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Are you ready to run your own gum remover business?
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Here are 7 easy steps to get you started.

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1. Identify Your Market

Potential gum remover customers include:

  • - Public Properties: airports, playgrounds, zoos, bus and train stations.
  • - Hospitality/Tourism: hotels, casinos, amusement parks.
  • - Education: schools, colleges, campuses.
  • - Government: parks, state properties, municipal buildings, libraries, picnic areas.
  • - Healthcare: hospitals, daycare centers, nursing homes.
  • - Commercial Properties: parking lots, supermarkets, apartment complexes.

2. Identify Your Contacts

  • - Where have you worked previously?
  • - Have any friends or family that work in any of the organizations listed above?
  • - Ask your contacts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social networking sites?
  • - Not using social networking? Get with the program!

3. Set Pricing

In larger markets, experienced Daimer® chewing gum removal contractors earn as much as hundreds of dollars a day. You have several billing options.

Charge per square foot:

This allows you and the customer to develop a price for each job, something many organizations prefer. Typical pricing ranges from $.75 to $1.50 per square foot. For smaller customers, start on the low-end. Also, offer quantity discounts. Be sure to examine the surface and condition: The more gum, the higher the price. An experienced gum removal contractor, using Daimer® equipment, can clean up to hundreds of sq. ft. in one day.

Charge per hour:

Gum remover professionals using gum remover equipment charge up to $200/hour. Again, adjust pricing to the customer and the job.

4. Create a Menu of Offerings

In addition to gum removing, Daimer® machines can perform double-duty cleaning of hard surfaces, like tile and grout, wood and vinyl floors, and spot-cleaning carpets and upholstery. Daimer® also offers equipment with EPA-registered ATIS® anti-bacterial technology, ideal for healthcare and food service customers.

Charge per hour:

Tile and grout cleaning services using Daimer®'s GUM-EXTERMINATOR® gum removal machines can generate to $1.00 per square foot or more, and up to $200/hour. Pricing will vary depending upon the geographical area and customers.

5. Shop for Equipment: the Criteria

An integrated commercial-strength steam vacuum.

Extraction means no wiping, faster cleanup, and the ability to completely remove gum residues. Machines without a vacuum do not remove tough gum wads effectively and require more cleaning time per gum spot on common hard surfaces, such as: tile, granite, concrete and cement walkways, pavement, asphalt, driveways, pavers, parking lots and garages.

A patented gum remover subsystem.

Daimer® machines include a double squeegee head and a 1 ¾-inch-diameter oversized, heavy-gauge, stainless steel brush. The brush is threaded to easily screw into the gum tool to provide a comfortable cleaning position, which means less fatigue and superior cleaning results. Many competitors use smaller, softer, less-expensive, brass brushes that wear down. Each Daimer® unit includes 6 gum removal brushes.

Economical, Super-Concentrated Gum-Dissolver

Daimer®'s low cost, concentrated, chemical reduces the cost of cleaning gum. Competitors charge more than $300/gallon for a solution that dilutes to 10 gallons and typically cleans 15,000 sq. ft. Daimer®'s advanced formula costs only $44/gallon, makes up to 10 gallons and can clean approximately 30,000 sq. ft. Daimer®'s formula is biodegradable and homogeneous it does not require constant remixing like other products.

Proven Technology

Each Daimer® GUM-EXTERMINATOR® incorporates engineering from the company's top-selling line of KleenJet® commercial steam cleaners. As a result, these gum removing machines include productivity-enhancing technologies, such as: oversized stainless steel boilers, removable heating rod design that extends boiler life, and self-regulating refill chambers for continuous, non-stop cleaning. The machines are available in configurations that generate steam with temperatures as high as 329ºF and pressure levels topping at 120 psi.

6. Shop for a Reliable Supplier

Daimer® offers a full range of gum removing machines to match every budget and application. The GUM-EXTERMINATOR® line currently includes 12 machines, 6 in 60 Hz configurations and 6 in 50 Hz configurations for customers outside of North America.

In addition to steam-vacuum gum systems, the company offers specialized machines with sanitization features including HEPA and water filtrations for allergen removal, and antibacterial systems based on the company's EPA-compliant ATIS® technology.

Since Daimer® includes more 36 add-ons with each machine, the GUM-EXTERMINATOR® can perform double-duty as a steam cleaner and steam vacuum cleaner to clean most hard surfaces like tile and grout, hard wood floors, vinyl/VCT flooring, and spot clean carpet and upholstery. In addition, Daimer®'s CVGP systems include Daimer®'s ATIS® sanitizing anti-bacterial steam technology.

7. Take Care of Details and Start Selling

Once you're ordered your equipment, decide on a business name, register the business, create a Web site and start knocking on doors!

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