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Commercial Carpet Extractor Machines

Tackle the Challenges of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning in busy commercial establishments and industrial facilities poses challenges of a different kind to cleaning contractors. Heavy footfalls, the movement of goods, dust and dirt blowing in through open doors and windows render carpets, and other factors contribute to considerable wear and tear as time goes on. Dirt and grime can accumulate even deep within carpeting, and allergens including dander and dust mites get trapped beneath the surface. Without professional cleaning, rugs and upholstery can look dirty and dull, losing their visual appeal while the way they feel changes as well.

We understand what it takes here at Daimer to deliver a deeper, longer-lasting clean to your carpets. Our high-powered commercial carpet extractors deliver exceptional quality and performance for years to come.

How Carpet Extractors Work

Our carpet extractors inject water beneath the surface of the affected area, penetrating deeper layers in combination with a pre-applied cleaning solution to lift and eliminate stubborn dirt and grime. Commercial machines in particular are designed to handle high-traffic and heavily used areas with higher pressure per square inch (PSI), fewer refills, and state-of-the-art heating elements. That way, you can easily and efficiently remove debris and dirt deposits without wasting time. 

Commercial-grade means built to deliver a deeper clean, which means our carpet extractors at Daimer incorporate state-of-the-art vacuuming technologies and features in conjunction with exceptionally durable parts and components. These are systems carefully optimized to deliver the best possible performance – they’re the tanks of the carpet cleaning world! Whether you’re interested in dual high-powered vacuum motors, attaining faster drying times or otherwise, we have something ideal for every commercial use case, from retail and office environments to restaurants, car washes, and more.

The Best Way to Deal with Heavily Soiled Carpets

The use of carpet extraction cleaner systems is imperative in commercial carpet cleaning, as the conventional method of using water, detergent, and brushes won’t get you the same results. If you have to deal with heavily soiled and dirty carpets on a regular basis, then these are an ideal investment for your business in the long term.

The Benefits of Using Heated Carpet Extractors

Some of our commercial carpet extractors utilize specialized heating systems to deal with tough and stubborn dirt. Hot water can do a better job of breaking up oil-based dirt and grime. This system cleans deeper and delivers more impressive cleaning results than with ordinary carpet cleaning machines.

Achieve Better Results Anywhere with Daimer Portable Carpet Extractors

If you have large, carpeted areas in your building, investing in a portable carpet spotter extractor is another approach you could take. Ours are excellent for when moving from room to room, such as when maintenance staff need to clean all the carpeting on a floor-by-floor basis. These commercial-grade, portable carpet extractor machines can be operated more conveniently as they are lightweight, offer easy mobility, and come with features specifically designed to make your job easier. Ours offer powerful pressure levels, superior dirt extraction capabilities, and the ability to reach high-temperature levels quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can carpet extractors kill germs?

If the carpet extractor you’re interested in can heat the water temperature sufficiently, then yes, it’s an ideal choice for minimizing bacterial spread. Hot water, rather than warm, is needed to neutralize bacteria cultures and prevent them from thriving. However, you may also be interested in the many steam cleaning systems offered by Daimer, which are better suited for eliminating harmful microbes on hard surfaces. For assistance with the particular carpet extractor or other products you’re considering, please reach out to our team – we’re happy to help!

How can I tell which load capacity I need?

If you have an existing commercial carpet extractor and intend to replace it with something more powerful or efficient, consider how many refills are required and whether they make it a more time-consuming task than it could otherwise be. Our machines are designed for higher load capacities and optimized water output to operate in a more time-efficient manner. For help, reach out to our support team so we can determine which load capacity best suits your needs and required coverage area.

Does Daimer offer leasing opportunities for Carpet Extractors?

Yes, we certainly do! If you would prefer to pay in installments, our team would gladly implement a manageable financing solution in line with your budget, with no need to delay in getting your cleaning work done properly. Simply fill out our 30-second leasing application form to get started. Benefits for commercial clients include tax-deductible payments, reduced stress on your credit lines, and the potential to generate revenue while still meeting installment deadlines. We’re available by phone or email if you have any questions regarding our leasing options at Daimer.

How long does it take for carpeting to dry?

With traditional carpet extractors, it can take up to around 24 hours. However, Daimer’s commercial solutions are designed to speed this time up, ensuring your business can continue to operate with minimal interference. Of course, specific drying times will depend on a variety of factors including the air circulation within your building, ambient temperature, relative humidity levels, and the type of material your carpeting is made of. 

Will a carpet extractor remove heavy stains?

In most cases, especially when combined with high-performing cleaning solutions, a commercial-grade carpet extractor should be able to lift most stains, but there’s no guarantee. As you perform future cleanings on a recurring schedule, it’s possible that the stain will minimize in appearance until you can no longer see it. However, some stains are stubborn, especially if they’ve been there a long time. Again, the specific construction of your carpet – what materials it uses and how the fibres are packed together – can play a role here.

How often should I clean my carpets?

Commercial spaces tend to be high-traffic areas with employees and customers present – sometimes hundreds of them or more occupying a single building. Therefore, wear and tear will occur more quickly, especially on less durable carpeting. Try to keep up with your carpet cleanings to stop dirt and grime from building up, ideally every couple of months. You should consider outside weather such as snowstorms or rain bringing in muddy soles, how much traffic the carpeted area gets on a daily basis, and other factors in determining whether cleanings need to occur more often than this.

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