Single Brush
Single Brush$28.00
Set of 6 Brushes$168.00

The specialized Gum-Exterminator® Brush is a extra-long, heavy-duty stainless steel brush designed to agitate and loosen the hardest, oldest chewing gum residues. When paired with high temperature steam, Daimer's Gum-Exterminator® Liquid, and simultaneous extraction, this brush works to remove chewing gum deposits completely.

For effective gum removal, this threaded brush screws right into the gum tool to remain firmly in place while cleaning. Now, the Gum-Exterminator® Brush is offered at a drastically lower price than other brands on the market!

Gum-Exterminator® Brushes are only available to Daimer® customers.

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Gum-Exterminator® Brushes are only available to Daimer® customers.


The Gum-Exterminator® Brush is a heavy-duty, extra-long stainless steel brush that quickly loosens the toughest and oldest chewing gum residues, lasting up to 20 times longer than weaker brushes offered by competitors. Though included with Daimer's powerful KleenJet® chewing gum removal equipment, customers can now purchase additional brushes separately at a new low price!

Effective chewing gum removal requires a brush of this size that screws into the gum removal tool. Unlike other brushes on the market, the Gum-Exterminator® Brush is threaded and screws right into the gum tool to remain firmly in place while agitating and removing chewing gum. And, at 1 3/4" in width, these brushes can remove even the largest gum deposits. Compared to other brands, the size and durability of the stainless steel bristles are greater, affording the operator with greater cleaning power.

First, operators use high temperature steam and the Gum-Exterminator® Liquid to dissolve chewing gum on concrete, brick, stone, and other surfaces. The use of durable stainless steel bristles works to loosen even the hardest gum residues. Loosened gum deposits can then be extracted completely using the extraction feature of a KleenJet® Gum-Exterminator® steam cleaner.

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