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     steam pressure washer, hot water pressure washer

The Super Max™ 9000 tri-mode steam pressure washer machine can operate independently as a cold water pressure washer, hot water pressure washer, or steam pressure washer. Steam temperatures of 250ºF are lower than the 6000 and 7000, but the 9000 offers increased power due to its higher water flow rate. The Super Max™ 9000 connects to a hose line allowing for continuous flow, nozzle output is 2.8 gallons/minute at an astounding 1500 psi! This high pressure washer model is ideal for those application that will benefit from tremendous pressure, but do not need ultra high temperature capabilities.

Heating Coils: Heaviest-gauge stainless steel coils ... we roll our own. About 90 lbs. of stainless go into each machine!
No fragile aluminum coils that are destined to fail
and offered by other brands.

Wet steam output for the Super Max™ 9000 can be used with all spray patterns, up to 40°.

Daimer offers pressure washers in a variety of power configurations for worldwide requirements. The following are available: 110-120V, 208V, 220-240V, 380V, 415V, 440-480V, and 575V; single and three phase; 50 or 60 Hz. Please contact us for pricing.


Product Specifications

Warranty1 year (limited)Water Pump Warranty5 years (limited)Motor/Engine Warranty2 years (limited)
Pressure1500 psi
Flow Rate2.1 GPM
Temp. Optionscold, hot, wet steam
Steam Temp.up to 300ºF
Hot Water Temp.180ºF - 210ºF
Standard Power Methodelectric: 220V-240V, single phase, 60 Hz
Optional Power Methods(call for pricing) 220V-240V, single phase, 50 Hz; 220V-240V three phase, 50 or 60 Hz; & 440V, three phase, 50 or 60 Hz
Motor Sizeheavy-duty 2 HP - NEMA
Minimum Generator Size9000 watts
Gasoline/Diesel Fuel CapacityN/A
Ignition SystemN/A
Power Cords1
Heating Methodpropane
Heating Fuel Capacity40 lb. empty tank included
Heater Exchange Coilhigh-pressure stainless steel
Heater Response Timeconverts cold to hot water - approx.30 secs
Operating Timecontinuous use
Pump Drive Methoddirect drive
Chemical Infusionyes - siphon type standard
Wand Includeddurable 3' trigger wand with quick disconnect
Nozzles Standard0º (blast), 15º, 25º, 40º, steam nozzles (wet steam output available in all spray patterns)
Pressure Hose25' high pressure steam hose
Pressure Hose Optionsadditional/customizable lengths available
Dimensions23"w. x 30"d. x 45"h.
Weight250 lbs
Housingsteel - powder-coated, high gloss, chip/chemical resistant
Phosphatizing SystemN/A
Acid/Phosphate Chemical FeedN/A
Trailer MountN/A
Multi-Gun OperationN/A
Wall MountN/A
Wet Sandblasting SystemN/A
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Exclude From ConfiguratorYes

Parts List



Standard Parts / Quantity

3' Durable Trigger Wand with Quick Disconnect
0º (Blast) Nozzle (not shown)
15º Nozzle (not shown)
25º Nozzle (not shown)
40º Nozzle (not shown)
Steam Nozzle (not shown)
25' High Pressure Steam Hose (not shown)

*All nozzles can be used with wet steam output.




Super Max 9000

I bought one of your 9000 pressure washers two years ago. Most of the time, I use
it to clean customer buildings and cement walks. Last month, I got a call to clean a
playground that was covered with gum. The machine worked great. I cleaned the entire
area and used three different nozzles. The spots lifted fast. The buildings and grounds
people at the school were so happy they referred me to another school. This could be a
very profitable summer.

John R.
Tampa, FL

Super Max 9000

Excellent machine! I work in building and grounds for the local school district. After
three months of researching different pressure washers, we chose your your Super Max™
9000. Boy are we glad we did. We are using it to clean vehicles, playgrounds and for
removing graffiti of the side of buildings. My boss is even thinking of getting a second
machine to use at the high school. Congrats on an excellent product. (Really like your
site, by the way.)

Ernie S.
Cleveland, OH

Super Max 9000

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how pleased I am with this machine. I
have had it for several years (I own a cleaning company.) The machine has been reliable
and continues to put out the same high pressure and wet steam as when I first bought
it. The machine is also easy to use. Even my new employees can use it with just a few
pointers. (I put simple instructions inside a waterproof bag on the side of the machine.)

Reggie R.
Burlington, VT


Mobile Power Washer - Offering a Lot More Than Just Mobility

Mobile pressure washers are indispensable when it comes to maintaining vehicles, commercial areas, and vast industrial settings. A mobile pressure washer may come with either wheeled features or trailer mountable configurations. While the wheeled versions are more compact, moderately powered, and ideal for the applications in residential and commercial settings, the truck mounted versions have been designed to cater to the demands of industrial maintenance.

Quality does matter

The pressure washer you purchase must ideally be sturdy enough to withstand daily rough use in commercial and industrial environments. For this reason, it is essential to purchase pressure washers only from leading suppliers. The best distributors offer high-grade mobile pressure washer machines featuring stainless steel components and heavy-duty housing materials. The most popular brands also come with heavy-gauge stainless steel coils for the ultimate in ruggedness and longevity.

Versatile cleaning functions

The cleaning technologies in these advanced steam pressure washer systems have been specially created to meet the demands of different industries. For instance, if you need car pressure washers, there are suppliers offering advanced versions that have been specifically designed for the purpose of use as a car pressure washer.

Unlike conventional power wash systems, these car pressure washers do not feature extremely high pressure levels that can damage vehicle exteriors. The low flow rates of these car pressure washers make them suitable for use on delicate parts such as vehicle engines.

If you are on the lookout for mobile pressure washers with tri-mode capabilities, you must definitely try out the Super Max™ 9000 from Daimer®. By ejecting cold water, hot water, or steam as per your specific needs, this pressure washer helps manage a host of maintenance activities. The high steam temperatures of up to 250ºF and flow rates of 2.8 GPM endow this hot water pressure washer with amazing cleaning power. The pressure levels of 1500 PSI make this steam pressure washer ideal for use as a car pressure washer.

To enable continuous flow of water, this mobile pressure washer can be directly connected to a hose line. Pressure washers, like the Super Max™ 9000, are ideal for cleaning tasks that demand moderate temperatures and high pressure levels.


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