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Auto Detailing Pressure Washers for Cleaning Forklift Trucks


Auto detailing pressure washers can be used for cleaning a variety of non-standard vehicles, including forklift trucks. Forklift trucks often work in less than ideal conditions where exposure to mud, saltwater, and corrosive chemicals can impair their functioning. Over time, these chemicals and impurities can corrode the truck's parts.

What you need is a machine that will clear away these corrosive substances quickly. The machine should be easy to use and offer effective cleaning. Productivity is also important. No business can afford to lose precious man hours due to inefficient, low-quality car detailing machines.

If you are looking for the fastest, least troublesome auto detailing equipment for forklift trucks, consider mobile wash equipment. Mobile car wash equipment offers the right pressure levels and temperature settings to degrease truck parts and dissolve dirt. Yet, as all mobile wash equipment is not suitable for washing vehicles, you should select vehicle pressure washers carefully.

Consider the Pressure Level

One major consideration is the pressure level of pressure washers. Pressure levels should be high in order to remove dirt, but not so high as to damage the forklift truck. Pressure washers should also feature high temperature settings. Daimer®'s steam pressure washers achieve temperatures as high as 330°F. These steam pressure washers are tri-mode machines, offering the option of cleaning with cold, hot, or steam temperatures.

Electric vs. Non-Electric

Electric pressure washers are usually the easiest to use as they just need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. Electric pressure washers operated in mobile car washes may need to be plugged into the client's power supply, a factor you should take into account when purchasing steam pressure washers that run on electricity.

Many car washes use trailer mounted pressure washers, particularly for mobile car washing. If you are traveling to the client site to clean forklift trucks, you need trailer mounted pressure washers that are compact and easy to fit onto a trailer. The Super Max™ 7000 and Super Max™ 12800 are machines that are suitable for such applications because of the right temperature settings and pressure levels.

Durable Parts

Don't ignore the importance of quality components. Even the smallest part has an effect on machine performance. Therefore, you need to be sure the parts are long-lasting, corrosion-resistant, and easy to replace. Take, for example, the Super Max™ 7000. This machine has chip-resistant housing. The housing is also corrosion-resistant because it is made of durable powder-coated steel. The high-gloss finish makes the Super Max™ 7000 one of the most aesthetically pleasing machines on the market.

The hose is durable enough to withstand high pressure water spray. It is also corrosion-proof. Durable hoses do not crack like cheaply made ones, even under extreme conditions of high temperature, high pressure, and exposure to corrosive detergents.

Daimer® also offers a year's warranty on its pressure washers. Learn more about it on

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