Diesel Powered and Propane Heated

Diesel Powered and Propane Heated
1 Diesel Powered and Propane Heated
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Diesel Powered and Propane Heated

Diesel Power Washers

Daimer Industries® is continually on the cutting edge in the cleaning industry. With an expansive line of power washers, steam cleaners, carpet cleaners, hard surface cleaners, green chemicals, and other cleaning machines all with the most advanced technologies available, Daimer® continues to provide the most powerful and effective cleaning machines for virtually all commercial and industrial applications.

Daimer®'s robust product lineup experiences rapid growth to ensure the best machines are available for virtually all users, no matter what cleaning applications they may face. For example, Daimer® offers over 700 pressure washer models in a large number of variation to match an array of commercial and industrial applications. Such variations occur within pressure levels, flow rates, temperature options, power methods, heating methods, mobility configurations, and more.

Benefits of Diesel Power Washers

Applications outdoors often do not occur near a sufficient electrical supply. In addition, long extension cords used to reach an available source of electricity can pose a danger to operators and others in the environment. As such, Daimer® offers an extensive array of fuel powered pressure washers machines within the Super Max™ line for environments where an electrical source is not readily available.

Within this fuel powered range falls the sub-set of diesel power washers. These Super Max™ systems are known for their advanced power, versatility, and mobility. In particular, diesel power washer machines are ideal for operators who prefer diesel to gasoline in their outdoor applications, which require use at a distance from an electrical supply.

Diesel Power Washers with Long Hose Technology

While diesel power washer machines are advantageous due to their advanced mobility, they do generate exhaust. As such, they should not be operated indoors where ventilation is limited. To get around this requirement and enable its customers to operate their rugged diesel power washers indoors, Daimer® has introduced Long Hose Technology.

Long Hose Technology is a proprietary feature that provides maximum output power even when hose lengths up to 300 feet are used. This affords diesel power washer operators the ability to handle challenging applications outdoors and indoors. Simply place the diesel power washer outside or in an exhaust friendly location and use pressure hoses up to 300 feet in length to reach interior applications with full force.

Enhancing Power with Green Chemicals

Diesel power washers are highly capable machines. However, their power can further be enhanced through the injection of green cleaners. Each diesel power washer by Daimer® includes chemical injection to enable operators to introduce powerful green cleaning solutions. The addition of these green cleaners heightens the cleaning power and speed of the application while maintaining the safety of the environment and the health of the user.

For a number of green cleaners designed for use with powerful pressure washing machines, look to the Eco-Green® line by Daimer®. These green cleaning products are the most powerful and environmentally safe in the industry. With plant-based, non-toxic-readily biodegradable composition they can tackle degreasing, graffiti removal, concrete cleaning, and many more applications.

Daimer Diesel Powered and Propane Heated Pressure Washer
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