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XTreme Power HSC 13000
(product #125829178)
XTreme Power HSC 13000
Price: $6,433.00

XTreme Power HSC 13000
(product #125829178)


Introducing The Industry's Most Versatile Floor
Cleaning Equipment Including Daimer's Exclusive
Auto-Turbocharged Rotational™ Blade Technology



hard floor cleaners, hard floor steam cleaners, hard surface floor cleaners


  • American Made Daimer 1500 PSI, XTreme-Power HSC series floor hard surface machines are the most innovative systems of their kind in the industry. No scrubbers or buffers can touch the machines' cleaning power.
  • Blazing Speed: 30 Times Faster than vapor steam technology!
  • Tremendous Cost Savings: Daimer's water pumps in the 13000/14000 series last up to 6 times longer (for a savings of about $4000!) than pumps used in other less powerful 1200 psi hard surface machines on the market.
  • Daimer's Own XTreme-Impact® Technology - Includes a BREAKTHROUGH, PATENTED motorized 9" turbo spinning head with a blade than spins at 1000 revolutions per minute (RPM), and cleans up to 1000 square feet/hour of tile and grout. A rubber guard around the head acts to eliminate over-spraying and uncontrolled water flow.
  • Multi-Functional Use: The XTreme Power® HSC 13000 and 14000 series systems can be used as a hard floor cleaner, carpet cleaner, upholstery cleaner, and wall cleaner when using the appropriate tool. The commercial industrial hard surface cleaning machine offers a simultaneous "clean and extraction" operation.
  • Ultra Long Distance Cleaning - Users can operate the wand up to 200' from a water source to clean up to a 125,000 square foot area without moving the system! The same holds true for the 13000A, 14000, and 14000A models.
  • Cleans much more effectively than non-motorized spinners - about 500 psi is lost when competitive machines spin their non-motorized blades!

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XTreme Power HSC 14000
(product #125829180)
XTreme Power HSC 14000
Price: $7,149.00

XTreme Power HSC 14000
(product #125829180)
  • The XTreme Power® HSC 14000 commercial industrial cleaning machine offers the same powerful XTreme-Impact® Technology for which Daimer is well-known. This hard surface cleaning machine features as the HSC 13000 with a larger 19" spinning head instead of the 9" wand for larger surface areas.
  • This powerful industrial cleaning machine is ideal for commercial/industrial applications requiring fast and powerful floor cleaning with extraction.
  • Optional Tools: 9" spinning wand; 12" carpet wand, wall wand, upholstery tool; 4-jet squeegee wand for sides, corners, and tight areas

XTreme Power HSC 13000A
(product #125829382)
XTreme Power HSC 13000A
Price: $6,929.00

XTreme Power HSC 13000A
(product #125829382)
  • The XTreme Power® HSC 13000A includes Daimer's XTreme-Impact® Technology, and offers the same cleaning and simultaneous extractor power and performance as the HSC 13000 model with the addition of an acoustic case.
  • Incredibly low 58 decibels.
  • Perfect for all the same markets and industries as the HSC 13000, but is also ideal for the health care industry.

XTreme Power HSC 14000A
(product #125829383)
XTreme Power HSC 14000A
Price: $7,743.00

XTreme Power HSC 14000A
(product #125829383)
  • The XTreme Power® HSC 14000A offers the same exclusive XTreme-Impact® Technology and cleaning power as the HSC 14000 commercial industrial hard surface spinner cleaning machine with simultaneous extraction in the addition to an acoustic case that reduces operating noise to a very quiet 58 decibels.
  • This versatile spinner hard surface cleaning machine includes the same motorized 19" spinner head as the 14000.
  • This quiet and powerful hard surface spinner equipment and machine is ideal especially for hospitals, nursing homes, and any other facility with a need for a powerful floor cleaning machine with simultaneous extraction.

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Janitorial Services Equipment Supply
Janitorial Equipment

Best Janitorial Cleaning Equipment

Janitorial services employees or contractors are hired to help maintain clean facilities within schools, offices, restaurants, government/private buildings, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, apartments and more. These janitorial service providers use janitorial equipment and are responsible for cleaning, supervising and taking care of the entire facility depending on the task assigned. They may also take care of maintenance and security of buildings.

Homes, offices, museums, airports, boarding schools or any other commercial or non-commercial facilities or institutions all need to be cleaned and maintained using the highest quality janitorial equipment available. Hence, the scope of janitorial services is wide and as they are mostly outsourced on a weekly, monthly or an annual basis. Some janitors work on a large scale and offer their services in various industry segments. Many follow a janitorial services franchise model to provide services nationwide. In these cases, the franchisers provide janitorial equipment, or else the franchisee buys the best janitorial equipment they feel they need for their operation.

Janitors need to sign the cleaning contracts identify them as independent janitorial contractors, and various directions and special instructions are provided by management apart from payment terms and other important details. Often payment is fixed on monthly basis or weekly, while at times janitors are paid on an hourly basis.

Janitorial Services Tips- Stay One Step Ahead of the Competition

100% Customer Satisfaction

Janitorial service providers face a lot of competition just like most other businesses; therefore, it is very important for them to understand how important it is to provide services exceeding customers' expectations. If customers are not happy with the service, they surely won't hire the janitorial service provider again.

Janitors must make sure that once they secure a customer, the last thing they should ever do is lose them because of poor quality cleaning services or janitorial cleaning equipment. Repeat business means a lot and can make a great difference in their revenue. Janitors must also focus on qualities like punctuality, team building, self-motivation, attitude and, of course, courtesy, among other qualities and factors.

Invest in Professional Janitorial Cleaning Equipment

High-quality janitorial supplies and other cleaning aids from reputable janitorial supply companies are critical to janitorial services. Janitorial service providers must make sure that they invest in the best quality janitorial cleaning products including hard surface cleaning systems, pressure washers, carpet cleaners, upholstery cleaning systems, floor cleaning equipment, and more. Using specialized janitorial equipment/janitorial supply will make cleaning jobs easier, allowing janitorial service providers to provide the best cleaning services possible.

All of Daimer's commercial and industrial janitorial products are highly rated by thousands of consumer experts who had used other brands prior to switching to our janitorial equipment! We are proud of the fact that Daimer has shipped more steam cleaners in the U.S. and worldwide than any other brand. Check out our janitorial equipment and janitorial supply brands and models now!

Promotional Discounts and Offers on Janitorial Cleaning Machines

To attract more customers, janitorial service providers can offer promotional discounts as well as additional services. Such programs are especially helpful to expand business whether the company wants to grow revenue, or create business if just starting out in the cleaning business.

Excellent Capabilities

Janitors must have the expertise to perform expert cleaning jobs. Apart from maintaining a clean property, there's much more to janitorial services. Janitors should also be able to recycle waste materials to ensure healthy, greener and cleaner facilities. In addition, they may need to monitor the integrity of buildings to prevent damage to people and property. They may also require the appropriate knowledge of security rules and regulations. Janitors may also need to carry a safety kit to handle emergencies.

Trained Janitorial Staff

The janitorial staff must have proper knowledge of general cleaning and maintenance services. They must be properly trained to learn about advanced industrial and commercial janitorial cleaning supplies, and must be able to handle even the most difficult cleaning jobs.

Safety Measures

Janitors may suffer cuts, bruises, and burns from machines, hand tools, and chemicals. They should be provided with safety health equipment for a safer work environment. These safety tools may include dust masks, safety goggles, heat resistant gloves, heat resistant aprons, steel toe shoes, and hard hats. Janitorial staff must have the ability to provide immediate preventive measures and maintenance checks in case of emergencies like fires, floods, etc. They should be analytically, mentally and physically active and have first-aid knowledge to provide general medical services to injured people.

Performance of Janitorial Cleaning Products

If janitorial staff is provided with low-quality working equipment and poor working conditions, their health as well as work performance can suffer. Improper performance would result in poorly maintained, unclean buildings and surroundings and low profitability. Hence, Daimer's commercial janitorial supplies - steam vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, floor cleaning equipment, etc. should be provided to make the job less tiring and hassle-free. Our pressure washers can perform heavy-duty pressure washing work in commercial and industrial janitorial settings.

Marketing Your Janitorial Cleaning Business

To get more business, janitorial service providers must develop marketing plans and strategies to pursue and capture more cleaning jobs. Janitors must have the ability to interact properly and develop good communication skills.

What kind of cleaning and other work do janitorial service providers perform?

Janitors need to provide a wide-range of cleaning jobs that include cleaning carpet and upholstery, stainless steel and other surfaces, stripping and waxing floors, clean room services, window cleaning, computer room cleaning, escalator cleaning, food service sanitation, general maintenance, hard surface floor care, recycling services, restroom sanitation, medical waste disposal when cleaning hospitals, construction clean up, mopping floors, dusting shelves, sponging tables, emptying garbage cans, scrubbing toilets and much more. Janitorial equipment and janitorial supply, including steam cleaners, steam vacuum cleaners, carpet steam cleaners, and floor cleaning equipment should be used to execute these cleaning tasks effectively.

Janitors' jobs also include mowing, weeding, fertilizing, and watering lawns and flowers, disposal of trash, snipping trees, removing snow from sidewalks, sweeping malls and applying pesticides etc. Some janitors also handle minor electric repair works like changing electric light bulbs, repairing, and cleaning furniture equipment. Janitors who work as building guards inspect building areas, locked doors, and even windows to prevent theft or any other accident. They monitor and notify designated staff of emergency situations.

Janitorial Cleaning and Daimer's Janitorial Products

Janitors are sometimes compelled to work in facilities within which air quality is poor. Sometimes they are required to use harmful chemicals, cleaning supplies, disinfectants and pesticides that can have a negative effect on their health. In addition, janitorial cleaning both indoors and outdoors often involves continual walking, standing, stretching, bending and stooping.

High-performance janitorial cleaning supplies from Daimer assist janitors to help dissolve residues, clean, and degrease simultaneously. This janitorial equipment helps to eliminate most bacteria, germs, odors, viruses, allergens, pet dander, dust mites, fruit flies, fleas and their eggs, and more.

Effective janitorial cleaning supplies and other cleaning machines should be provided for good housekeeping services.

Daimer's commercial janitorial carpet cleaners are outstanding and reliable carpet cleaning machines ideal for: janitorial service providers, homeowners, auto detailers, auto dealers, property management companies, and other businesses. This cleaning equipment is especially popular because of its special features like low water flow, no carpet soaking, no harmful chemicals, and quick drying times. Portable carpet cleaners, floor cleaning equipment, vapor steam cleaners, etc. also help prevent stooping and bending problems among janitors

All Daimer janitorial cleaning products are highly reliable and easy to operate. Janitors can simply follow general operating instructions along with their prior experience with cleaning equipment and common sense. All of our janitorial cleaning equipment can be operated from a standing position to help prevent janitors from back injuries and sprains. The "icing on the cake" is that our cleaning machines are environmentally friendly, safe, and efficient. Call us today and learn how Daimer's janitorial cleaning supplies can help make your work easier and more effective.

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