February 12, 2016

Freezer Defrosting with an Affordable Industrial Steam Cleaner

Steam CleanersIf you have an industrial steam cleaner then you’ve probably found many different uses for it. Maybe you’ve been using it to clean your carpet, or perhaps you’ve been cleaning your upholstery. These are both great uses for a steam cleaner but have you ever considered using one to clean your freezer out? Okay that might sound a bit silly, who uses industrial steam cleaners to clean out their freezer? Well if you happen to own a freezer that doesn’t have any protection against ice buildup, you might actually be at your wit’s end with it.

Freezers build moisture, that’s a given. As you store food inside it, that food will contribute to the moisture buildup, obviously, and over time, the ice builds up inside the walls of your freezer. In fact at some point it might look like a winter landscape, or at the very least the inside of the abominable snowman’s stomach. That being said, you need to find a way to clean it out, and over the years, people have found some very creative methods. For example, there are many who actually clear the items out of their freezer and leave it turned off for a few days in the hopes that the ice will melt. Yes, this will work, so long as you can find a good spot to keep all of your frozen food during those few days. Of course you will also have to deal with an excess of water, but that’s another story, and something that we will get to in a few minutes.

The second popular method of defrosting a freezer is to place a bowl of hot water inside, hoping that the heat will cause melting. This does work to an extent, but it is not nearly as effective as you might hope. Finally, you have the less sane method of using a knife to cut through the ice. Okay, this works, it really does, but it’s dangerous to both you AND the freezer, so make sure you keep that in mind. If you really want to keep your hands safe and you freezer defrosted, then it might be a good idea to start making use of a steam cleaner.

Did you Say a Steam Cleaner?

Yes, we said a steam cleaner. A electric powered industrial steam cleaner, or perhaps a good affordable commercial steam cleaner can actually go a long way when it comes to keeping your freezer defrosted, and it even has a feature that you absolutely need when it comes to cleaning a mess like this  -- the ability to suck up water. That’s right, after you melt the ice, you can simply suck the resulting mess into the steam cleaner and call it a day.

Steam cleaners are actually very simple in the way they function. They are able to melt the ice inside the freezer by injecting steam inside. Different steam cleaners will be able to reach different levels of heat, some being much higher than others, so look into that before you decide to make a purchase. In addition to that, you will probably find that some have greater suction than others. It is no secret that the best industrial steam cleaner is much more powerful than a simple residential model, though they will definitely do the same job when it comes to defrosting your freezer, albeit a little bit slower.

As you melt the ice and suck the water in, it will be delivered to a tank, at which point you can dump it and use the steam cleaner for another task. An industrial steam cleaner tends to have greater capacity than the home models, meaning you will most likely be able to finish the entirety of your freezer within a single tank rather than changing it out again and again. As you can see, there are more than a few reasons to use and enjoy a device like this, even for nonconventional tasks.

A Steam Cleaner for Every Occasion

Steam cleaners are amazing pieces of equipment and they can be sued for a plethora of different tasks whether you are steam cleaning your carpets, cleaning your furniture, or in this case, actually defrosting your freezer. So, instead of using the older, less efficient methods of cleaning and defrosting your freezer, use a steam cleaner to save yourself time, energy, and make yourself happier overall.


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