Powered by Electricity Heated by Propane

Powered by Electricity Heated by Propane
9 Powered by Electricity Heated by Propane
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Powered by Electricity Heated by Propane

International Electric Pressure Washers Heated by Propane

Daimer Industries® offers an astounding array of pressure washers to meet the needs of virtually all operators worldwide. Variations to meet specific applications include those in power method, heating method, temperature, pressure levels, flow rates, portability, and more. Let's examine how these variations affect the purchasing process.

Selecting the Right Power Method

One concern among potential customers is that of whether or not the machine will work in the country in which the purchaser lives. Gasoline, propane, and diesel pressure cleaners can be operated in virtually any country, as long as a fuel source exists nearby. These systems offer heightened portability, as they do not require use near an electrical plug point.

Electric pressure washers, though preferred for indoor applications due to their production of zero exhaust fumes, add an additional level of difficulty. After all, countries around the world either operate on 50 or 60 Hz power frequencies. It is essential to match up the machine at hand with the frequency of your country. For this reason, Daimer® has introduced a number of powerful, pre-configured 50 Hz electric pressure washer machines to suit the needs of international users. Variations in voltages are also available for specific country requirements.

Advanced Specifications & Heating Methods

The power of an electric pressure washer is highly important. As such, buyers look at three key factors: pressure level, flow rate, and temperature level. Pressure level and flow rate specifications work the same for all cold water, hot water, and steam pressure washers. Simply put, the higher the pressure level and flow rate, the greater the cleaning power. However, care must be taken when cleaning less durable surfaces, as in auto detailing. For such applications, a lower pressure level will offer the desirable results without damaging the surface.

Temperature is another important specification to consider. After all, cleaning power greatly increases as the temperature increases. Thus, steam pressure washers are vastly more powerful than cold water pressure washers. A recent emerging trend is the appearance of triple-function pressure cleaners, capable of operating as cold water, steam, and hot water pressure washers as needed. This enables operators to select the right temperature level for the application at hand. This unique functionality is what sets many of Daimer®'s 50 Hz electric pressure washers apart from others available in the industry today.

To attain high temperatures Daimer®'s tri-mode steam and hot water pressure washers must utilize a source of energy. To meet varying customer needs, Daimer® offers a large range of heating options, including electricity, propane, natural gas, no. 1 and no. 2 heating oil, kerosene, and diesel.

Portable Pressure Cleaners

For a range of commercial and industrial applications, Daimer® offers suitable portable and stationary pressure washers. Portable systems are either wheel or trailer mounted, enabling operators to move the machine to the desired application. Stationary machines, on the other hand, are designed for use in a single location. For added mobility for both types of machines, all Daimer® 50 Hz machines, whether tri-mode or cold water pressure washers, feature Long Hose Technology. This unique technology affords users the ability to work up to 300 feet away from the machine without experiencing any loss in cleaning power.

For the most advanced pressure washing machines in applications worldwide, you can end your search with Daimer®.

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