April 22, 2016

Visit the Daimer Online Store for the Best Deals on Cleaning Equipment

Daimer Industries is the global leader in cleaning technology, ranging from household to commercial to industrial products. Our wide range of products includes over 700 models to choose from. Our machines are powered by electric, gasoline, propane, and diesel engines with hundreds of specifications to choose from. There is no cleaning need too small or too large that we cannot accommodate. From our business to yours, we promise the highest quality parts, most knowledgeable product specialists, and support throughout the years as your company grows. We have specially formatted our website so that products are easy to find. Read more about some of the most popular products that we offer and click the links to order them today.

Steam Cleaning Products

Our KleenJet line, ranging from the Pro to the Ultra, provides different size machines that build an immaculate reputation with anyone who sees your business. Steam cleaning is particularly useful when it comes to removing dirt, grime, inspects, mold, debris, oil, or anything that has been caked onto a surface. An oven that has blackened food stuck to the bottom is a great example of something that our steam cleaners can fix. Click here to view the steam cleaning products that we offer, all the way from 310 fahrenheit to 360 degrees farenheit. The KleenJet Pro Plus 200s and KleenJet Pro Plus 300cs both come with lifetime boiler warranties, which make them great for shared usage and small companies looking to invest in their first steam cleaner. Vapor steam cleaning is one of the more gentle options, and is easy enough to be used in a residential kitchen, but tough enough to effectively clean a fast paced restaurant kitchen.

Daimer Industries Products

Auto Detailing Cleaners

Our clients at Hertz and Mercedes Benz understand the importance of auto detailing. For rental car companies, cars need to be returned to like new condition every single time a new customer drives off. For auto dealerships, used cars come in and need to be brought to like new condition to show potential buyers that the car still has aesthetic value. Our auto detailing XTreme Power line is a commercial grade cleaning machine that is specially formatted for cleaning interior fabric upholstery and auto carpets. The water pressure is lower, reaching about 140 degrees and the low flow of 120 pounds per square inch (PSI) makes sure the fabric is not damaged from the water. Carpets and upholstery end up drying within an hour. Different types of wands are available for different types of cars - a rugged, four wheel drive truck may have more intense cleaning needs than a luxury car. Two gallons of our Carpet Care liquid is included with your XTreme Power purchase, allowing you to clean your first car with a completely residue-free experience.

Click here to order one of our XTreme Power line products to keep your cars in top shape.

Floor/Hard Surface Cleaners

Floors and hard surfaces are walked on every single day in your business, which begs for a more powerful cleaning system than what a mop and broom can handle. To get the deep clean and shine that your business deserves, our XTreme Power floor and hard surface cleaning line uses Auto-Turbocharged Rotational Blade Technology to sweep away and create an even faster cleaning than what vapor steam has to offer. A 9 inch turbo spinning blade cleans up to 1000 square feet per hour, which means you can cover a large area faster than you can with a scrubber or buffer. Our water pump lasts up to six times longer than regular, which renders you in $4000 savings from not having to replace it so often. We are proud to constantly be offering the latest technology that takes cleaning from a regular chore into a highly technical art.

Click here to view our XTreme Power floor and hard surface cleaners with revolutionary Auto-Turbocharged Rotational Blade Technology.

Customized Packages with Product Specialist Assistance

Our website is a comprehensive view on everything that we have to offer. However, we also provide customized packages in a dedicated facility that can create systems that fit your needs - this includes pressure washers, hot water systems, high pressure pumping systems, systems with downstream and upstream chemical feed technology, industrial cold to hot water pressure washers, portable steam cleaners, and more. This facility is manned by engineers and product experts that can listen to your current cleaning challenges and produce a product that lasts for years. Visit the Daimer online store to view the rest of our products, request a quote, and create your own custom package.


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