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Industrial Portable Carpet Extractors

Maintaining high-traffic carpeted places, such as hotels, casinos, restaurants, shopping malls, and resorts, is not at all possible without the use of highly advanced industrial carpet cleaning machines. Time is the most important factor when it comes to cleaning large carpeted areas in commercial settings. Keeping this in mind, Daimer® has launched a variety of commercial carpet extractor systems that feature advanced technologies and offer high cleaning power along with faster drying times.

Why Daimer®'s Industrial Carpet Cleaner Machines Offer Low Drying Times

Industrial carpet cleaners from Daimer®, such as the XTreme Power® XPC-12000, come with its patented low-flow technology that reduces water usage by transferring less water on the surface, and hence the carpet padding. Less water usage, in turn, reduces the drying time.

These carpet cleaning systems also feature the company's exclusive, patented wand technology that offers powerful suction, which further lowers the drying time. Daimer®'s patented 12" wand offers 60% added suction power, which is equivalent to another vacuum motor.

The water column lift of 150 inches and air flow of 200 cfm, offered by some of Daimer®'s other portable carpet extractors, reduces the drying time to as low as two hours.

Temperature and Pressure Levels of Advanced Portable Carpet Extractor Machines

For tough cleaning tasks, such as the removal of dirt buildup from carpets, maintenance professionals generally prefer heated carpet cleaning equipment. Daimer®'s portable extractors can create temperatures as high as 210ºF within just a few minutes, given the presence of its exclusive, inline heating technology. Some of the machines even come with the company's exclusive, adjustable temperature control technology that allows users to adjust the temperature as per the particular carpet fibers and the cleaning applications. The pressure levels offered by the most advanced carpet cleaning systems range from 220 psi to outstanding 500 psi.

More Features that Make Daimer®'s Industrial Carpet Extractors the Best on the Market

One very important feature that increases the efficiency of cleaning professionals is 'Auto-Fill and Auto-Dump'. The feature ends the need for users to manually fill and empty the water by drawing clean water as required into the water chamber and automatically forces the dirty extracted water from the recovery chamber down a drain or into a toilet. Users just need to attach a garden hose to the portable carpet cleaner.

The Eco-Green® Carpet Care liquid that comes with each of Daimer®'s commercial carpet extractor machine helps remove the most tough dirt buildup from carpets without leaving any residue behind. Harmful, soapy chemicals that are widely used in the industry are eco-unsafe and can have adverse effects on people with allergies or chemical sensitivities. On the other hand, the Eco-Green® improves indoor air quality and gets rid of germs that cause allergies and asthma. Moreover, the carpets stay cleaner longer, as no residue is left behind. Cleaning professionals advise to pre-spray the carpets with this liquid and let it dwell for at least 15 minutes and then use the portable carpet extractor for enhanced cleaning.

Accessories Available with Daimer®'S Portable Carpet Extractors

The company offers 100 feet hoses with some of its industrial carpet cleaners that can be divided into four, 25 foot connectable sections. The extra-long hoses can clean up to 31,000 square feet of surface area without moving the machine. There are times when users just leave the industrial carpet cleaner in the vehicle and clean remotely. The portable extractors also come with heavy-gauge, stainless steel upholstery tools for fabric furniture, carpeted stairs, car interiors' fabric upholstery and carpeting, and carpet spot removal.

For places that feature high foot traffic, Daimer® has launched its walk-behind industrial carpet cleaning machines that feature a 20" cleaning path and a 50' power cord allowing for the rapid cleaning of large surface areas. The portable extractor machines are ideal for maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of commercial and industrial carpets.

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