Daimer Cleaning Equipment and Buyer's Guides

Need help with a purchase decision? Our technical experts have created a complete set of Buyer's Guides, one for each product on the Daimer® site. Get the scoop on steam cleaners, pressure washers, carpet cleaners, floor/hard surface cleaners.

In each guide, we provide a product overview in plain English and then explain the key features that savvy buyers should look for.

Steam Cleaners

steam cleaners
Featured Steam Cleaners

Most decent machines clean using dry vapor. But how do you know which systems will last or be appropriate for your applications? We explain the difference between equipment designed for home use versus those designed for business and industrial environments.

Key features include: continuous refill, boilers size, replaceable heating elements, vacuums, detergent and extraction chambers, sanitizing capabilities, and how to save money on accessories.

See the buyer's guide to steam cleaners

Pressure Washers

pressure washers, pressure washers buyers guide
Featured Pressure Washers

Pressure washers, also known as power washers, offer pressure levels of up 8000 psi. That number sounds impressive, unless you're using the machine for car detailing and you damage the finish on a customer's car. Learn to match the equipment to the application.

Our experts demystify: pressure, water flow, water temperature, power and heating sources, and more.

See the buyer's guide to pressure washers

Carpet Cleaners

carpet cleaners
Featured Carpet Cleaners

Carpet cleaners, carpet extractors, steam carpet cleaners, rug shampooers -- they're all names for the same device. But many companies would rather keep you confused and sell you more machine than you need.

We explain the key differentiators among equipment, including: temperature, temperature control, pressure, solution and recovery tanks, low-flow technology for shorter drying times, and more.

See the buyer's guide to carpet cleaners

Floor/Hard Surface Cleaners

hard surface cleaners, floor cleaners

These popular machines clean up to 30 times faster than conventional porous and non-porous floor machines. But this class of machine also includes at least three types of systems, each with its own strengths.

Our tech experts discuss the pros, cons, and key features of each type of system. Then we discuss the key features, such as: spinning heads, extractors, pressure and heating units, and special low-noise housings.

See the buyer's guide to hard surface cleaners

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