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Best Carpet Cleaning Supplies
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Best Carpet Cleaning Supplies
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Best Carpet Cleaning Supplies for Commercial and Industrial Carpet Cleaning 

Carpeting is a popular floor covering choice not only in most residences, but also in commercial and industrial buildings. This is because it tends to be cheaper and easier to install than other flooring options. The downside to carpet, however, lies in the fact that even colored varieties make dirt and stains visible. These dirt and stains can't simply be wiped or mopped away, like it can be for more expensive flooring options, such as tile or linoleum. The best carpet cleaning supplies are necessary to tackle commercial and industrial cleaning to maximize results.

Attacking dirt and stains for carpet requires a more elaborate cleaning ritual. This cleaning process is not as detailed for residences, where carpeting doesn't receive as much traffic. Things are different for carpeting in commercial or industrial settings because they are conversely exposed to more levels of traffic. Proper carpet cleaning for commercial or industrial situations requires being equipped with a large arsenal of carpet cleaning supplies and equipment including: portable carpet cleaning machines, brushes and combs, air movers, and specialized carpet cleaners.

The most elemental carpet cleaning supply for commercial and industrial cleaning is the carpet cleaning machine. Carpet cleaning machines designed for commercial or industrial use tend to be bigger, more expensive and more powerful than carpet cleaning machines designed for residential use. They can be heated, non-heated or come with the ability to adjust the temperature. A popular brand of commercial industrial carpet cleaners is Daimer's XTreme Power ® models.

The next type of carpet cleaning equipment for commercial or industrial carpet cleaning are brushes and combs. Carpet cleaning brushes are designed for scrubbing out stains. Carpet cleaning combs remove certain things out of the carpet, such as hair, lint or fuzz. Both items are generally reasonably priced, many costing less than $10.

Thirdly, there are air movers, (also known as carpet blowers). These are machines that are used to dry carpeting after it has been cleaned. Their appearance is that of an encased fan. In regards to price, they can be a little over $100, or hundreds of dollars. As one might expect, more expensive air movers tend to be more effective at quickly drying wet carpeting. Fortunately, you should not require air movers with Daimer's XTreme Power ® low moisture technology as drying times are typically under 6 hours versus 24 hours for competitive carpet cleaning machines that literally soak carpet.

The final carpet cleaning supply needed for commercial and industrial cleaning are specialized carpet cleaners. These carpet cleaners are more detailed than carpet cleaning solutions designed for residential use. The different types of specialized carpet cleaners designed for commercial and industrial cleaning include protectors, carpet rinses, deodorizers, dye set penetrates and detergents. These carpet cleaners can be chemical or all natural. All natural carpet cleaners are recommended because they don't release extra chemicals into the air. Daimer's Eco-Green® is an example of this type of carpet cleaner. Its environmentally-friendly, plant based ingredients make it the most effective cleaning technology in the world.

In conclusion, unlike residential carpet cleaning, commercial and industrial carpet cleaning requires an array of carpet cleaning supplies and equipment, at least if one wants to do a good job. In fact, no commercial or industrial carpet cleaning task is complete without these materials. If one is interested in buying the above-mentioned carpet cleaning supplies or equipment they can either click on an image below or else search other sections of our website.

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