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Versatile Portable Carpet Cleaners Make Carpet Cleaning Easy and Effortless

Keeping carpets clean and fresh is important to enhance the look of your home or commercial facility. Mobile carpet cleaning machines will not only remove dirt and stains, but will also ensure that allergens and microorganisms from the deeper layers are effectively removed too. Portable carpet cleaners from Daimer® are capable of achieving the highest degree of cleaning in very little time. The leading carpet suppliers have a lot to offer in portable carpet cleaning machines.

The Advantages of Using Portable Carpet Cleaners

Portable carpet cleaners from Daimer® have everything you need to achieve outstanding results. These advanced portable carpet cleaning machines can create high temperatures to your carpets. Some mobile carpet cleaning machines have high extraction power to remove dirt and grime from the deepest layers of your carpets.

Why Professionals Use Portable Carpet Cleaning Machines?

Carpet cleaning professionals prefer using Daimer®'s eco-friendly portable carpet cleaner systems that use less water and reduce the drying time of carpets dramatically. This is done without compromising on the quality of cleaning work done by these machines. The low flow feature is unique to Daimer® portable carpet cleaning equipment. The benefit is three-fold. These portable carpet steam cleaners not only cut down on water consumption and improve drying time, but the risk of mold and mildew formation is significantly reduced too.

Clean Efficiently with Portable Carpet Steam Cleaners

The portable carpet cleaners not only allows simple maneuverability within a location, but can also be easily transported to a remote site where the cleaning job is to be carried out. The portable carpet steam cleaners come with advanced accessories designed to make the cleaning task not only effective but decidedly simple and quick. For commercial carpet cleaning jobs, Daimer® offers portable carpet steam cleaning machines, in which temperature can reach a high of 210°F within just minutes. They are ideal for cleaning carpets which have accumulated tough, unrelenting stains. Amazingly, the temperature of these portable carpet cleaner machines can be adjusted according to the needs of the cleaning application.

The Convenience of Mobile Carpet Cleaner Equipment

The convenience factor is considerably enhanced when you use a portable carpet cleaning machine that comes with superior suction features. The mobile carpet cleaners have powerful vacuum pumps that extract the last bit of grime and residual dirt. You are spared the trouble of manually cleaning the residues when you use the advanced, portable carpet steamers.

You can further improve the cleaning process of the portable carpet cleaner by using the eco-friendly green chemicals from Daimer®. These chemicals can remove the embedded grime and dirt when they are simply sprayed on the carpet and left to dwell for some time. They are not hazardous or harsh on the carpets, unlike ordinary detergents and chemicals.

Daimer® offers a number of useful attachments and accessories which can be used with its portable carpet cleaning machine to provide more enhanced cleaning. Some mobile carpet cleaners come with a 4 inch or 12 inch wand. The 4 inch wand is used for cleaning and maintaining upholstered furniture. They are excellent for auto detailing works. These wands can easily reach hidden and inaccessible areas of the interiors. The 12 inch wand is used for regular carpet cleaning.

The same portable carpet cleaning equipment can be used for upholstery and carpet cleaning by just adding these high value wands to your purchase list.

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