest. Used for large earth moving applications, it is not surprising to see track-type tractors requiring regular cleaning and maintenance thanks to large amounts of dirt accumulation. Industrial pressure washers are the perfect solutions to easily clean and maintain the tractor.
  • Skip Loader: An essential type of heavy equipment, skip loaders are used by Government and private organizations for road construction, excavation, pipe-laying, and garbage disposal. High pressure washers can help to remove any amount of dirt, garbage, and grease from the exterior and interior of skip loaders.
  • Wheel Loader: Used in construction, material loading, and side walk maintenance, wheel loaders are used to move different types of materials, including gravel, asphalt, rocks, sand, and demolition debris. Industrial pressure washers are perfectly capable of washing off hard to remove materials such as tar, wood chips, grease, and dirt accumulated on wheel loaders.

Pressure cleaning of heavy equipment is highly recommended to ensure that your investment is better protected and also to prevent unwanted breakdowns. If the equipment is maintained properly and regularly, it remains in good condition and breakdown at crucial times is less unlikely. Less downtime means more production, optimum utility, and more profits. Give them a good cleaning on a regular basis with a heavy duty pressure washer to achieve peak performance from them consistently.

Using industrial pressure washers for industrial heavy equipment washing offers many advantages:

  • They generate high pressure that can easily remove dirt and mud from various parts of the equipment easily.
  • They reduce cleaning time drastically from hours to mere minutes.
  • Advanced cleaning systems support multiple temperatures to offer superior cleaning results.
  • High temperature results in quick dissolving of tough grease buildup.

The best results for commercial heavy equipment cleaning can be easily achieved using heated pressure washers. Daimer® offers its Super Max™ series of heavy equipment washing systems that comes with features that match the specific cleaning requirements for heavy equipment. The Super Max™ 10970 is a commercial pressure washer powered and heated by diesel, and capable of generating temperatures as high as 330°F, pressure levels of 2500 PSI, and a high flow rate of 4 GPM. The Super Max™ 12885 DE offers higher pressure at 3500 PSI, ideal for heavy equipment washing. They are designed to withstand the challenges of industrial heavy equipment cleaning.

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