June 08, 2015

Put the XTreme Power XPH-9650 Commercial Carpet Cleaning System To The Test

XTreme Power XPH-9650Your business has been booming lately and you’re on top of the world; that is, until you take a tour of your building and realize the carpets have seen much better days. That’s understandable especially when it comes to your high-traffic areas where customers come and go or employees are busy at work. Now it’s time to get about the business of cleaning and we have a solution for you.

The solution is our powerful, heated XTreme Power XPH-9650, a commercial carpet cleaning system that was specifically made for use on low pile commercial carpets. It has a greater pressure level of 500 PSI, which can be set from 0 to 500, and reaches temperatures of up to 210°F in five minutes or less. It’s the two inline heating components that allow for the high temperature levels. With commercial grade extraction capabilities, easy-to-use functions and top-quality features, this carpet cleaner is one of the best on the market. Other manufacturers have dry times of up to 24 hours, which can ultimately result in mold and mildew. Not only is that unsafe for you, your employees and your customers, but it will also be unpleasant because there will be a dank smell in the air.

Convenience is key

The power behind this machine comes from the two, three-stage vacuum motors. And to move from cleaning carpet right into upholstery or stairs, all you have to do is add an optional 4-inch wide tool then lower the pressure to about 200 PSI or whatever suits you and you’re all set to continue cleaning.

With the XPH-9600 there are auto fill and auto dump features to assist you in being super productive. To fill the machine’s water compartment it draws water from the chamber as it needs it and forces the extracted water from the recovery chamber and into a drain of a tank or toilet. All you have to do is attach a hose from the chamber to the drain and keep your focus on cleaning. Should you not have access to a water supply or a drain, this system can be used in its self-contained mode. No more manual lifting and filling of the water chamber.

Another convenience, which will also save you money, is the low-flow function. That function reduces your water usage leaving you a drying time of less than two hours. We’ve upgraded this model with 100 feet of hose that’ll help you clean up to 31,000 square feet without moving the machine. With such a rapid drying time this industrial grade machine makes is one of the best, if not the best, carpet cleaner to use for hotels, restaurants, businesses, commercial cleaning contractors and any company that seeks a powerful, reliable appliance for cleaning carpets or upholstery. Rest assured the drying time is still as low for larger cleaning surfaces or humid environments.

More powerful features for a powerful machine

What’s a good machine without power-packed parts and features? This cleaner rapidly cleans the carpet in general, but will also quickly clean up stains. That means, regardless of your business, you can quickly have your carpets cleaned before any customers are disturbed. With additional features and the newest technology the XPH-9650 is a prime choice for usability and additional features.

  • A handy truck mount - If you need a portable carpet cleaner then this is a must-have feature for you.
  • Our popular upholstery tool – This is a heavy-gauge, stainless steel instrument that’s ideal for use on fabric-covered furniture, car interiors carpeted stairs for carpet spot removal. If your carpets have a higher pile then in this model range for XPH-9600s there’s the airflow and water column lift that’s optimized for this use.
  • Extra-long hose – This model comes with a hose that’s 100 feet in length. What’s great about this hose is it is made up of four 25’ sections so all you have to do is use what you need by easily connecting and disconnecting the pieces. Your configurations including the 100’ will be 25’, 50’ and 75’.
  • Super suctioning power – The suction power of this model is comparable to three vacuum motors, which include the power from our patented XTreme-XTraction® carpet wand.
  • Low-flow technology – Our patented low-flow technology that’s found in our carpet cleaners allows for efficient cleaning that controls how much water is used. (minimizes)

The XTreme Power XPH-9650 model, which we’ll send to you with two free gallons of an extremely effective eco-safe cleaning chemical that’s shipped with the unit at no charge, has been created by our engineers to provide the utmost airflow and remarkable water column lift, i.e., water extraction or suction. We believe you will have as much pride in using this machine as we have in offering it. Our products are made in the United States using top-quality parts; they’re shipped worldwide, and are guaranteed reliable and durable. They are made for durability; however, you’ll take comfort in knowing that you will be able to replace a part in the rare instance that’s a necessary. Since the machine won’t have to be shipped back to our Daimer facility you’ll save time and money.

Your carpet cleaner comes with two warranties: a limited one year system warranty and a five-year limited housing warranty. Purchase or lease your quality, carpet cleaning machine today. Once you do and use it to clean the carpets in your business, you’ll be proud of what you see the next time you take a tour. You’ll have carpeting that is noticeably cleaner (your customers will most likely notice as well) giving you complete satisfaction and trust in your XTreme Power XPH-9650.


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