February 24, 2016

Three Things You Shouldn't Use a Carpet Steam Cleaner For

One of the most effective ways to maintain and care for carpets is by utilizing commercial carpet cleaning machines. At Daimer Industries, we make the best commercial carpet cleaner machine in the industry. Our cleaners are well known and used all over the world, and are utilized by wildly successful companies like Marriott, Pepsi, Walt Disney, General Mills and McDonalds.

There are most definitely unique advantages to using a steam carpet cleaner, though use must be strategic with when you do. Our steam cleaners are powerful, and if used improperly, they may prove to make matter worse in terms of your carpet problems. Before we discuss three times when you shouldn't use a carpet steam cleaner, we'll discuss the many advantages of using them correctly.

Advantages of Steam Carpet Cleaners

Steam Carpet CleanersThere's no doubt about it – one of the most effective ways to clean the carpet is by using a carpet steam cleaner. These types of cleaners use extremely hot water to lift stains. How? Innovative technology within the cleaner pairs with top quality heating elements and combine to be ejected rapidly and powerfully into the carpet under extremely high pressure. The power of the heat combined with the pressure of the water jet loosens the dirt and grime. Some of our cleaners come equipped with vacuum suction that allow the machine to draw away moisture and dirt instantly.

This method of cleaning is extremely effective, especially when it comes to removing foul odors from carpets. The hot water and the steam help in this way by killing any living bacteria (like festering mold or mildew).

For especially tough stains or carpets, pre-treating the carpet to be cleaned with our Green Cleaning Solution will prove to be extremely effective in helping to loosen molecules in dirt and grime.

Don't Use Your Carpet Steam Cleaner for Blood (or Dye) Stains

Whatever you do, if you have a blood stain, an ink stain, or a dye stain of some kind on your carpet, do not use a carpet steam cleaner to remove the stain. Why? Cleaning with hot water and steam will lift most stubborn stains, but in the case of bright or bold colored liquids, it often just makes the stain “set”, engraining it into the carpet further. When this happens, spreading may occur; if spreading doesn't occur, you've at least set some permanence to the stain that was once easily removable. If you do get the stain to come up, you're going to work really hard to make it happen.

Rather than using a carpet steam cleaner for these scenarios, try using a carpet extractor that pushes cold water down, instead of hot water. Cold water will get the job done without causing the stain to set. In addition, our carpet extractors come equipped with top notch vacuuming technologies that will extract moisture and grime (including that stain) quickly and effectively.

Don't Use it on Sensitive Materials

Not all carpets, rugs or materials will hold up under such extreme temperatures. In fact, some materials should never come into contact with hot water. Wool, for example, will shrink if it encounters hot water. Some other rug fibers will break down easily under extreme temperatures, so wear and tear is expedited despite your great intentions.

If ever you have a material or carpet that isn't generally standard, do your homework to see how it needs to be cleaned. Chances are that steam cleaning might work, but you ever want to be in a scenario where you've ruined your carpet out of negligence. Alway check to see what the best option is and you should stay in the clear.

Don't Use it When You're Really Busy

Whenever you push moisture down into your carpet, you run the risk of growing mold or bacteria if you don't allow the carpet to dry. While other commercial steam cleaners have drying times of 24-48 hours, ours will dry in less than a day. Be that as it may, the hours it does need to dry are vitally important. If you're in a position where you can't leave your room or house alone for several hours, don't choose a carpet steam cleaner do get the job done. Premature foot traffic after a steam cleaning will invite problems that wouldn't otherwise be there, and that prove to be very expensive in the long run.

The best alternative is simply to wait for a time when you know you'll be gone for a while, say, on a weekend trip. Clean your carpets before you go, and allow them sufficient time to dry in a time where it won't be inconvenient and tempting to disregard the guidelines.

All in all, when used correctly, steam cleaners are one of the most effective ways to clean most carpets and soft materials. Simply avoid using them on blood stains (or similar stains), don't use it on sensitive materials, and don't use it when you're pressed for time.


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