Carpet Steam Cleaning Machines versus Non-Heated Carpet Extractors

When individuals begin to carpet clean, it is important that they know which equipment should be used for the particular situation. Fortunately, there aren't too many categories among carpet cleaning machines. There are basically carpet steam cleaning machines, (also known as just carpet steam cleaners and carpet cleaners), or carpet extractors. What are the differences?

Unlike Daimer's XTreme Power® professional, home, commercial industrial carpet steam cleaners, many other traditional carpet steam cleaner machines and equipment do not fully remove dirt and stains from the carpet; carpet extractors do. Carpet extractors come in two additional forms: heated and non-heated. Of all of these options, the most expensive carpet cleaning machine will be the heated carpet extractor. This means for consumers looking for the more affordable carpet machines, the choices that are available are carpet steam cleaners or carpet steam cleaning machines, or non-heated carpet extractors. The best choice among these two for carpet cleaning would be the heated carpet extractor.

All of Daimer's XTreme Power® carpet cleaners and carpet steam cleaners are carpet extractors, allowing you to take advantage of the full benefits carpet extractors offer to clean carpet in the quickest, most effective manner. View some of our carpet cleaners below to get a clearer idea of the differences between carpet cleaner and carpet extractor models.

Why is the non-heated carpet extractor better than the carpet steam cleaning machine? To understand the answer to this question, one needs to take another look at how non-heated carpet extractors and carpet steam cleaning machines work. After using a carpet cleaner without extraction, dirt and any solution used still remain in the carpet. Non-heated carpet extractors, like their heated counterparts, suction up dirt and solution left in the carpet. The only downside to them is that they aren't as effective as killing germs as heated carpet extractors, since they do not heat the water, and the carpet drying time can be hours longer than when using a heated carpet extractor. The bottom line is if you want to clean quickly to sanitize, disinfect, clean upholstery and carpet like a true professional, then carpet steam cleaning machines or heated carpet extractors are the way to go.

Remember, the best way to maximize the capabilities of a carpet steam cleaning machine is to thoroughly vacuum the carpet before actually using the carpet steam cleaner. This will ensure that the dirt is removed. Make sure to also use green carpet cleaning solutions, as they tend to not leave as much residue. Daimer's Eco-Green® is an example of a green carpet cleaning chemical solutions that is all natural and perfectly safe for everyone including elderly, allergy sufferers, pets, children, and others. It can be used with the Daimer's XTreme Power® line of carpet extractors, carpet steam cleaners, and carpet cleaning machines.

In conclusion, if one cannot afford the expense of a Daimer carpet steam cleaner or heated carpet extractor, both of which offer the most power in carpet cleaning), the next best alternative would be the non-heated carpet extractor. Use of a green carpet cleaner chemical like Eco-Green® will help lessen the chance residue is left behind, if a carpet steam cleaner is utilized. So ultimately carpet cleaners, carpet steam cleaners, and carpet extractors are excellent in heated and non-heated machine models when used with the right carpet cleaner solutions to yield outstanding carpet cleaning results.

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