April 13, 2015

Enjoy a Clean Exterior With a Steam Pressure Washer From Daimer’s

Pressure WasherPurchasing a home is no small feat. Your home is a huge investment, one that you will probably have for years and years to come. During the duration of your stay at your home, you will begin to notice the wear and tear of time happening to the outside and the inside. Keeping a clean and fresh exterior on your home is extremely important for keeping up with your home’s appearances, with homeowners association’s regulations and it is also important if you plan on selling your home any time in the near future.

The best way to clean your home’s exterior is with a steam cleaner pressure washer. An electric steam pressure washer has the ability to wash away any mold, dirt or stains that your home may have acquired over time. If you have ever used a pressure washer steam cleaner company or used a steam pressure washer rental, you know that it is not cheap to get your home cleaned. For a simple exterior cleaning, you are looking at a few hundred dollars for something that takes less than thirty minutes to an hour to complete. Standards dictate that you should use a pressure steam washer on your home at least twice a year. That means you could be spending five hundred to six hundred dollars, plus labor, for something to come clean your home for you.

Instead of spending such a large amount of money a few times a year on a professional pressure steam washer, why not purchase one of our steam pressure washers for sale on our site? With a one time low price, you will always have an excellent quality electric pressure washer with steam at your disposal whenever you need it. That means you can clean your home with your new industrial steam pressure washer whenever you want, so your home remains perfectly clean at all times.

We at Daimer’s seek to provide you with excellent steam pressure washers for your cleaning needs that are superior in quality to any other steam pressure washer for sale anywhere else on the web. With so many reasons to purchase your own hot steam pressure washer, what are you waiting for?

Why you should buy a pressure washer with steam cleaner from Daimer’s

The decision to purchase a pressure washer with steam should be one of the easiest decisions you have ever made. First of all, because you will be using a hot water steam pressure cleaner, you will be getting more of a deep clean that a regular pressure washer just cannot get. You will be able to dig deeper with it and remove mold that may come back quickly by just using a simple pressure washer.

Getting a pressure washer and steam cleaner combo means that your device is going to be doing twice the work in half the time compared to what just a pressure washer can do. You are going to be getting professional quality work at a fraction of a price, without ever having to wait on a pressure washer company to come out and complete the work! All of the pressure washer models that you will find on our site can reach amazing levels of 3000 psi at maximum power. All of our models also can reach incredible temperatures, going up to two hundred and ten degrees fahrenheit at the max temperature. With numbers like this, it’s no secret why more and more people are buying their own steam cleaner pressure washer. You will not be able to get the power and force of pressure and high temperatures that we can give you with our products anywhere else. Just for an example, one of our favorite pressure washer models is the Super Max 7000.

This model, in particular, has a pressure level of 1000 PSI and a flow rate of 2.5 GPM. You cannot get this model’s sheer elegance and power anywhere else. For another great example: The SuperMax 10880. This pressure washer, in particular, is regarded by many as one of or THE best pressure washer on the market. There are so many reasons that this model is superior to it’s competitors, but some of those reasons are that it is: old-heated and gas-powered, making it unique from other prototypes; can reach temperatures of up to three hundred and thirty degrees fahrenheit, the highest in the industry; and it has an amazing gas engine that was created to help reduce the amount of emissions it emits into the atmosphere.

The fact that this model is easy on the environment makes it a great choice for anyone trying to do their part to help in this world. Even though it is “green,” or eco-friendly, that does not mean that it lessens it’s ability to clean powerfully. In fact, it is actually much more powerful than most of it’s competitors and outshines all others in many areas.

We at Daimer’s know you will be thoroughly impressed with the quality of our products and our customer service. We have been recognized around the world for our services and products and we know that you will be happy with them as well. We hold our business and our products to a very high integrity and hope that you are able to see that as well. Check out our huge selection of steam cleaners on our site and start cleaning your way to a better tomorrow right now. 


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