High Pressure Washers for Hassle-Free, Fast Cleaning

High pressure washers are the norm rather than the exception in commercial cleaning and degreasing operations. Their high pressure settings paired with high output temperatures make them ideal for the toughest commercial and industrial cleaning applications. Electric pressure washers, in particular, are widely used for a range of cleaning applications, from degreasing gas stations and removing chemicals from factory floors to washing sheds, storage areas, equipment, and vehicles.

Hot water pressure washers, owing to their high temperature levels, are used for dissolving greasy matter in commercial kitchens and restaurants, factories, warehouses, and mroe. These best pressure washers often feature temperatures as high as 205°F.

Daimer® has a large inventory of high pressure washing systems, with varied features and applications. To choose the best pressure cleaners for your business, you need to understand these features and how they contribute to the cleaning process.

Electric or Non-Electric?

When selecting the best pressure washers for your business, check if you want electric pressure cleaners or fuel powered pressure washing machines. A pressure washer that has an electric engine is usually the more widely used for indoor cleaning, as is required by the food and beverage industry.

An electric pressure washer such as the Vapor-Flo® 8210, or any machine in the Vapor-Flo® series, offers high temperature and pressure levels. The 8210 is among the most popular hot water pressure cleaners in the Daimer® catalog, featuring temperatures as high as 205°F. These machines are powered and heated by electricity, making them convenient to use in various commercial applications. Better yet, the use of all-electric power eliminates the risk of releasing harmful exhaust fumes into a food or beverage preparation environment.

Hot Water or Cold?

High pressure washers are not limited to using hot water. You may set the water temperature to cold when you do not require hot water for cleaning. As an example, for very light layers of dirt and grime you can use water at room temperature when cleaning. This helps save fuel and reduces the cost of operating a heated pressure washing machine.

Hot water pressure washers have another benefit. You can use them to remove ice and snow from flat surfaces, vehicles, and equipment. These high pressure cleaners are often used for melting ice dams that form on rooftops during cold conditions, thereby endangering the roof and corroding it.

Low Flow or Conventional?

Some pressure washers are low-flow machines, with high temperatures and pressure levels but low flow rates. Simply put, this means your pressure washer offers the power of conventional pressure washing systems without drawing too heavily on your or your client's water supply. This is also efficient in indoor applications, as in kitchens and food preparation areas, where drainage may be limited. Conventional hot water and steam pressure washers, on the other hand, can feature higher flow rates for greater cleaning power, but run the risk of increasing flooding concerns when used indoors.

An Additional Note: Electric pressure washers cannot be used where electricity supply is unavailable. In that situation, you may use a gasoline- or diesel-powered machine. These machines emit fumes and more noise than electric machines, which is why contractors do not use them indoors. But with Daimer®'s Long Hose Technology, operators can use long hoses to reach up to 300 feet away. So, fuel-driven machines may still be selected for interior applications.

Learn more about these pressure washing machines on www.daimer.com/pressure-washers/.

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Equipment Cleaning - Food and Beverage Industry

Equipment Cleaning - Food and Beverage Industry

Vapor-Flo 8050
Promotion Till Apr 3, 2015

The Vapor-Flo® 8050 is a stationary, hot and cold water pressure washer ideal for industrial and commercial cleaning environments featuring temperature levels up to 140°F. The low flow rate (0.4 GPM) and moderate pressure level (1450 psi) of these electric-powered, electric-heated units offer sufficient power for applications that do not need higher flow rates and pressure levels. Like the Vapor-Flo® 8025, this machine boasts a stainless steel case that resists rust, corrosion, and stains.

Vapor-Flo 8875
Promotion Till Apr 3, 2015

The Vapor-Flo® 8875 offers similar features as the 8810, including a pressure level of 2030 psi and a flow rate of 1.4 GPM, with the addition of entry to the water tank on the top of the machine for improved accessibility. This system can heat water to 175°F in 20 seconds and offers users the option to choose between hot water and cold water as demanded by the application. The powder coated steel case enhances longevity by resisting chipping and corrosion.

Vapor-Flo 8970
Commercial / Industrial Grade
Promotion Till Apr 3, 2015

The Vapor-Flo® 8970 is a completely electric pressure cleaning system designed for commercial and industrial cleaning needs. The machine offers a cold water cleaning option for lighter cleaning applications and hot water for tough tasks.

  • The model offers a high pressure level of 2175 PSI and a flow rate of 2.3 GPM. It supports hot water temperature levels as high as 175.
  • A heavy duty 4.0 HP motor powers the 8970.
  • A standard power configuration of 440V, three phase, 60 Hz is included along with optional power ratings of 400V, three phase, 50Hz/480V, three phase 60Hz; and more.
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