April 18, 2016

Why does a Hot Water Pressure Washer Clean Better than a Cold One?

When looking at cleaning equipment for automotive needs, there are different units that are purpose designed to meet your needs. These range from equipment that you use on the outside of vehicles, to interior auto detailing equipment. For commercial usage, the equipment needs to be durable and hard working. For this, specialized machines will be needed. At Daimer industries we offer a range of machines to suit any purpose, and in this overview we’re going to look at options for both exterior and interior cleaning.

Exterior Cleaning with a Hot Water Pressure Washer

Hot Pressure WasherDoes hot water really beat cold water when it comes to automotive cleaning? Cold water can be useful in a number of scenarios, such as cleaning buildings, outdoor surfaces, or even sensitive machinery or materials. However, when it comes to automotive cleaning, you’re going to be dealing with a significant amount of grime and grease. Cold water, even with a high quality cleaning solution, simply won’t be enough to get the job done. An industrial heated pressure washer will be able to break down greasy substances, and allow for showroom quality vehicle exteriors. Hot water is an extremely powerful cleaning agent, even before any cleaning solution is introduced into the equation. Heat can quickly break down grease, and because there’s no abrasion, the finish of the vehicle is protected. Pressure works as an aggravator, and because heated water can make its way into hard to reach areas, such as the inside rim of alloy wheels, the cleaning time and effort is reduced.

Whether you sell used cars, want to maintain a fleet of commercial vehicles, or even if you operate a car detailing business, a hot water pressure washer or exterior steamer from Daimer will provide efficient cleaning that is superior to cold water models.

Interior Cleaning with Carpet & Upholstery Car Detailing Equipment

With the exterior taken care of, your attention now turns to the vehicle interior. Automotive cleaning is highly demanding, mostly because of the wide range of surfaces and materials that need to be cleaned. Just like with the exterior, the interior needs to be cleaned with commercial grade car detailing equipment. This way you will achieve the best results and ensure that the interior is not only clean, but that it is protected from germs and odors that can build up over time.

If you browse our products, you will find car shampooing equipment like the XTreme Power XPC-5700U. Our range has been designed with some key considerations in mind. Units must provide superior cleaning on upholstery and carpet, and they must also be easy to use and long lasting. You will find that our models meet and exceed your expectations in all areas.

Interior cleaning is about more than just making the carpet and upholstery look good. A car carpet shampooer must also be able to protect the fabric and carpet, while eliminating germs and allergens. Like household carpet, automotive carpet can become a breeding ground for viruses. These viruses can lead to stomach upsets, and illnesses like the common cold and flu. With a car upholstery cleaning machine from Daimer, you can ensure that the combination of powerful extraction and a high quality cleaning solution will make carpets and upholstery more healthful. Powerful extraction also means that more dirt is lifted than with regular vacuuming, which keeps dust and other allergens to a minimum. This makes for an interior that not only looks good, but it is also safer for vehicle occupants.

Health benefits aside, our shampooers will also ensure that the interior looks absolutely spotless. With specially formulated cleaning solutions, it is possible to clean up spills and stains that domestic grade machines simply wouldn’t be able to deal with. If cleaning vehicles is your business, our high quality machines will ensure that your work is noticed, which can improve customer satisfaction and lead to repeat business. Professional car detailing equipment also comes with the advantage of reduced drying time, and if you operate a fast turnaround business, you can take advantage of some of our specialized units which offer drying times of only two hours for carpet and one hour for upholstery. For a mid-range unit with one hour drying time and heated extraction, consider the XTreme Power XPH-6400IU.

The Best Car Detailing Equipment from Daimer Industries

At Daimer we are committed to providing the best machines in the industry, and this will be evident as you browse our online store. From hot water pressure systems, to car upholstery shampooing and extraction cleaners, you will find commercial and industrial grade solutions for any of your automotive cleaning needs.


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