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Backordered: This unit is currently out of stock due to substantial demand. When you place a backorder, you are guaranteed to receive a unit as soon as available.  Orders are expected to ship by mid July 2023. We understand that numerous organizations are in dire need of our equipment, and we are doing everything possible to restock inventory during this period.

The KleenJet® Mega 1000CVP is a certified (yes we have lab results to prove it) anti-bacterial commercial steam cleaner excellent for countless applications.  With an onboard vacuum for simultaneous steam and extraction it can tackle even the most difficult applications.  Click the tabs below to learn more. 

  • Full Accessory Kit Included
  • Pressure: up to 105 psi
  • Temperature: up to 356ºF
  • Boiler: 4 Liters Stainless Steel
  • Lifetime Boiler Warranty
  • Continuous Refill 
  • Vacuum
  • 10 Free Nylon Detail Brushes

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The KleenJet® Mega 1000CVP is a superb anti-bacterial steam cleaner with vacuum/extraction.  Trusted by companies large and small for countless cleaning applications.  Daimer's dedicated staff is happy to help you choose the best product for your application (or tell you what will and will not work properly), and with unbeatable after sale service, Daimer will be there to make sure that your steam cleaner works properly for many years to come.  

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  • Full Accessory Kit:  Click the tab above to view all included accessories.
  • Pressure and Temperature: The KleenJet ® Mega 1000CVP offers pressure levels up to 105 psi and boiler steam temperatures up to 356°F
  • Anti-Bacterial:  Daimer's unique steam cleaning machines can kill 99.99% of harmful bacteria including MRSA, E.Coli and S. aureus, as well as mold species such as Aspergillus niger.  Results have been confirmed through independent laboratory tests. Daimer takes these claims very seriously and ensures all units fully comply with EPA regulations
  • Self-Regulating Continuous-Refill:  Technology for adding water while the system is running. Work all day since there is no need to spend time shutting off depressurizing the machine, adding water, and reheating.  Read about Daimer's  Continuous Refill technology and how it can maximize productivity.
  • Boiler Scale Reduction: Unique, scale reduction technology. A continuously vibrating mechanism is featured to help prevent mineral and scale buildup and maintain maximum pressure and temperature.
  • Detergent or Water Ejection: Allows for detergent or water to be ejected via simple fingertip/handle controls for enhanced cleaning power.
  • Hepa Fiter: Filtering to 5 microns
  • Water Filtration:  2-Stage Filtration Technology.
  • Wet Vacuum Cleaner: Extract moisture and substances while cleaning to help eliminate the need for towels required by conventional steam cleaners that include no extraction capability.
  • Replaceable Heating Elements:  Read about how Daimer's replaceable heating elements can save you hundreds of dollars over other steam cleaner brands.
  • Reasonably Detail Brush Prices:  $33.00 for ten (Nylon, Brass, and Stainless) with free shipping.  


Vapor Steam Isn't for Everyone:


Product Specifications

System Warranty 1 year on parts/labor, 3 years on partsBoiler WarrantyLifetime
Pressureup to 105 psi
Steam Temperatureup to 356ºF
Continuous RefillYes
Boiler Volume4 liters
Water Chamber Capacity3 liters
Boiler MaterialStainless Steel
Presurized TankN/A
Pressure CapN/A
ATIS ® TechnologyIncluded
Detergent Chamber Size3 liters
Heating Elementremovable rod
Heating Time (cold)Approx. 15 min
Heating Time (hot)Approx. 10 min
Operating Timecontinuous use
Extraction Chamber Size5 liters
Vacuum Suction2200mm water column lift
HEPA FilterYes
Water FiltrationYes
Steam Hose Length10'
Steam Vac Hose Length10'
Optional Steam HoseN/A
Optional Steam Vac HoseN/A
Cover MaterialStainless Steel
Base MaterialStainless Steel
Power1600 watts
Weight56 lbs
Dimensions28"L X 19"W X 36"H



Made InItaly

Parts List


steam vacuum cleaner, steam vac


steam cleaner, steam cleaners


Standard Parts / Quantity

10' Detachable Steam Hose with Heavy Duty Connections 1
Extra Heavy Duty Extension Rods - $75.00 Value During Promotion! 2
Large Triangular Brush with Towel Clips 1
Large Rectangular Floor Brush with Towel Clips 1
Steam Squeegee for Mirrors and Windows 1
Single Hole Steam Lance for Brush Attachment 1
Nylon Detail Brush 4
Brass Detail Brush 4
Stainless Detail Brush 2
Steam Scraper 1
Round Detail Brush 2
Steam Plunger to Sanitize Bathroom Sink Drains 1
Steel Wool Pad to place Over Some Brushes to Target Grease Buildup 1
Large Steam/Vac Floor Tool 1
Small Triangular Brush for Corners etc... 1
Steam/Vac Grout Cleaning Tool 1
Steam/Vac Squeegee & Brush Strip Floor Tool Insert 2
Steam/Vac Squeegee & Squeegee Floor Tool Insert 1
Steam/Vac Floor Tool Carpet Insert 1
Steam/Vac Squeegee for Windows and Glass 1
Cloth for Steam/Vac Squeegee 1
Single Hole Steam/Vac Lance 1
Upholstery Nozzle 1
Extra Heavy-Duty Steam/Extraction Extension Rod 2
10' Detachable Steam/Vac Hose 1
Plush Microfiber Towels 6






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