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Industrial Pressure Washers
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Industrial Pressure Washers

Industrial Pressure Washer Machines

Why Industrial Pressure Washers Can Be Your Smartest Business Move?

Industrial cleaning poses numerous challenges to cleaning professionals. They have to deal with various types of dirt and grime, including some truly tough ones like grease deposits, and chemical and oil spills. Those using conventional cleaning methods and equipment cannot be expected to fulfill the stringent federal and state regulations that are binding on various industries. Non-compliance can lead to fines and even stricter measures. The best way to meet the challenges of industrial cleaning is to use proven and reputable industrial power washers.

Why Use Pressure Washers in Industrial Facilities?

Industrial cleaning generally involves removing dirt and debris from various types of surfaces. Dust, chips, and spills from industrial materials such as chemicals, dyes and colors, grease, oils, and emulsions can be tough to clean using ordinary cleaning methods. It becomes imperative to use high pressure cleaning equipment, such as industrial pressure cleaning machines, to keep facilities clean and dirt-free and avoid potential mishaps. A clean working environment also contributes to increased productivity, as employees find it easy to remain focused on their jobs. Cleanliness at work place also keeps their motivation levels high.

The Advantages of Choosing Heavy-Duty Industrial Pressure Washers with Best Features

Industrial cleaning methods used nowadays range from immersion cleaning and spray cleaning with dry, hot air to steam degreasing, injection flood washing, high-pressure cleaning, air/ steam cleaning, and more. In some industries, it is necessary to combine two or more cleaning techniques to achieve the desired results. However, powerful multipurpose industrial pressure washer machines can easily stand up to the challenges of industrial cleaning applications. Heavy duty pressure washers from top suppliers can easily remove tough and stubborn dirt marks from hard surfaces without much manual scrubbing.

Industrial pressure washing equipment with the right features and specifications can easily meet industrial cleaning challenges. Powerful industrial pressure cleaners are heavily recommended by experts for industrial cleaning, due to their versatility, user-friendly features, and durability. It is important to choose the right brand and model of industrial power washing equipment for your specific industrial cleaning needs to get the best value for your investment.

Daimer® is a trusted name in cleaning systems and has a brilliant track record of supplying highly-innovative and -advanced industrial pressure washer systems to meet various industrial cleaning applications. Industrial power cleaning equipment from Daimer® comes loaded with a host of features, specifically designed for delivering enhanced results when it comes to industrial cleaning. Daimer® cleaning systems scores heavily over others because:

  • They offer impressively high pressure and temperature levels that are unmatched in the industry.
  • They are designed to handle some of the toughest industrial cleaning tasks.
  • The rugged and powerful industrial pressure washers from Daimer® come with heavy-duty engines and housing to withstand the rigors of industrial cleaning.
  • They are available in various types, including portable, mobile, fixed, and with a choice of power and heating options.

Daimer®’s Super Max™ series of heavy-duty industrial grade pressure washers offers unmatched cleaning results. These top rated industrial pressure washers offer the greatest cleaning power with extremely high temperatures and pressure levels. The Super Max™ machines offer the advantage of tri-mode cleaning system, as they can be operated in cold water, hot water, and wet steam modes. The best industrial pressure washer machines also offer the convenience of various power combinations.

Daimer® is a name that is synonymous with industrial pressure washers. The company is a world leader in the supply of industrial pressure cleaning equipment for numerous applications. At Daimer®, we offer an extensive product line of cutting-edge industrial power washer equipment with over 400 models to choose from.

We at Daimer® offer a variety of industrial pressure washers including propane power wash systems, electric pressure cleaners, gas power washer machines, and diesel pressure washers. Our industrial pressure washers systems are the leading choice among industrial companies and cleaning contractors, thanks to our range of power configurations, and customized power voltage offerings.

When you contact Daimer®, we offer you different types of industrial power washing equipment with a variety of features including:

  • Pressure levels ranging from 750psi to 8,000psi
  • High temperatures up to 330oF for comprehensive yet safe cleaning
  • Flow rates up to 4GPM for superior handling of heavy duty industrial cleaning tasks
  • Rugged engines that can handle the severity of rough cleaning
  • Various installation options including portability and trailer mounting

These various features ensure that Daimer®’s industrial power cleaners provide superior solutions for cleaning tough exterior surfaces such as driveways, walkways, concrete roads, and building exteriors. They can also be used for cleaning interiors of production facilities, hotels, restaurants, and various types of industrial facilities.

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