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Tile (Porous) & Grout Cleaning
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Porous Tile Cleaning Machines: Eliminating Dirt From Unglazed Ceramic And Similar Surfaces


Choosing the Best Porous Tile and Grout Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning porous tiles can be a challenge, as they attract dirt more easily than other surfaces. Moreover, porous surfaces readily absorb dirt and grime, which pulls them deeper inside the surface, making it tougher to clean them using conventional tile and grout cleaning methods. The deep set grout lines between the tiles are even more porous and can seriously damage the good looks of your tiled surfaces, if not cleaned regularly and effectively.

Advanced Cleaning Machines for Tackling Tough Stains

It is important, not only to deep clean the porous surfaces, but also to sanitize them to prevent proliferation of microorganisms. A superior porous tile and grout cleaning equipment must be used at regular intervals to prevent dirt and spills from infiltrating the porous surface. The best porous tile and grout cleaning machines are versatile and can also be used for cleaning and maintenance of upholstery and carpets by attaching tools and accessories to the porous tile and grout floor cleaner.

Why You Need a Rugged and Versatile Cleaning System?

Professional cleaners recommend hard surface cleaning equipment for cleaning of porous surfaces in industrial and commercial facilities, as they are powerful and rugged cleaning systems designed for cleaning larger floor surfaces. They are ideal for use on floors without any grout, such as marble, stone, and unglazed ceramics. The best hard floor cleaners come with advanced features and tools that make cleaning of commercial floors easy, quick, and effective.

steam cleaner machine is ideal for use on porous tiles and surfaces in residential homes. These machines are designed to remove dirt, grime, and even stubborn stains, as they emit dry vapor steam at extremely high temperature to dissolve and remove stains and dirt. Make sure you choose a porous tile and grout cleaning machine that offers user-friendly features for comprehensive and effortless cleaning.

The best machines come with superior features like:

  • Simultaneous extraction that removes and extracts dissolved residues in one single action.
  • High steam temperature that not only cleans but also disinfects.
  • Technology that can remove almost all types of harmful bacteria from the surface.
  • Tools and attachments for deeper and superior cleaning with minimal manual effort.

Steam cleaners can also be used for nonporous tile and grout cleaning generally used in toilets, bathrooms, and other commercial kitchens. It is important to choose a machine with the right specifications for best results.

Daimer® tile and grout cleaning machines are the first choice of cleaning professionals, as they offer powerful and versatile cleaning action. Daimer® steam cleaners and hard surface cleaners are durable, come equipped with advanced technologies, and guarantee top performance.

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