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How to Start a Car Wash and Auto Detailing Business

If you are an entrepreneur and are looking to start a business, there are many industries to choose from. The problem for entrepreneurs is that they can be overwhelmed with choices. There are many markets to tap into, and the competition is can be considerable. If you seek the best chances of creating a successful business, you need to entertain a less competitive market, or think of ways to be better than the competition. The car wash and auto detailing business is relatively competitive, but many are thriving in the business. New businesses start all the time.

Why Auto Detailing?

Everyone knows that the automotive industry is a continuously growing industry. Customers desire to have the latest and most expensive of cars. So, they will need auto detailing shops to service and wash their cars so they can keep them looking new.

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) published a report in October 2013, providing details on the current status of the auto detailing industry. The findings that came up included:

  • Overall, the auto detailing industry makes annual revenues of $8 billion.
  • The industry is set to grow at an annual rate of 1.4% between 2008 and 2018.
  • There are over 57,160 businesses in the market.
  • The number of employees working in this industry is 176,534.
  • However, not one company has a dominant share in the market.

These statistics are proof enough that this industry has potential, and an entrepreneur can reap immense benefits by starting an auto detailing business.

Before You Start an Auto Detailing Business

There are a few fundamental tasks that you should perform before you start your business.

  • Get Training and Certification: The success of a car wash and auto detailing business depends on the quality of service that you provide to customers. It is important that you are qualified to perform car wash and auto detailing jobs. If it is available in your country, an auto detailing school that provides education and certification for the auto detailing industry would be an excellent place to gain knowledge.
  • Get a Legal Permit: Some countries' laws require a permit to start and run a car wash and auto detailing business. Make you sure you have all your papers ready before you get to work.

Steps to Starting your Car Wash and Auto Detailing Business

  • Choose a Great Location: Depending on the type of clientele you wish to attract, choose a convenient location that will allow them to take advantage of all your services. Make sure that your location is at a central point that makes it easy for customers to visit your shop. You should also know that car wash can also be portable. If you are interested in knowing more mobile auto detailing, click on the following link –
  • Invest in the Right Equipment: A successful auto detailing business provides services for both the interior and exterior of a car. To provide quality service, you need to have the right equipment for cleaning both these areas.
    • Interior:
      • Steam cleaners for dashboards, side walls, windows, and floor mattresses
      • Upholstery cleaning machines for seat covers and miscellaneous upholstery
      • Carpet steam cleaners
      • Cleaning products such as carpet shampoos and glass cleaners
    • Exterior:
      • Steam pressure washer for engine and under carriage
      • Electric powered pressure washer for car body
      • Cold water pressure washing system for tires and windows
      • Rotary buffer
      • Polishing equipment
      • Air compressor for pneumatic tools
      • Washing tools like brushes, cleaning agents, towels, etc.
  • Purchase Business Insurance: This point is extremely important. You should never skimp on insurance. It is the only way to safeguard your equipment and investment. It will also protect your property in case of any natural disasters or break-ins.
  • Create Your Marketing Strategy and Tools: Your market strategy should include the type of clientele you will be serving, the unique benefits your business provides, and the various avenues through which you will market your company (TV, radio, print, and online). Take the time to create attractive print marketing tools such as signs, posters, business cards, and fliers.
  • Market Your Business: Start with local businesses that can benefit from your services. Place your marketing tools around the town and in stores related to your business such as auto component and accessories shops, and auto care product suppliers. Create deals with automobile companies that outsource their car wash and detailing services. Create videos for YouTube that showcase the various solutions that your company provides.

Last Suggestion

Make sure you have a very good supplier for your equipment. It would be better if you use a well-known brand name as that will increase confidence among customers. One company that provides cutting edge auto detailing and carpet cleaning equipment is Daimer®. The company is known for technologically advanced cleaning machines.

Their extensive product list includes

  • Upholstery cleaning machines such as the Xtreme Power XPC 5700U
  • A variety of electric powered pressure washers including Super Max 15400SCW
  • Auto detailing car wash systems like the Super Max 7000SCW
  • Vapor steam cleaners such as the Kleenjet Pro Plus 200S
  • Car steam cleaner machine like the KleenJet Supreme 3000CV for light cleaning and moderately unclean cars.

Daimer® cleaning equipment can be used for industrial and commercial purposes. Start your auto detailing business by partnering with Daimer®. Peruse through the company’s list of Clients.

An eye for detail and opportunities, patience, and hard work will take your car wash detailing business to the No. 1 spot in town.

Auto Detailing Business

Auto detailing businesses are experiencing increasing demand as the value of well-maintained vehicles steadily grows. After all, maintaining your car or truck properly can improve re-sale value, prohibit rust and corrosion, and create a prestigious image.

Auto detailers, however, face a challenge when it comes to selecting the right machines to use in their car detailing business. High-powered pressure washers with pressure levels in excess of 1500 psi can damage customers' vehicles, while high-flow carpet cleaners can leave interiors terribly wet for extended periods of time. The latter certainly reduces productivity, increases storage requirements, and diminishes customer satisfaction - as vehicles are not returned in a quick manner.

To alleviate these concerns, Daimer® has introduced an entire line of mobile car wash equipment and low-flow carpet cleaners specially designed with the needs of auto detailing business users in mind. For interior detailing, opt for XTreme Power® upholstery cleaners boasting Daimer®'s Low Flow Technology for enhanced extraction and cleaning power with minimal drying times. This reduces risk of mold growth and drastically improves turnaround. For exterior detailing, opt for Daimer®'s Super Max™ pressure washers boasting powerful wet steam temperatures and pressure levels at or below 1500 psi for optimal cleaning without damaging automotive surfaces.

While car detailing business plans are certainly growing in popularity, a mobile auto detailing business is perhaps the most popular implementation. Mobile detailers travel to the home or workplace of their clients to clean vehicles on the spot. As such, a mobile car detailing business faces unique requirements.

First, they must transport their equipment, so mobile pressure washers and carpet cleaners are essential. Second, mobile detailers are unsure of the environment they will be working in. They may face water shortages, drainage limitations and more. For such users, the Super Max™ 6120SCW is the ideal steam car wash pressure washer. Offering high steam temperatures up to 250°F and pressure levels up to 1000 psi, this machine cleans effectively. With a flow rate of 0.5 GPM, the Super Max™ 6120SCW operates without excess water waste, a key benefit in limited water availability or inadequate drainage situations.

Interior Auto Detailing

Interiors of vehicles need to be cleaned thoroughly including seats, carpets, roofs, dashboards, storage areas, fabric/leather upholstery, floor mats, wheels, door-jambs, windows, doors, and more. Interior detailing requires eliminating food stains, pet odors and pet stains, and ground-in dirt while making the vehicle interior free of allergens, smelling fresh, and deodorized. Vacuuming is a necessary task for picking up the loose dirt while carpet and upholstery stains can be targeted and treated with a carpet cleaner and upholstery cleaner along with an environmentally-safe cleaning solution for wonderful results.

Carpet cleaners are a key investment that auto detailing providers purchase to clean and disinfect car upholstery and carpet while killing and extracting most allergens and dust mites, etc. Daimer's carpet steam cleaners are popular among auto detailers as they offer cleaning without harmful chemicals to clean and remove some of the most stubborn carpet stains. Drying time is as low as 2 hours with absolutely no carpet soaking. These convenient carpet cleaners clean interior carpets and upholstery quickly saving precious time. Daimer's combination carpet cleaner and upholstery cleaner models include the Xtreme Power® XPC 5700, XPH 5800T, XPH 5900i, XPC 9200, and XPH 9300.

Cleaning Engine Compartments

Washing and cleaning a car's engine is obviously different from washing the exterior of the car since the dirt and grease in the engine can be tougher to remove. Steam pressure washers are ideal for cleaning engine compartments. If auto detailing providers regularly clean vehicle engines, there is no need to use harmful chemicals and solvents that may cause more damage than they are worth. Certainly, Daimer's auto detailing equipment is healthier for the environment. We strongly urge cleaning engines when they are cooler as cleaning hot engines may lead to damaged engine parts.

Exterior Auto Detailing

Exterior car washing and auto detailing require pressure washers to clean wheels, alloys, trims, body, frames, windshields, etc. Daimer pressure washers are perfect for auto detailing and can easily help remove dirt, oil stains, etc. Daimer offers unique pressure washers that can work as a cold pressure washer, hot pressure washer, and steam pressure washer; replaceable nozzles and easily accessible temperature control features make changing temperatures very easy. After car washing, we suggest drying the auto exterior with microfiber towels to avoid scratches and give an amazingly new look to the vehicle.

Daimer's power pressure cleaners can clean surfaces deeply. We offer solvent-free cleaning of the internal parts of the vehicle and remove all dirt with high pressure water. Our pressure washer cleaners are perfect for those seeking outstanding performance. Some of Daimer's pressure washers include: Super Max™ 6000, 7000, 9000, and many other models, plus our revolutionary, all-electric Vapor-Flo ® 8800 hot water pressure washers.

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