Cleaning Ceramic Tile

Cleaning Ceramic Tile
9 Cleaning Ceramic Tile
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Cleaning Ceramic Tile
Cleaning Tile Floors with Steam Cleaners

Cleaning Ceramic Tile

Cleaning ceramic tile can be a huge pain for anyone who isn't using the right tools. At Daimer, we have numerous options for people who need help cleaning ceramic tile. We have a wide collection of steam cleanerspressure washers, and hard surface ceramic tile cleaning equipment that make cleaning ceramic tile a cinch.

Don't waste unnecessary time cleaning ceramic tile by hand. With our cleaning machines and equipment it has never been easier to achieve the sparkling clean that you want and others will notice. Our assortment includes some of the most powerful steamers on the market. So purchase one of our quality cleaning machines so you can save time and stop cleaning ceramic tile using the old fashioned manual scrubbing method.

Let's look at the different machines available for cleaning ceramic tile. First, Daimer offers a range of powerful vapor steam cleaners that are capable of dissolving stubborn stains on ceramic tile on impact. Many of these top machines feature an attached vacuum that simultaneously extracts while cleaning to increase efficiency and ease cleanup. Due to their emission of high-temperatures (up to 386°F), dry vapor steam, KleenJet® steam cleaners are the machine of choice when cleaning ceramic tile in many commercial applications, as in restaurant kitchens, bathrooms, restaurant dining areas, and more.

Daimer®'s rugged, commanding pressure washers are the ideal choice when cleaning durable ceramic tile in industrial applications. For example, grease tile flooring in a warehouse requires the additional cleaning power afforded by the duo of heat and high pressure levels.

Daimer® also offers a range of XTreme Power® hard surface cleaners that combine a powerful extraction system with an exclusive motorized spinner. These machines eject water onto the tile surface, which is contained beneath the spinner head. For maximum power, the spinner head is motorized, thus no pressure is lost in rotating the machine. This unique feature translates to twice the cleaning power of non-motorized spinners for tile and grout cleaning, marble cleaning, stone cleaning, and more.

Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Floors

While ceramic tiles are relatively versatile and can be cleaned by a number of cleaning machines, there are a variety of surfaces that pose potential problems or difficulties when one tries to clean them. Hardwood floors are one of these surfaces. Cleaning hardwood floors is not altogether an enjoyable chore. However, we have taken out much of the back breaking work for you. Now you can fully rely on one of our machines do much of the cleansing for you.

Once you buy one of our superior vapor steam cleaners you will see tremendous results after the first use. Take a few minutes to browse through our entire collection of steam cleaners that will make cleaning hardwood floors easier than ever.

Cleaning Marble

Marble is one of the most beautiful surfaces anyone can have in their home or office. However, some special care is required when cleaning marble. Daimer has taken out all of the guesswork and provides our customers with a broad range of steamers, hard surface cleaners, and other pressure washers.

These machines will help anyone properly care for their countertop or floor without worrying about damaging it. At Daimer, we have made cleaning marble simple. Our solutions are unparalleled and technologically superior when compared to others in the market. Search our inventory today so you don't miss your chance to obtain valuable cleaning equipment.

As discussed above in cleaning ceramic tile, cleaning marble can be easily accomplished through the brute force of high-temperature dry vapor steam emitted from a steam cleaner. The addition of an attached vacuum will greatly increase productivity.

For cleaning marble floors, Daimer recommends an XTreme Power® hard surface cleaner, like the XTreme Power® HSC 14000. This machine features a 19" motorized spinner head for maximum cleaning power and speed for handling large marble floor cleaning applications. Customers can also purchase the 9" wand (standard on the HSC 13000) for cleaning marble surfaces that are smaller, such as countertops.

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