January 12, 2015

Cleaning your tile has never been easier with Daimer’s expert tile cleaning equipment!

Tile Cleaning EquipmentHaving tile in your home is a great choice for flooring for many reasons. Not only will it last many years, it will not show wear and tear like carpet and hardwoods will. That is why many people chose to have tile in their kitchens, which are a heavily trafficked area of a home. Tile is also an excellent options for commercial or industrial properties as these are areas that are walked upon much more frequently than residential floors. Spills are easily cleaned from tile floors and the upkeep is fairly simply.

Most businesses chose to have tile in their public restrooms, as well. However, over time, tile floors must be deep cleaned to prevent mold and to prevent the grout from looking dark and unappealing. Cleaning tile floors is even more important in areas that are prone to bacteria and germs, like public restrooms. Not having the proper tile floor cleaning equipment means that you will have to hire a professional cleaner, which can be costly. Even getting a tile and grout cleaning equipment rental can be expensive. You will get a great return on your investment if you decide to purchase the  best steam cleaner for tile and grout on Daimer.com!

Why you should invest in a reliable steam cleaner for tile and grout

Using commercial tile cleaning equipment for your grout and tile is the way to go. Grout is the most susceptible part of your tile floors to germs, dirt and bacteria. Over time, the build-up of dirt on the grout can make it appear dark and muddy. Using a commercial grade tile and grout cleaner on your tile floors can prevent that from happening! Using a steam cleaner instead of just mopping your tile floors is beneficial because the heat from the steam cleaner is able to penetrate the dirt and grime better and more effectively clean your floors with temperatures reaching up to 310 degrees fahrenheit for the maximum clean look and feel. 

Using commercial kitchen tile and grout cleaning equipment to deep clean your floors can get hardened dirt up that mopping and scrubbing just cannot do. Regular cleaning equipment just does not have the same cleaning ability on your tile floors and grout that professional tile and grout cleaning equipmentl does! All of our bathroom tile cleaning equipment available on our website right now are designed to remove stains, dirt and germs from your tile and grout with more force than any other tile cleaning equipment for lease online.

All of our products feature simultaneous extraction features so that you can spend as little time as possible cleaning, use the smallest amount of effort possible to clean your tile floors, but get the best results! We offer specialized tile cleaning equipment that is designed for high-traffic areas, like businesses, that are more powerful than your average tile steam cleaner. Why spend hours mopping when you can make a small investment and purchase the best tile cleaning equipment online?

Not only is our tile cleaning equipment great for interior flooring in businesses and residences, it is also perfect for use as pool tile cleaning equipment! Making the tile around and in your pool look nice is important to do at least every six months of the year. Keeping pool grout clean with our equipment can get rid of 99.9% of germs in and around the tile and grout. This is especially important for the pool area because people tend to walk around barefoot and are more susceptible to bacteria and germs because of this. Even more bacteria ridden are public bathrooms, which should be deep cleaned with our equipment at least twice a week along with being cleaned each day. Not only will it keep your public bathrooms looking nice, but people will appreciate a well taken care of bathroom and will respect you as a business more so because of it.

Our products are the perfect choice for your tile and grout. Our KleenJet product series has the maximum amount of power for the most dirt and germ ridden areas of your home or business. Stop wasting your money on a professional tile cleaner when you could spend very little money on your own equipment and do it yourself! Think about it this way: If you purchase a tile cleaner today, you’ll be spending about what you would spend on a professional cleaner, one time only, instead of spending that same amount every 6 months. Also, by purchasing your own tile equipment, you are assuring yourself that the job gets done well and efficiently. Sometimes, tile cleaners will charge you too much money and leave without getting all of the stains out of your grout and tile.

With your own equipment, that will never be a problem again because you will have complete control over how much you clean your tile and grout. If usability is a hinderance to you, do not worry. All of our products are simple to use and can be up-and-running in little to no time and all! We make it easy for you to clean your floors because we believe everyone should have the knowledge on how to get professionally-cleaned floors without the professionally-cleaned price tag! We promise to bring you the best tile and grout cleaners on the market and promise to make your cleaning routine that much more efficient and better! 


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