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KleenJet® steam cleaners are highly effective for cleaning multiple surfaces. Our steam cleaners have a reputation known worldwide as being highly effective, rugged, and reliable. With patented features unavailable with other brands you get deep cleaning results like no other when you use KleenJet® steam cleaners. When you want the best you want Daimer steam cleaners.

KleenJet® steam cleaners work very quickly and effectively, and require only simple tap water to work. In most cases there is no need for any additional cleaners when using our steam cleaners. This eliminates the need to spend more money or use harsh chemicals that can leave an unwanted residue. KleenJet® steam cleaners are extremely clean and effective for your most stubborn cleaning job inside or out. You can use our steam cleaners on virtually any surface even most fabrics.

The water used to create the steam used to clean with KleenJet® steam cleaners is heated up to 360°F and it is all you need to clean and remove most stuck on dirt and grime and other substances. You may need to use cleaning solutions in addition to steam cleaners in cases where steam alone may not be enough. We suggest using our economical Eco-Green® steam cleaner chemicals, which are the most effective and safest green chemicals in the industry. In total, our steam cleaners are very economical for home, commercial, and industrial uses.

The high heat created within the KleenJet® steam cleaners also instantly sanitizes your surfaces upon contact making it ideal for use in areas that are used for food preparation or bathroom areas where you want to clean as many germ and bacteria as possible without any added hazardous chemicals that could be undesirable.

You can use KleenJet® steam cleaners to clean most walls and floors along with tile, steel , and most other surfaces. You can also do spot cleaning on areas or fabrics like drapery with the steam cleaners that do not need a complete cleaning, or most other areas containing unwanted substances that may be more difficult to clean using other cleaning methods. Eco-Green ® steam cleaner degreasers and other green chemicals are available for applications for which cleaning solutions are required.

KleenJet® steam cleaners offer some of the very best values you will find anywhere on the web or in the steam cleaning industry. Our steam cleaners have the ability to be used anywhere you are whether in personal homes, in businesses or for industrial uses. We offer steam cleaners that will fit your need and budget.

Once you use KleenJet® steam cleaners you will understand why it they one of the very best purchases that you can make and well worth the money. No matter what size steam cleaners you need, whether you want steam cleaners to clean around your home or steam cleaners to have as part of your cleaning business, Daimer offers the right KleenJet ® steam cleaners for you.

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