The Advantages of Using the Best Heat Exchanger Cleaning Equipment

The performance of heat exchangers within a process can affect the production rate. Unfortunately, heat exchangers are prone to fouling with the malfunctioning dependent on the nature of the fluids flowing within the tubes. Reduction in heat transfer invariably has an impact on product cost. To reduce this, heat exchanger performance should be monitored and the heat exchanger is cleaned at regular intervals using specialized heat exchanger cleaning equipment.

Why You Need a Machine with Right Features?

Heat exchangers are used in various types of industries, such as space heating, petroleum plants, natural gas processing, sewage treatment, refineries, and air conditioning. The biggest problem that operators encounter in heat exchangers' maintenance is scale and sediment buildup. It can severely affect the efficiency of heat exchangers. Tube heat exchanger cleaning equipment with the right features can help in keeping the exchangers tuned for high performance.

The best frame heat exchanger cleaning equipment allows cleaning professionals to operate conveniently and for longer periods of time. The cleaning system with application specific features can make tough deposits in the heat exchanger disappear within no time. The cleaning technologies available in advanced shell and tube heat exchanger heating equipment allow cleaning of both, horizontal, or vertical exchangers in various tube configurations.

Why Wet Steam Pressure Washers?

Wet steam pressure washers are heavily recommended for cleaning heat exchanger, as the buildup of scales and sediments cannot be easily and comprehensively removed merely by using ordinary pressure cleaning machines. A heat exchanger pressure cleaner with specific features can quickly and efficiently remove scale buildup and restore the machine to peak performance levels.

The best steam pressure washer available offers a series of advantages when it comes to heat exchanger cleaning:

  • Powerful cleaning capabilities ensure faster and better cleaning.
  • High steam temperature levels make it easy to clean without using harmful chemicals and detergents.
  • Moderate pressure washer helps operators to clean even inaccessible parts of heat exchangers easily.
  • Can clean without the risk of causing damage to sensitive parts of the exchanger.

Daimer®, the industry leader when it comes to supplying high-tech and innovative cleaning systems, offers the best heat exchanger cleaning machines. The Super Max™ 7000 offers features like low water usage, multiple temperatures, and moderate pressure levels to keep heat exchangers in peak performance condition at all times.

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Heat Exchangers Cleaning

Heat Exchangers Cleaning

Super Max 6000
Commercial / Industrial Grade
Promotion Till Mar 31, 2015

 The Super Max™ 6000 is one of the lowest pressure versions within Daimer's line of heavy-duty wet steam industrial pressure washers. 

  • Pressure level: 750 PSI
  • Flow Rate: 1.4 GPM
  • Steam Temp: up to 330ºF
  • Standard Power Method: electric: 110V-120V, single phase, 60 Hz

Super Max 7000 Wet Hot Steam Pressure Cleaner
Commercial / Industrial Grade
Promotion Till Mar 31, 2015
The Super Max™ 7000 industrial pressure washer is by far the most popularly purchased wet steam pressure washer purchased by our customers worldwide.
  • Pressure level: 1000 PSI
  • Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM
  • Steam Temp: up to 330ºF
  • Standard Power Method: electric: 110V-120V, single phase, 60 Hz


Super Max 12800
Commercial / Industrial Grade
Promotion Till Mar 31, 2015

The Super Max™ 12800 is a tri-mode, mobile (but trailer mountable), commercial industrial steam pressure washer.

  • Pressure: 1000 PSI
  • Flow Rate: 2 GPM
  • Temperature: up to 330ºF
  • Standard Power Method: electric: 110V-120V, single phase, 60 Hz
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