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230V, single phase, 60HzNatural Gas$11,889.00 1-800-471-7157

The Super Max™ 15500 AST® is a stationary, industrial/commercial, electric tri-mode pressure washer offering the same heating options and functionality as a cold water, hot water (210°F), and steam (330°F) pressure washer machine as other 15000 AST® series pressure washer machines, including Daimer's exclusive AST® (Automatic Shutoff Technology), with the added benefit of an increased pressure (1000 psi) and flow rate (4 GPM).

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The Super Max™ 15500 AST® is a versatile, stationary, industrial/commercial, electric tri-mode pressure washer that can function individually as a cold water pressure washer, hot water pressure washer, and steam pressure washer; with hot water temperatures reaching 220ºF and steam temperatures up to 330ºF. Most importantly, this pressure washer machine features Daimer's exclusive AST® (Automatic Shutoff Technology®). The only technology of its kind in the global market, these pressure washer machines feature an automatic control that reduces the wear and tear on the pump and other components, as well as greatly extending the life of the 15500 AST® electric pressure washer.

The 15500 AST® features a heavy duty 3 HP NEMA engine to provide a higher flow rate (4 GPM) and pressure (1000 psi), with the same available heating options as all 15000 AST® series pressure washer machines. Available options include: two gun operation. The Super Max® 15500 AST® pressure washer machine is the ideal solution for industrial/commercial applications requiring a permanent pressure washer addition with a high flow rate and mid-range pressure.

What is AST® Technology?

AST® is a proprietary system that works as follows: When AST® is engaged, it shuts off the pump and motor after 30 seconds if the gun is not in use and water is not flowing through the system. When the pressure washer operator pulls the trigger again, the motor and pump go on. This feature is particularly useful for applications in which the pressure washer operator is using a long hose, say more than 25 feet, and it is not practical for them to go back and forth to the machine to turn it off during every break.

The pumps and motors in conventional electric pressure washers remain active whether or not water is flowing through the system. As a result the user has to keep walking back to the system to shut it off or risk damaging the motor and pump.

Daimer offers pressure washers in a variety of power configurations for worldwide requirements. The following are available: 110-120V, 208V, 220-240V, 380V, 415V, 440-480V, and 575V; single and three phase; 50 or 60 Hz. Please contact us for pricing.

Product Specifications

Warranty1 year (limited)Water Pump Warranty5 years (limited)Motor/Engine Warranty2 years (limited)
Pressure1000 psi
Flow Rate4 GPM
Temp. Optionscold, hot, wet steam
Steam Temp.up to 330ºF
Hot Water Temp.180ºF - 210ºF
Standard Power Methodelectric: 220V-240V, single phase, 60 Hz
Optional Power Methods(call for pricing) 220V-240V, single phase, 50 Hz; 220V-240V three phase, 50 or 60 Hz; & 440V, three phase, 50 or 60 Hz
Motor Sizeheavy-duty 3 HP - NEMA
Minimum Generator SizeN/A
Gasoline/Diesel Fuel CapacityN/A
Ignition Systemelectronic direct spark
Power Cords1
Heating Methodnatural gas (requires natural gas line); or propane (customer provides vapor withdrawal cylinder) OPTIONAL natural gas or propane (OPTIONAL no.1 or no. 2 heating oil; diesel or kerosene - CALL FOR PRICING)
Heating Fuel Capacity9 gallons for OPTIONAL (heating oil, kerosene, or diesel)
Heater Exchange Coilheavy duty schedule 80 heating coil
Heater Response Timeconverts cold water to hot water in approximately 30 seconds
Operating Timecontinuous use
Pump Drive Methoddirect drive
Chemical Infusionyes, high pressure injection
Wand Includeddurable 3' trigger wand with quick disconnect
Nozzles Standard0º (blast), 15º, 25º, 40º, steam nozzles
Pressure Hose50' high pressure steam hose
Pressure Hose Optionsadditional/customizable lengths available
Dimensions52"w. x 23"d. x 50"h.
Weight1010 lbs
Housingpowder-coated steel, high gloss, chip/chemical resistant
Colorred and white
Phosphatizing SystemN/A- see Super Max 15500 AF
Acid/Phosphate Chemical FeedN/A
Trailer MountN/A
Multi-Gun Operationoptional - call for pricing
Wall MountN/A
Wet Sandblasting Systemoptional - call for pricing

Parts List


Standard Parts / Quantity

3' Durable Trigger Wand with Quick Disconnect 1
0º (Blast) Nozzle (not shown) 1
15º Nozzle (not shown) 1
25º Nozzle (not shown) 1
40º Nozzle (not shown) 1
Steam Nozzle (not shown) 1
50' High Pressure Steam Hose (not shown) 1



Unique Technologies in Advanced Power Cleaner Systems

When it comes to industrial maintenance jobs, cleaning experts trust the capabilities of the best pressure cleaners. In addition to high pressure levels and flow rates, these industrial pressure washers feature lots of advanced functions that help enhance the cleaning capabilities. To experience the latest in pressure cleaning technologies, remember to purchase pressure washers only from top suppliers.

The Super Max™ 15500 AST® from Daimer® is a stationary version of pressure washer machine featuring flow rates of 4 gpm and pressure levels of 1000 psi. Powered by 3 HP - NEMA engine, these gas pressure washers are empowered with advanced features, such as:

  • Heating options: Electric pressure washers, such as the Super Max™ 15500 AST®, are powered by electricity and heated by fuels. The heating methods include diesel, propane, natural gas, or kerosene.
  • Reduction of wear and tear: To ensure that the steam pressure washers continue functioning at their best, the components in it must be protected from overheating and consequent wearing. For this reason, the Super Max™ 15500 AST® comes with an auto shut off function. When the trigger gun is not in use for 30 seconds, this technology helps automatically shut down the system and prevent overheating. In the long run, this technology extends the lifespan of electric pressure washers.
  • Chemical infusion: Sometimes, cleaning experts may need to boost the action of pressure washers. The high pressure chemical injection allows users to add chemicals to the system.
  • These pressure cleaners are tri-mode, capable of ejecting cold water, steam, and hot water to manage varied cleaning applications.

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