Tile and Grout Cleaning for Hard Surface Cleaners

Tile and Grout Cleaning for Hard Surface Cleaners
4 Tile and Grout Cleaning for Hard Surface Cleaners
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Patented, Powerful Tile and Grout Cleaning Machines for Hard Surfaces

Hard surface flooring can often times attract the same type of dirt and grime found on bathroom tiles. The result is the same as well, which is making the once fabulous-looking tile flooring an eyesore. The options available for tile and grout cleaning are essentially the same as grout tile cleaning a wall: tile and grout cleaning chemicals by themselves, green tile and grout cleaning solutions or either of these within a cleaning machine. The cleaning machine that is used for tile and grout cleaning can be a steam cleaner, hard surface floor cleaning machines or steam pressure washers. The steam cleaning, hard surface floor cleaning machines and commercial industrial steam pressure washers recommended for grout tile floor cleaning include Daimer's KleenJet ®, XTreme Power ® and Super Max ® brands, respectively.

The KleenJet steam cleaner is best used for tile and grout cleaning on ceramic floor tile hard surfaces. This is because the cleaning technology of the KleenJet ® steam cleaner is designed for handling the smooth surface of ceramic tile. This is not to say that the KleenJet ® cannot be used on other types of hard surface flooring - it is just that its cleaning power may not be as heavy duty as the XTreme Power ® hard surface floor cleaning machine or the Super Max ® steam pressure washer, both of which are designed for commercial and industrial cleaning applications. Next, the XTreme Power ® hard surface floor cleaning machine can also be used as a tile and grout cleaning machine. This would be the appropriate choice over the KleenJet ® steam cleaners if one needs to clean a greater amount of tile floor grout. The XTreme Power ® hard surface floor cleaning machine offers more cleaning power than the KleenJet ® steam cleaner, as it reaches a higher production rate.

For example, the XTreme Power ® XP HSC 13000 and 14000 models can attain a production rate of up to 1,000 square feet an hour. Conversely, the KleenJet ® steam cleaner can only clean up to 200 square feet an hour. This is significantly less than the XTreme Power ® hard surface floor cleaning machines. Another major benefit is the 9" and 19" spinning heads bundled with the 13000 and 14000 models, respectively, work at cleaning tile and grout at the same time; they target even the most porous tile surface as well as grout. Steam cleaners used as tile and grout cleaning machines emit relatively dry vapor steam, which is unable to penetrate and clean porous tile, but works well on smooth, non-porous, ceramic tile as well as the grout. Both models clean using water, which is extracted while the water is cleaning the surface so water is not dispersed outside the spinner cleaning head; extracted water can be automatically dumped down a proper drain in an unattended fashion using the systems' auto dump feature,

The last and most powerful floor cleaning apparatus that can be used as a tile and grout cleaning machine is the Super Max ® commercial industrial steam pressure washer series. These machines and equipment are excellent for tile and grout cleaning and grout tile floor cleaning in commercial or industrial situations, which require the ultimate in cleaning power. Super Max ® steam pressure washers also have the advantage of operating without necessarily using pressure washer chemicals or cleaning solution, since the heat and pressure of the water in themselves is enough to clean grease, oil, food particles, grime, and much more as well as sanitize and disinfect. Proper drainage is required for the water flow within an indoor facility or setting.

In conclusion, a variety of cleaning machine options is available when tackling the problem of tile and grout cleaning or tile grout floor cleaning. These machines include steam cleaners, hard surface floor cleaning machines and steam pressure washers. The corresponding Daimer brands, (the most recommended brand to use for tile and grout cleaning), are the KleenJet ® , XTreme Power ® and Super Max ® series. Combine these machines with Daimer's environmentally safe Eco-Green ® tile and grout cleaning chemical and solution and you will be on your way to outstanding looking tile and grout surfaces when you buy. In fact, using Daimer's patented, powerful tile and grout cleaning machines and solutions will allow you to clean tile floors and grout like a certified professional.

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