March 12, 2015

Know All About Steam Pressure Washers

Steam Pressure WasherSteam pressure washing is a popular choice for both industrial and commercial cleaning applications. With technological advancements over the years, pressure washing has improved a lot. No wonder that today's models of steam pressure washers offer the most flexibility and power than what the industry has seen in the past. Whether you are buying your first steam cleaner pressure washer, or upgrading an existing one, you now have several options to your pick from. If you are still in a dilemma about why you should invest in one, here are some benefits that you can get from these products.

Benefits of Steam Pressure Washers

Pressure washers with steam eliminate splash back on the operator, adjacent tools and facilities, thus reducing mess-up and improving operator safety. Compared to hot pressure washing, these machines consume almost 57% less water, which in turn makes them more environment-friendly, with less waste and lower operating costs.

As steam pressure washers work at higher temperatures that increases the efficiency of chemicals, surfaces and equipments with grease and oil on them can be cleaned more thoroughly and efficiently as compared to what other cleaner can do. Since the chemicals work more efficiently, you also end up using lesser amounts, which again helps in reducing you carbon footprints.

Apart from reduced electrical consumption for life, many models of electric steam pressure washers require a smaller electric circuit, which makes them ideal to operate in several locations, thus making them versatile.  

Working of Pressure Washer with Steam

Before investing in steam pressure washers, it’s important for you to understand how they work. These machines heat water to over 200 degrees to vaporize it and are very effective at melting and removing grease, animal fats and other substances. These steam cleaner pressure washer are extremely powerful, durable and designed for tough cleaning applications. By blending the power of steam with the strength of pressure, these cleaners clean tough buildups efficiently. Another benefit of using them is their high temperature, which allows the surfaces to be sterilized.

Common Features of Steam Pressure Washers

There are different types of steam pressure washer for sale with varying steam cleaning methods available in the market. Though electric powered units are the most common ones, you can also get those powered by propane, diesel or gasoline.

Some typical features that you can expect to get with an electric steam pressure washer are:

  • 2000 to 3000 PSI at 4.0 or 4.8 GPM
  • 5 or 10 HP Electric Motor with Magnetic Starter
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Oil Fired Burner
  • Triplex Plunger General Pump
  • Downstream Detergent Injection
  • Steel Chassis with Textured Polyester Powder Coat
  • Nozzles — 40°, 25°, 15°, 0°
  • 41" Dual Lance Wand and Trigger Gun
  • Split Stainless-Steel Outer Coil Wrap
  • Schedule 80 Coil
  • Belt Drive
  • Fuel Tank

Some Steam Pressure Washers Worth Checking

For some cleaning applications, you need more pressure, not the highest steam temperature. For such cases, the Super Max 9000 – an advanced cleaning machine is your best bet. This industrial steam pressure washer works at high pressure of 1500 PSI and boasts of a flow rate of 2.8 GPM.

Another hot steam pressure washer preferred by many cleaning professionals is the Super Max 10880. Many consider it to be the one of the best among leading steam pressure washers available in the market these days because this gasoline-powered, oil heated steam pressure washer can generate steam temperature to a maximum of 330°F, which is the highest in the industry. It also comes equipped with an advanced gasoline engine that’s designed to meet the most recent EPA lower emission standards. Capable of generating 3500 PSI pressure at a flow rate of 4 GPM, this machine can meet the toughest cleaning challenges that plague most industrial and commercial facilities.

The Super Max 7000 with a remarkable flow rate of 2.5 GPM and ability to generate a pressure level of 1000 PSI is another one worth checking. Like its Super Max 10880 counterpart, this tough cleaning system too can deliver steam temperatures up to 330°F to clean surfaces in an excellent and efficient manner. Cleaners working in locations with scarce water supply or where drainage systems are not well-developed prefer this steam power cleaner, thanks to its low water usage.

The Super Max line of industrial steam pressure washers is more efficient and advanced than the conventional hot pressure cleaner systems you will get in the market. Though you can get better results with a hot water pressure washer as compared to non-heated cleaning systems, steam pressure washers that leverage the power of steam take the cleaning performance to a different level altogether.

Based on your specific cleaning needs, budget and the convenience sought, you can choose steam pressure washers, which are available in various features, configurations and designs.

We offer a variety of industry’s leading choose steam pressure washers, which are ideal for business, industrial and commercial cleaning applications. Empowered by our patented technologies, all these study, powerful, durable and technologically superior steam pressure washers for sale are sure to impress you with their efficient cleaning. When you buy directly from us, you can also enjoy deep promotional discounts on over 400 models of 100% electric hot water, wet steam and cold water systems. 

So, who go anywhere else when you can meet all your steam cleaning needs under the same roof, right at our store? To know more about our steam pressure washers for sale as well as other products and services like carpet cleaners, tile cleaning machines, auto detailing etc, call us today! 


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