August 04, 2015

XPH TM 10120

125834548_xlThe XTreme Power XTH TM 1020 provides heated carpet cleaning power in the convenience of a truck-mounted machine. The extractor allows you to get professional results faster. With a low-flow rate of just 2.1 gallons per minute, you will save water and reduce drying times. The portable extractor is one of the best carpet steam cleaning systems on the market and provides the flexibility and durability needed for professional cleaning companies.

The carpet extractor provides versatility as you can also use it to clean and maintain hard surfaces via one of the optional attachments available through Daimer. This fully adjustable carpet extractor allows you to get the job done the right way.

Our patented XTreme-Xtraction wand features temperature and pressure controls so you can adjust the water temperature and pressure as you work. This allows you to provide quality, individual cleaning options for your clients. Simply raise the heat and turn up the pressure for more stubborn spots, and do the reverse for more sensitive areas of the carpet or hard surface. The wand provides a 60 percent better suction than previous models and you can use it on any model of our cleaning machines.

You clients will benefit from this high-end cleaning system. With better water pressure, lower water flow and access to eco-friendly cleaning solution, your clients will have cleaner carpets, safer and faster than ever.

About the XPH TM 10120

The XPH TM 10120 features an 18 horsepower engine with a water pressure rate of 1000 PSI. This allows for deeper, better cleaning without damage the carpet or other surfaces. Daimer specializes in a unique low-flow technology that puts these carpet-cleaning extractors above the rest of the machines on the market. With a flow rate over just over 2 gallons per minute, this tool offers a better water pressure with less wasted water. Customers and clients will benefit from this as lower flow rates also mean less drying time.

The XPH TM can heat waster up to 210 degree Fahrenheit via a single stainless steel heating coil. You can get the right temperature for the job at hand with the adjustable heat exchanger temperature control. This allows you to maximize the use of your machine by taking control of water temperatures. This powerful carpet extractor uses four sequenced vacuum filters.  

The Max airflow is 344 and the XPH TM has a water lift of 16 inches hg. You can ensure the safety and efficiency of your cleaning job via the pressure gauge. This carpet tool features vacuum safety valves, an adjustable chemical feed, tacometer, pressure gauge, hour meter and pressure safety valves. These features allow you to ensure that your job is done safely and correctly. With easy access to pressure and temperature numbers on our patented wand, you can easily monitor your progress as you work.

At 480 pounds, this sturdy machines works best mounted to a truck. The XPH is just over 4.5 feet long, 2.5 feet wide and 3.5 feet tall. The stainless steel frame ensures that your machine lasts a long time.

Parts, Tools and Options

When you purchase the XPH TM 10120, you will also receive a 40-gallon stainless steel recovery tank and a 12-inch carpet wand. Your cleaning machine also includes a faucet adapter kit so you can access a water source no matter what your location. You will have plenty of room to move around with 200-feetof hoses. Whether you are cleaning apartments or an office space, you will have more room to navigate, for a better, faster clean. This machine comes with a 200-foot solution hose and a 200-foot vacuum hose.

Daimer offers various optional wands to help increase your cleaning options. In addition to the 12-inch carpet wand included with the XPH TM, you can also purchase an upholstery wand, 12-inch and 18-inch jet squeegee wand for cleaning hard surfaces and a 12-inch, 4-jet wall wand.

Other options include a vacuum hose reel, solution hose real, standard solution hose reel, and stair wand and crevice tool. We can accommodate additional features for your carpet extractor including an inline auto dump system and adjustable thermostat. For your convenience, we also offer 9-inch and 19-inch patented motorized spinners for scrubbing hard surfaces.

This machine provides more options for your professional cleaning business as you can tackle carpets and hard surfaces, including baseboards and walls. The optional tools allow you to maximize the usage of this machine.

This carpet extractor works best with cleaning solution designed to remove dirt, grime and stain from carpets and hard surfaces. Our eco-friendly option provides a safe, reliable option for businesses hoping to reduce their carbon footprint. This natural cleaning does the same job as other cleaning solutions, but without the use of harmful chemicals.

At Daimer, our goal is to provide better machines for less. We market our industry-leading machines across the globe. We offer unique, eco-friendly options for businesses that require professional-grade cleaning solutions.  

Choosing the Best Cleaner:

Choosing the best cleaner for your carpet needs is essential. This heavier machine is a portable, truck-mounted carpet extractor. For smaller jobs, you may require a lighter option you can move with you. You should also consider whether you want a heated or non-heated machine. The XPH TM allows you to control the temperature and pressure of your water, so it can function as both a cold water and hot water carpet cleaner. The heated temperatures work best for industrial grade carpets and surfaces, while cooler water is perfectly acceptable for residences, though warmer temperatures will provide better stain removal.

Check out our comparison too to see if the XPH TM is right for your company. 


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