June 23, 2015

Super Max 12800

Super Max 12800When you need to tackle the biggest, greasiest jobs, the Super Max 12800 may be the machine for your business. This portable, or mountable, tri-mode electric steam pressure washer provides the benefit of three machines in one. Super Max 12800 is the perfect machine for tackling the grimiest, greasiest projects. The ability to take advantage of three different types of pressure washing machines including hot water, cold-water and steam pressure washing.

This machine includes a power cord, so you get maximum PSI velocity. Daimer designed the Super Max line of pressure washers to effectively clean stains, dirt, grease, mud, mold and other elements from exterior locations and interior industrial spaces and machinery.

When you need a powerful machine to help keep your business and industrial spaces in top shape.

About the Super Max 12800

This powerful cleaning machine has a 1000-PSI pressure rate with a 2 gallon-per-minute flow rate. With three temperature options, you have maximum flexibility in a single machine. Steam temperatures range up to 330 degree Fahrenheit and hot water temperatures heat up to 220 degree Fahrenheit.

The heavy duty 1.5 HP Motor allows for maximum water pressure so you can clean the toughest dirt, grease and oil stains efficiently. You will need a generator of at least 5000 watts to run the machine properly. Water and steam is heated using heating oil, diesel or kerosene and utilizes a heavy-duty schedule 80 heating coil to heat the water from cold to hot in less than 30 seconds.

The Super Max 12800 allows you to work continuously, allowing for more efficient work time. You can remove the tires from the machine to allow for a trailer mount. At just over two-feet wide, just under 3-feet deep and 3.5-feet tall, this compact machine offers big power in a small space The Super Max line also includes a direct drive pump and holds up to 9 gallons of fuel. You will get a better, more thorough clean with the high-pressure injection system.

We sell our products worldwide and we ensure that your machine will work in many locations by allowing for various power configurations including 110-120V, 208V, 220-240V, 380V, 415V, 440-480V and 575V. We can also configure your machine for single or tree phase and 50 or 60 HZ power sources.

We offer several options to help ensure that your machine does the job you need it to. You can optimize your machine to include multi-gun operation and a wet sandblasting system. In addition to the hoses and nozzles included, you can also add customized sizes to meet your specific needs. Your Super Max 12800 includes a 3-inch durable trigger wand with easy disconnect, several blast nozzles (including 0 degree, 15 degree, 25 degree and 40 degree), a steam nozzle and a 50’ high-pressure steam hose. In addition, you can upgrade to an automatic-shutoff technology to help reduce water usage and help your equipment last longer.

Our customizable machines are an excellent option for businesses that need flexible, reliable cleaning power with options.

Super Max 12800 Applications

This machine is ideal for various industrial and outdoor uses including: farm equipment, brick cleaning, bus washing, concrete cleaning, degreasing, food industry cleaning, metal degreasing, rust removal, commercial shower cleaning, parking lot cleaning and swimming pool tile cleaning.

The high-temperature pressure washers are great for maximum cleaning power. When you work with grease and oil, high water temperatures and heavy pressure provide the best solution for effectively removing grease from various surfaces. Lower water temperatures will not provide the heat necessary to melt the grease enough to wash away. Use the cooler temperatures for simpler cleaning jobs and steam cleaning to help clean industrial equipment without risk of damage. The 1,000 PSI level offers a water pressure rate high enough to allow maximum cleaning without damaging the surfaces you need to clean.

Keep the environment safe

Daimer takes pride in providing products that are better for the environment but still provide professional cleaning quality. Our low flow rate ensures that your cement, brick or metal surfaces get the best clean without wasting a lot of water. At a flow rate of 2 gallons per minute, the Super Max 12800 uses less than half the water traditional pressure waters use.

In addition, we offer an eco-friendly cleaning solution for use with most all of our pressure washers. Free from harsh and toxic chemicals, our cleaning solution provides the friction and cleaning power needed to break down even the toughest dirt, without exposing the environment to unnatural components. By combining lower water flow with eco-friendly cleaning solution, you can reduce your company’s impact on the environment while providing the same level, or better, of cleanliness.

Daimer provides the best cleaning machines in the industry. With low-flow technology and maximum water pressure, you can save money and time when you purchase one of our line of Super Max. Our varied line of Super Max products meet various needs and applications. To determine which pressure washing cleaning machine will work best for your company check out our comparison tool. You will get a quick glance at the features of the entire line, so you can make the best purchase for your business.

Daimer is an industry leader around the world. With products in more than 240 countries, Some of the biggest companies across the globe trust our company to provide the best cleaning machines on the market.  


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