Cleaning Tile Floors with Steam Cleaners

Cleaning Tile Floors with Steam Cleaners
5 Cleaning Tile Floors with Steam Cleaners
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Cleaning Tile Floors with Steam Cleaners
Cleaning Tile Floors with Steam Cleaners

Tile Floor Steam Cleaning Machines

Cleaning tile floors, such as kitchen floor tile or ceramic floor tile, can be a painstaking process. Using Daimer's vapor steam cleaners and steam vacuum cleaners can easily tackle this job be it a part of routine home cleaning or part of a large commercial cleaning contract. Follow the simple instructions below whether using the machine for residential or commercial cleaning.

Daimer®'s KleenJet® steam cleaners emit high-temperature dry vapor steam (up to 386°F) with a low water content of only 5% to dissolve a host of stubborn residues on tile and other surfaces. Extra features like simultaneous vacuum extraction to remove softened dirt and other deposits as they are dissolved and Continuous Refill Technology for non-stop use set Daimer®'s KleenJet® systems apart for cleaning tile floors and other surfaces.

Vapor Steam Cleaners To Degrease and Surface Clean

Vapor Steam Cleaner - Scrub briskly using the Large Rectangular Brush or Large Triangular Brush (included with the purchase of a Daimer vapor steam cleaner) with no towel. Wipe up dirty water with a loose towel immediately after you scrub an area clean. Do not let an area dry before wiping it up.

Steam Vacuum Cleaner- If the floors are not very dirty use Floor Tool with the Squeegee + Squeegee (included with the purchase of a Daimer steam vacuum cleaner). The steam and vacuum functions can be used either simultaneously or separately. If floors are dirtier the Floor Tool should be used with the Squeegee + Brush Inserts (also included). Steam should be used first and then the area should be vacuumed dry.

To Restore Tile

Steam Vapor Cleaner - The fastest method is to pre-spray the tile with an alkaline cleaner (use only a light amount) and use the Large Triangular Brush (included with the purchase of a Daimer steam cleaner) with a towel attached to steam and wipe the surface.

Ultimately, the methods discussed above will provide the greatest results when restoring tile to a pristine conditions. Remove dirt, grime, and other challenging residues with the power of dry vapor steam. Unlike other forms of cleaning, dry vapor steam offers tremendous cleaning power without leaving behind a watery mess.

Such tile cleaning and restoration capabilities can become immensely beneficial in maintaining restaurants, hotels, public restrooms, stores, and other high traffic areas with tile floors. Brushes and other attachments allow operators of tile floor cleaner machines to even remove stains from grout, for like new results.

Selecting the Best Tile Steam Cleaners

Don't let the daunting task of cleaning tile floors worry you. Daimer® offers the industry's most powerful line of floor steam cleaner machines equipped with the ideal features and accessories to act as highly efficient tile floor cleaners.

High steam temperatures up to 386°F emitted by KleenJet® tile steam cleaners quickly dissolve stains, dirt, residues, grime, and other deposits found on tile surfaces. Better yet, Daimer® offers tile floor cleaners with an attached vacuum to simultaneously extract while dissolving residues to complete the cleaning process. Cleanup afterwards is eliminated with tile steam cleaner machines by Daimer®.

Advanced Technologies for Tile Cleaning

To sanitize floors, select tile steam cleaners by Daimer® include exclusive ATIS® Technology. ATIS®, or Advanced Thermal ionic Sanitization™, offers superior anti-bacterial capabilities with a kill rate of 99.999% again MRSA and over 99.99% against a host of other harmful bacteria and pathogens. While other tile steam cleaner machines on the market may claim to kill bacteria, only those with lab-tested anti-bacterial technologies can offer you the results you require for the health and safety of your customers and employees.

Even gum can be removed quickly and effectively with KleenJet® floor cleaners paired with Gum Exterminator® technologies. These machines boast high steam temperatures up to 369°F, simultaneous vacuum extraction, a stainless steel brush for maximum strength, and a gum solution to dissolve gum wads on contact. Rapidly eliminate chewing gum removal residues with Gum Exterminator® equipment.

Though the power of steam is often powerful enough for the toughest tile cleaning applications, green chemicals can also be added to the detergent chamber of a tile floor cleaner to make the cleaning process quicker and more efficient. In such cases, opt for plant-based, readily biodegradable green cleaners, like Eco-Green® Tile Grout Cleaner with Soap Scum, Calcium, Lime, & Rust Remover.

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